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The Incubus System Chapter 156: The Demon In The Flu Mask I

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The Incubus System Chapter 156. The Demon In The Flu Mask I

I dashed towards the toilet, leaving Emma who was looking at me in worry. Meanwhile, I could hear Foxy's shaking voice in my head.

'M-Master! It's - It's the Hounds! '

'I'm on my way! Please do your best to take Celia as far away as possible! ' My heart was beating fast. It was even worse than I thought because Foxy was very afraid of the Hounds.

'Bu-But how' said Foxy. She could use her hiding skill, but she couldn't take Celia without showing herself. Celia would freak out if she did it.

'Turn yourself into me and take her away, 'I ordered in panic.

' Yes, Master!' replied Foxy.

My feet moved fast. As I almost passed an information counter with a flu mask box, I slowed my pace. My hand took one of the masks before stepping again. Although I could take over Foxy's body and fight them with it, if my opponents were above my level, I had no choice but to get there with my portal since I could only use 50% of my power if I borrowed her body.

"Ah, Ethan. Sorry for keeping you waiting. I just had a stomach ache," said Larry with an innocent grin as he walked from the opposite direction from me. But I ignored him and kept running to the toilet nearby.

Luckily the toilet was quiet, I entered one of the stalls, closed the door and locked it.

- Clek!

'Access servant's body, Foxy. '

The first thing that I did was to find out how bad their situation was and found out where they were.

[You are connected to Foxy.]

The darkness in my sight began to change with the train's inside with people curling up in fear on one corner of that place, most of them were women. From the windows view, I could tell that this train was at Nighthallow Station. The melted iron on the sides of the doors, locked it permanently, making the hostages unable to escape. The demon alarm's sound rang loudly as well as the people's scream. This terrifying situation was coupled with the broken lamps that kept blinking with buzzing sounds. Foxy also ducked down with them and Celia hugged her tightly.

"Brother, I'm afraid ..." I could hear Celia's voice. From there I knew Foxy had disguised herself as me.

Meanwhile, not far from there, a few of Hounds were still in their original form. Their leader was a black-haired muscular man, a pair of black dog ears on top of his head. And rather than sparks like the Flame Hound, miasma glowed in purple surrounded his body. Behind him, a black tail with sharp spines wagged in excitement. That Hound's leader sat casually on top of several passenger seats that melted into one, not far away from the hostages. A mischievous smirk on his lips and his eyes which glinted in lust looked at the hostages.


[Observation skill succeeded.]

[Name: Gruesome Hound]

[Level 36]

[Race: Demon]

[HP: 975/975]

[DP: 201/228]

[Skills: Hound's Rage lv 5, Fire Volley lv 4, Demonic Claw lv 5.]

[Emotion: Excited.]

[Condition: Normal.]

[Weakness: Chest and Head.]

[Talent: Alpha's Howl (Calling the pack wherever he is)]

"Now, who's first" said the Gruesome Hound with a smirk. While the other Grim Hounds were drooling and looking at the crowd with the same gazes as their leader.

'Dammit!' Quickly, I opened my eyes and extended my hand forward. At the same time, a quest announcement appeared before me.

[Do you want to accept a daily quest]

[Protect your women.]

[Target: Celia Strongheart and Foxy.]

[Reward: Title and EXP.]

[Yes] / [No]

'Portal.' If it was only the Grim Hounds I could handle them by borrowing Foxy's body, but this Hound was a higher level demon than the Flame Hound. Moreover, I was sure he could summon his subordinates with his talents.

[Set your destination.]

'MRT AR 567 (MRT identification number), Nighthallow Station.'

[The destination has been set.]

A portal that resembled a small black hole opened in front of me.

[The portal has opened! ]

My hand unlocked my stall before stepping into my portal and activating my Demonic Form as well as accepting my daily quest. My hands moved to put on my flu mask to cover my face. Although I was sure it would look weird with my Demonic Form, I had no other choice. Besides that, I also used my skills.

'Demonic Energy. Demonic Claw. '

[Demonic Claw has been activated.]

[Demonic Energy has been activated.]

[STR: 60 108]

[AGI: 50 90]

[Time remaining: 4:58]

As soon as I walked out of my portal, my hand quickly swung towards the Hounds.

'Demonic Spike!'

Twenty black lances appeared in front of me and launched at them.

[Critical hit!]

[You have shot a Grim Hound for 215 HP. ] X2

[You have shot a Grim Hound for 213 HP. ] X2

[You have shot a Grim Hound for 216 HP. ] X2

[You have shot a Grim Hound for 215 HP. ] X2

[You have shot a Grim Hound for 211 HP. ] X2

All of the Grim Hounds were turned to ashes.

Meanwhile, several of my lances were launched at the Gruesome Hound as I moved the others to destroy the door on my side.


The door beside me melted down, creating a large hole on the size of two to three people. At the same time, a purple miasma that came out from the Gruesome Hound's mouth melted my Demonic Spikes. His eyes looked at me with displeasure.

Swiftly, I took out my Demonic Spike again and arranged my lances in front of me, preparing to counter all of his attacks. My eyes glanced to the hostages.

"Go! " I ordered them. They were petrified in confusion, fear and shock since, though I was a demon, I helped them.

"Now!" I snapped with a glare. If they didn't leave immediately, I couldn't fight freely.

Hearing my loud voice, the crowd quickly got up and ran towards the exit in panic, including Celia and Foxy.

Meanwhile, knowing his hostages were about to escape, the Gruesome Hound extended his hand to me. Dozens of fire orbs appeared in front of him and flew towards me.

My hand moved at him, launching my Demonic Spike towards him.

- Boom! - Boom! - Boom!

Explosions occurred in our midst as our attacks collided. The ground shook violently due to the impact accompanied by the hostages' screams. Puffs of smoke filled the room and it wasn't a good thing, since he could use it to cover himself and attack the hostages. Coughing sounds came from all directions and I could tell the smoke had prevented the hostages from escaping. I spread my wings and waved it repeatedly to blow off the smoke.

As the smoke disappeared, I could see dozens of fire orbs launched towards me. With alacrity, I recast my Demonic Spike and threw them to counter it. But before our attacks collided, the Gruesome Hound lunged with his claws aimed at Celia who was still behind along with Foxy.

Quickly, I dashed to them, my hand aimed at the Hound to counter his attack as I took out my other skill.

'Hell Thunder!'

Dark lightning came out of my hand and struck him.

[You have struck a Gruesome Hound for 140 HP. ]

Explosions occurred in our midst as my Demonic Spike collided with his attack accompanied by his groan of pain, shaking that damaged train.

Some debris began to fall as if they were ready to bury us alive. Reflexively, I pulled Celia and Foxy in my arms and covered ourselves with my wings, in case the place did collapse. I also took out my Demonic Spike again and placed my Spikes around me to protect us from The Gruesome Hound's attacks.

As I hugged them, I could see Foxy's blushing face. While Celia's hands grabbed my shirt tightly. She looked shocked and her eyes were fixed on my chest.-

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