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The Incubus System Chapter 150: Chess Pawns

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The Incubus System Chapter 150. Chess Pawns

Minutes passed, I knew that place was empty but it was not hidden and the cleaning services sometimes passed this place. But I ignored it, I didn't think about how people would think of me if someone saw me like this or worried about my reputation as a model student. All I thought about was calming Olivia down.

Meanwhile, Olivia was calmer now as I didn't hear her sobbing anymore, though she still buried her face on my shoulder. My hand moved to brush Olivia's hair. There was no lust or desire to have sex in my touch, all I wanted was to make her as comfortable as I could to ease her pain.

'I want to tell her to be careful with Myra, but how' I thought. I already said that I wouldn't ask anymore. So I had to find another way to say it.

"I'm sorry for making your clothes wet ..." she said in a mumbling voice.

I sighed and smiled.

"It's okay. I'm the one who wants to do this."

She took her hands off me and I did the same. Now I could see her red and swollen eyes, as well as her face, which was still wet with her remaining tears. Unfortunately, I didn't bring tissues or a handkerchief. Her hand wiped her remaining tears on her face and smiled at me.

"Thank you, I feel better now."

Since she felt better, I took the opportunity to warn her.

"Olivia, I know I can't interfere with your problems or your decisions. But I want to warn you, whatever your father's affair offers, you have to be careful with her. We don't know her true intentions yet. "

Olivia's face turned gloom again.

"I know. Thank you for warning me," she replied.

"I'm sorry ..." I knew my words reminded her of her problem, but I had to say it.

She took a deep breath and exhaled to calm herself down.

"Let's go back. I'm worried about Emma."

"She will be fine, Larry is with her," I said.

"That's why I'm worried about her. Because Larry is with her," she replied. Even though I wanted to defend Larry, I couldn't do it since I couldn't tell that Emma and Larry were demon hunters. So there was no way Larry could do anything to Emma.

"Are you going to stop by the toilet first" I asked. Her face looked messy, I was sure she didn't want to return like that. Besides, Larry would make a fuss if he saw Olivia's current state.

And she nodded her head to answer me.


Emma and Larry's PoV

"How is the headquarters Has the demon's attack decreased" asked Emma in a low voice as she leaned towards Larry. The association suspended her for one week so she still had four days to go. Since she didn't want to do something reckless like patrolling without a demon compass like before, at least she wanted to know how the association situation was now.

As soon as Emma mentioned demons, Larry's face turned serious.

"Their attacks are getting worse. I heard there was another attack near Ethan's house last night, also a mysterious great demon's appearance. Luckily our chairman was nearby and took care of them. Meanwhile, the great demon disappeared without a trace after giving a warning that the demon attacks will get worse. " It was this news that made him leave early this morning because he wanted to check on Ethan's safety. Actually, Larry could check him by texting him, but Ethan would suspect him since there was no news about last night's demon attack. Though he realized Ethan seemed to have known his true identity as a demon hunter, he couldn't openly reveal it due to the association rules. That's why, he was so happy after making sure Ethan was okay when he met at the library earlier. He sighed in exasperation.

"Besides, I heard that the disturbance at the border has gotten worse lately. And yesterday, the Shadows found something surprising." Larry swept his gaze around him before leaning his face closer to Emma's.

"The disturbance comes from the human world, not from the dark dimension," he said in a lower voice.

Then they pulled themselves away. Their faces were serious.

"Do they already know where it is" asked Emma.

Larry shook his head side to side.

"The Shadows are still investigating this."

"Then what is the association's plans with that great demon" As soon as she heard the words 'great demon', Emma knew what he meant was Ethan. So she decided to find out about the association's plans so she could warn Ethan about it.

He exhaled a quick breath one more time.

"You won't believe what I'm about to say." Then he brought his face closer to Emma's again.

"The association decided to follow that demon's warning and recruit new members."

Emma's eyes widened in surprise, she didn't expect Ethan to be able to convince the association with his warning.

"Did the senate approve it" asked Emma. In her opinion, the senate was the most troublesome one in the organization. Sometimes they took decisions too slowly, sometimes their decisions didn't make any sense since they put their interests first and didn't hesitate to sacrifice the demon hunters' lives. Unfortunately, they controlled all funding and permissions since they were the country leaders.

"The chairman asked us to keep this a secret. Besides, no demon hunter likes the senate, yet we have to work under them like their chess pawns," said Larry with a shrug. But despite that harsh reality, the demon hunters continued to fight because of their passion to protect this world and their loved ones. When the others joined to prove themselves. But whatever their original reasons were, they were modern heroes and the human world's defence line. If they fell, then there was nothing left to defend humans from demons.

"It's better that way," said Emma. She felt very relieved after finding that out.

"Oh, one more thing," Larry remembered, Ethan already got his father's compensation money from the association and wanted to tell Emma since he knew Emma and Theo were very worried about Ethan and Celia. But of course, he wouldn't tell Emma who Mr Renart's son was. He brought his face closer to Emma's and just opened his mouth but a hard pat landed on his shoulder.

- Plak!

Followed by a woman's terrifying voice from behind.

"What are you doing, huh Larry Grandroar" Her hand gripped Larry's shoulder tightly. Somehow he could feel a terrifying aura even more frightening than a great demon's behind him along with a murderous gaze piercing his back. His face turned pale in an instant.

"Olivia, I'm sure Larry just wants to talk to Emma." His saviour's voice came from behind him.

Larry turned his head around happily since he thought he could have avoided his death easily.

"Eth ---" He pressed his lips upon seeing Olivia's murderous gaze.

"Olivia, we are just talking. He won't do anything to me," Emma explained calmly since she was used to Olivia's overprotective attitude. Emma was in poor health when she was a child. That's why, she almost had no friends and became her classmates' bullying target and it was Olivia who was always protecting her. Somehow Olivia still carried this habit to this day even though Emma's health had improved a lot.

Larry nodded furiously. In fact, rather than being afraid of getting hit by Olivia, he was more afraid of Olivia's gaze because it reminded him of his angry mother.

Ethan grasped Olivia's wrist which was on Larry's shoulder, trying to release it gently.

"Olivia, trust me. Larry is not that bad," he said in a gentle voice.

Larry turned to Ethan and nodded furiously again.

After a tired breath left Olivia's mouth, she finally let go of her hand from Larry's shoulder.

"I'll forgive you this time. But if you try to mess with her." She glared at him.

"I'm gonna skin you alive."

Larry gulped hard and nodded furiously once again.

Then Olivia turned to Emma and her expression turned to normal.

"I have to go home now."

"That fast" asked Emma. Actually, they didn't mind taking Olivia to visit Theo at the hospital.

"Yeah. I don't want to leave my mom alone for too long," she replied.


Olivia swept her gaze across all of them.

"Bye, everyone."


Then she turned and left.

Larry breathed a sigh of relief and turned alternately at Ethan and Emma.

"Shall we go now"

"Let's go," said Emma as she grabbed her bag. Then they walked towards the exit.-

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