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The Incubus System Chapter 162: The Reckless Reporter

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The Incubus System Chapter 162. The Reckless Reporter

My feet moved quickly to catch up with that person and my eyes paid attention to the status above her head.

[Name: Elenna Aquasong]

[Level 2]

[HP: 57/57]

[MP: 21/21]

'Dammit! It's that reporter! ' I flicked my wings to make me glide faster. In just a couple of seconds, I was in front of her, blocking her way.

She stopped with a trembling body, her hand held her cellphone tightly. Looks like she used that to take my picture earlier. I extended my hand with my palm facing upwards.

"Give me your cellphone!" I demanded with an unfriendly voice. My eyes glared at her.

Her feet moved backwards slowly, her eyes fixed on me in fear. But despite her fear, she kept holding her cellphone tightly.

"No ..." Without further ado, she turned around and tried to run away in another direction. But my black lances had surrounded her. In fear, she retreated slowly as my lances approached her.

"It's not a request, Miss Elenna. But an order," I said in the same tone. My feet also stepped to her slowly.

She turned to me in fear.

"H-How do you know my name"

I smirked.

"It's an easy task for me. If necessary I also can find out where your office and your house is," I threatened.

She looked scared and shocked. Her eyes shifted alternately between me and my black lances. Her feet continued to step back toward the wall to avoid us.

"P-Please ... Spare me ..." she begged in a stammering voice.

"I will. But after you gave your cellphone to me," I demanded again.

She shook her head from side to side.

I sighed.

'She's so stubborn.' But seeing her persistence to interview me this afternoon, it seems like she was the type who didn't know when to stop. Quickly, I approached her and pressed her body against the wall. My eyes on hers. And since our bodies were so close, I could feel her body trembling violently.

"Are you sure you want to play with a demon like me, Miss Elenna" My hand stroked her temple down to the side of her face and continued to her hand that was holding her cellphone. But despite my gesture, my eyes stared at her in displeasure. I took her cellphone without any resistance since she was too shocked and scared.

I took a step backwards as my gaze turned to my hand to check the cellphone screen which was still on and found my photo there. I deleted it and checked the other folders' contents including her social media applications and backups, to make sure the photo was completely gone.

While she could only look at me in fear since my black lances were floating around her, making her unable to escape.

I turned my gaze to her.

"Are you only taking my photo with this" I asked as I used my skill.

'Observation.' She was a reporter, I had to make sure my secret was completely safe.

[Observation skill succeeded.]

[Name: Elenna Aquasong]

[Age: 25]

[Level 2] [Race: Hybrid-beast]

[HP: 57/57] [MP: 21/21]

[Skills: Decelerate lv 2]

[Emotion: Fear]

[Love meter: 0/10]

[Condition: Normal.]

[Weakness: Chest, Neck, Head]

[Talent: Psychical Damage Resistance 30%. Regeneration 30%]

[Relationship: Single]

[Profession: Reporter, Ravenetwork's owner.]

"Y-Yes," she replied in a trembling voice.

As she answered me, 'honest' appeared in her emotion status.

"Did you send it to the others Or do you have any automatic backup application" I started interrogating her.

"N-No, sir."

"Good." I wiped the screen to erase my fingerprints before returning the cellphone to her. But she didn't take it and only stared at me in fear.

"What are you waiting for Take it," I said in a casual tone.

Finally, she picked up the cellphone in hesitation.

"One more thing. Did you overhear our conversation Or recognized one of my subordinates"

"N-No, sir..." she replied in fear.

"Glad to hear that. That means I don't have to kill you," I threatened her again with an evil smirk. Of course, I wouldn't kill her. I did it just to chase her away.

"W-What are you planning to do" she asked in a trembling voice. It seemed like her curiosity remained high even though she was in this state.

"Why do I need to answer it" I said in a nonchalant tone.

"The demon attacks keep increasing ... Are you planning to take over the human world" she kept asking.

"Do I have to repeat what I said" I said in an emphatic tone.

"At least tell me about it a bit..." she insisted.

I flicked my index finger forward, launching my lance to her.

"Kyaaaaa!" she screamed in fear and ducked down in reflex as my lance pierced the wall beside her. Her hands held both sides of her head, her cellphone fell to the ground and a hissing sound followed. I had to do this to prevent her from doing this reckless thing in the future. If I acted too gentle, I was afraid ... she would try to interview other demons because she thought they were the same as me.

"Miss reporter, you should value your life more than your profession," I warned her.

"Y-Yes ... Sir Demon ..." she said in fear.

"Good." As I was just about to cancel my Demonic Spike, I sensed something was flying towards me from my side. Swiftly, I moved my finger towards it without turning my gaze at it. A lance flew to counter it.

- Boom!

An explosion occurred in our midst as my black lance collided with a white lance in the mid-air accompanied by strong wind that brushed my hair.

"Kyaaaaa!" Elenna screamed in fear again. She curled up with a trembling body and pulled her legs. Her back was against the wall and her hands covered her ears.

Then two white chains flew to me. Again I moved my hand, moved my lances to brush it off.

I turned to my attackers casually. Three demon hunters stood with their hands extended to me. I sighed since from their level I could guess they were still rookies.

"You guys really like to make a late entrance, don't you"

"You disgusting creature! Release her!" said one of them.

"I don't take orders from humans. " I waved my hand, throwing all my Demonic Spikes at them, but of course none of it hit them since my purpose was just to scare them up. At the same time, I opened the portal to my room behind me.

[The portal has opened! ]

As they ducked to avoid my lances or hid in the surrounding pillars to protect themselves, I stepped backwards to enter my portal.

"Nice to meet you, Demon Hunters."


Elenna's PoV

After things were much calmer, Elenna opened her eyes slowly and found that the demon had disappeared. She needed to admit that what she just did was the craziest thing in her life since she just tried to interview a demon, no a great demon to be precise.

She was on her way home when she heard that there was a demon attack in this station and when she arrived, the victims had managed to save themselves and were waiting for the demon hunters and the police outside the station. Her curiosity made her decide to sneak into the station so that she could record the fight between the demon hunters and demons exclusively. But of course, since this was done in secret, she decided to use her cellphone instead of a real heavy camera. Unexpectedly, when she sneaked in, she saw Ethan also running into it. It proved her guess that Ethan was either a demon hunter or someone who could fight demons was correct. He was not a reporter, why would he enter a place filled with demons like this if not to fight them

At that time, without thinking twice, Elenna followed him carefully, but instead of finding Ethan, she found something else. Three demons that resembled humans almost enter a black hole. Though she only could see their backs, without thinking she directed her cellphone to take their photo, unfortunately, she forgot to turn off the flashlight. After that everything went into a mess and she almost lost her life because of her recklessness and stupidity.

"Are you okay, miss" A demon hunter's voice made her thoughts back to reality.

"I-I'm fine." She tried to get up but her legs felt weak.

The Demon Hunter approached her and helped her to walk since her legs and body were still trembling violently. This was the first time she felt this scared. Even though there was a demon hunter by her side, she couldn't ask any questions. Amid her fear, her thoughts back to Ethan.

'Where did he go' she thought as she swept her gaze around.

But then she could hear the voice from the strange watch on the demon hunter's hand.

"Call the rescue team, I found a victim near the west track."

"Okay," replied the demon hunter.

'Is that him' she thought. Although she wasn't sure, that possibility was very high.

'I'll wait for him outside the station, maybe I'll find out something about this.'-

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