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The Incubus System Chapter 149: Silent Tears

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The Incubus System Chapter 149. Silent Tears

Olivia quickly lowered her cellphone to hide it.

"Excuse me for a moment." Without further ado, she stood up and walked towards the exit.

Meanwhile, Emma and I exchanged our gazes since we realized something was wrong.

"Did you see who called her" I asked.

Emma shook her head side to side.

While Larry looked at us in turn with a confused expression.

"What's wrong"

But I didn't answer.

"I need to go to the toilet," I said as I got up from my chair and Emma caught what I wanted to do.

Since Olivia received the call privately, I was sure it had something to do with her parents' divorcement. But if it was a call from Camila or Miguel, her expression shouldn't be like that, so I guessed it from Myra. The question was, why did Myra contact her

"Do I need to accompany you" asked Emma worriedly. Looks like she was also worried about Olivia.

"It's fine ---" Before I finished my sentence, Larry interrupted me.

"Emma ... Why do you want to follow Ethan to the toilet" His eyes stared at Emma in confusion.

"I mean I want to go to the toilet too," she corrected her words awkwardly.

"But I think I'll go with Olivia later," she added.

Meanwhile, I turned to Olivia and realized she had left the Cafeteria.

"Later," I said without taking my eyes off Olivia. Without further ado, I stepped my feet after her.

I walked past the students along the corridor as my eyes locked onto Olivia who walked quickly in front of me without answering her cellphone. But of course, I kept my distance to make sure she didn't notice me. She went upstairs and stopped by a lonely staircase. While I pressed my back against the nearby wall that out of her sight and stood casually there. My hand fiddled my cellphone screen as my ears listened to what she said.

"What do you want Where did you get my number" said Olivia curtly as she answered the call. She was silent for a moment as she listened to what the person said.

"I told you I will think about it again. After all, didn't you say you would give me a day to think"

She paused again for a moment before laughing sarcastically.

"Very funny, Myra. Do you think I can accept you as my new mom after that"

'My guess is right ...' I thought.

"If I do, will you guys stop slandering my mom" After another pause, a short condescending chuckle came out of her mouth.

"Unfortunately I can't trust you."

Then her chuckled fade away

"What" She paused in doubt.

"I'll give my answer later. But I will warn you, if you try to hurt my mom or break our own words, you will know the consequences!" she threatened. Then she hung up.

She fell silent again as she exhaled tiredly.

"What should I do" she muttered sadly. Even though their conversation's meaning was unclear, I guessed Myra asked Olivia to do something for her. In return, she asked Miguel to stop slandering Camila in the court. Whatever it was, I was sure it was something big, since Olivia looked so doubtful about it.

Finally, I decided to ask her.

"Olivia ..." I called out to her gently as I walked towards her. Actually, I didn't want to interfere with her decision, but Myra was an ex-demon hunter. Even though she already lost her demon hunter's skills, her strength was above ordinary people. She should be able to defeat a master of martial arts like Olivia easily.

She turned to me in surprise.

"Ethan Why are you here" she asked awkwardly. She quickly lowered her head, her hand swiftly wiping the tears on the corners of her eyes.

"I was worried about you so I followed you." I stopped in front of her.

"Was it from your father's affair"

She sighed once again before nodding in hesitation.

"Were you listening to my conversation" she said without turning her face to me to cover her teary eyes.

"I'm sorry ..." I said apologetically.

"You shouldn't do that." I could hear her voice starting to tremble in sadness.

"I know. But you promised me that you would call me if you needed someone to talk to," I reminded her what she had told me after we had sex on the toilet two days ago.

"Yet you didn't ..."

She turned around, facing her back to me.

"I don't need it. I can handle this myself." This time I could clearly hear her trembling voice.

"Olivia ... Stop pretending to be strong. Please-- let me help you." Seeing her like this was making my heart ache.

"Never mind. Let's go back." She turned around and moved her legs as she kept her head down, without daring to look at me.

Somehow seeing her who didn't want to say anything to me, made my heart hurt even more. As if I could see my old self in her. I saw myself when my father died, my mother left me and Celia was cold to me. My world was shattering apart but I decided to keep quiet and not say or ask anyone for help. I knew the pain ... And I didn't want her to feel the same way.

As Olivia almost passed by my side, without warning, I grabbed her wrist, stopping her steps.

"Let me go," she said without turning her gaze at me and keeping her head down.

"No." Same as her, I also didn't turn my eyes to her.

"Ethan, let me go!" she raised her voice as she pulled her hand away, trying to get herself away from me. But I didn't budge. Then without further ado, I pulled her, pressed her back against the wall and pinned her hands on the sides of her head, allowing me to see her face clearly. My body approached hers and my feet were right in front of hers, minimizing her legs movements. Though my strength was far above her, she was a master of martial arts, I didn't know what she could do to me. My eyes fixed on her, my irritation was clearly visible from my face. Whereas I could see Olivia's red and teary eyes, holding back her tears, but despite her expression, she glared at me in displeasure.

"I won't say anything even if you force me. It's my family problem, I don't want you to interfere." She moved her hands to try to break free and tried to raise her legs, but I held them.

"I won't ask again ..." I said.

"Then let me go," she asked.

"No ..." I brought my face closer to her. She gasped and closed her eyes since she thought I was going to kiss her, but no, I titled my head, passed her head and shifted my hands to hug her tightly.

Olivia opened her eyes in surprise, her heart beating fast.

"It's okay if you don't want to say it. At least let me stay with you for a moment." One of my hands moved behind her head and stroked her hair gently.

"Because I know… crying alone is painful..." I said in a gentle voice. I remembered at a time when I couldn't take the burden out of my head, I could only secretly cry in my room and hug my family photo. I always told myself this would be over soon, all I needed to do was keep moving forward, and that was true. After that passed, I felt like I just woke up from my nightmare. Then my sadness turned into a passion to fight for Celia and my future. Maybe that's why I struggled to keep alive when those demons ate me a week ago.

But, though I had been through it, sometimes I still could feel the pain from it. That's why ... I didn't want my loved ones to feel the same pain.

Olivia remained silent, but I could feel her body was shaking. Slowly, her hands moved to hug me tightly.

"Thank you ..." she whispered in a trembling voice as she buried her face in my shoulder. Shortly, I could feel my sweater getting wet with her tears followed by a silent sob that sounded clearly in my ear.

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