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The Incubus System Chapter 145: Mirror Mirror on The Wall I (18 )

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The Incubus System Chapter 145. Mirror, Mirror on The Wall I

15 minutes had passed, but Diamond had not arrived yet. I was sitting on the sofa as my eyes were fixed on the status screen in front of me. A breath came out of my mouth.

'I have to level up faster.' To be honest there were too many considerations in my head since my manipulative skills and fighting skills were both important nowadays. Besides, I had been a little restless since Kitty said Lord Damon wanted to see me. I meant, he was a demon lord, maybe he would ask me to come to his palace in the dark dimension or wherever his residence was. And I was not sure I still deserved that general status since I felt too weak for that. At least after I saw how General Sarael fought.

The door opening's sound dispersed my thoughts.

- Clek!

I turned to the door and saw Diamond coming into the room.

"I'm sorry for keeping you waiting," said Diamond, her hand closing and locking the door behind her. I quickly caught a trace of annoyance mixed with tiredness on her face.

"It's fine. Are you okay" My hand extended to her, asking her to sit on my lap.

She came over to me.

"Those reporters were really annoying and they didn't know when to stop," she complained with a pout. She took my hand and sat on my lap, facing my side.

"But after I fulfilled their request, they finally agreed to leave the college," she said with a sigh.

My hands hugged her waist.

"Are they gonna come back again tomorrow" I asked with a frown. My eyes on her.

Diamond shook her head.

"I forbade them to come since they disturbed the students and they agreed."

"That's good." Judging from Elenna's curious reaction to me, it seemed like she was interested in finding out about demon hunters and there were two demon hunters in this College, Emma and Larry. So instead of worrying about my identity, I was more worried about them, especially Larry. Although I was not sure Elenna would believe that he was a demon hunter, more of it, a top demon hunter. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't find it out from my system as well from Emma.

"Did you delete the CCTV footage" What I meant was the student's footage when they were trying to **** Diamond as well as the recording of how she tried to **** me. Since Diamond College was in the spotlight, I wanted to make sure the reporters couldn't destroy this college's reputation. Besides, I was sure Diamond intended to help those people not to look for sensation. I wouldn't let her kindness backfire on her.

"Not only deleted it, but I also destroyed it. I also checked all my securities to make sure they didn't save the file secretly." I didn't expect Diamond to be more careful than I thought.

"Apart from that, I've also asked my security to cast out the annoying reporter who followed you earlier," she added. Her eyes looked at me with worry.

"Oh, how do you know it" She was in the middle of the interview when Elenna followed me, so I didn't expect her to pay much attention to me.

Diamond brought her face closer to me and smiled naughtily.

"Of course I know. I also know about your gossip with Olivia Creststream, as well as your best friend's commotion at the library this morning." Her finger travelled from my temple to my cheek and lips.

"Ethan ... Whatever you do at Diamond College will not escape from my attention," she whispered in a sweet voice. Then she ended it with a light kiss on my lips.

"Are you jealous Or you don't want another woman to approach me" I said with a smirk.

"No. I don't care if other women approach you as long as she wants to share you with me." Then she turned her gaze to another direction in annoyance.

"But that reporter was different. I know she has bad intentions to you." She returned her gaze to me.

"What did she tell you"

"She asked about yesterday's incident. Also suspected me of being a demon hunter."

"You're not one of them" asked Diamond in surprise.

I chuckled.

"Did you still think of that after seeing how I fought" Yesterday I fought like a martial artist rather than a demon hunter since the demon hunter relied more on skill and magic unlike me.

She was silent for a moment before shaking her head side to side.

"But if you are not a demon hunter, why keep this a secret "

My hand touched and rubbed her cheek. My eyes looked at her gently and she also looked at me with the same gaze.

"Not everyone wants to be a hero or become a sensation. For me ... I just want to live peacefully with my loved ones. I don't need any attention from the people who just want to bring me down." Then I turned my gaze to another direction and took my hand away from her. My eyes looked into the distance.

"Besides, I don't want to make things difficult or drag the people around me into my troubles." What I meant was because my real identity was a demon. If the public found out about my identity, it would not only put me in danger but also my partners and especially Celia.

She pressed her hand against my cheek and rubbed it gently. Her eyes looked at me with worry.

"Do you have a problem that troubles you Tell me. Let me help you." I knew she could feel my restlessness.

I smiled.

"Thank you. But it's only I who can handle this problem, I can't tell you."

Even though she looked disappointed, she accepted my decision.

"Fine, but if you need my help, just tell me."

"I'll definitely say it." Then my lips went down to hers. Unlike our previous kiss, her tongue began to enter my mouth and twist with my tongue. My hand hugged her body tighter and pulled her closer, made her breasts press my body.

"Mmpph --- Mmpph ..." We tilted our heads and deepened our kisses. Our humming sounds were accompanied by clacking sounds from our tongues and lips accompanying our kiss. I sucked her tongue, hard, as our kisses were getting dirtier by every second. My hand slipped into her sweater, crept into her strapless bra. As my fingers moved to squeeze her supple and soft breast, I quickly recognized something hard there. I broke my kiss, but my lips were still in front of hers.

"What is this, hm" I whispered in a sweet voice with a smirk. My index finger and thumb pinched her hardened tip gently and rotated them.

Her face began to turn red.

"Ah ... It can't be helped ..."

"I barely touch you," I said in a teasing tone.

Her breasts moved up and down in anticipation.

"My body reacts on its own... As if my body already knows what to do." She lowered her head in embarrassment.

"As if my body is preparing itself for you ..."

I chuckled.

"You're dirty Chairwoman." My hand that was on her waist shifted to the side of her head and pulled her closer to me.

"But I like it ... I love how dirty you are ..." I brought my lips closer to her ear.

"That's why I've prepared something for you ..."

"What is it" Her breathing was getting heavier as my hands continued to play on her breasts. Her eyes glinted in excitement.

I shifted my gaze forward, my eyes pointed to a sofa which I had moved in front of the large mirror and her eyes followed my gaze.

"That's ..." her words stopped. I already guessed she could already imagine what I would do to her.

I smirked.

"Do you want to see how your expression when we have sex, hm" I said in a teasing voice.

"Yes ..." Her eyes could not escape from the sofa and mirror.

My lips went down to the base of her neck and gave her a light kiss.

"Good ... I will unleash your wild side ..." I whispered.

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