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The Incubus System Chapter 163: A Family Warmth

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The Incubus System Chapter 163. A Family Warmth

As soon as I came out of my portal, I was already in my room, had deactivated my Demonic Form and returned to my human form.

[The portal has closed! ]

"Brother!" said Celia. At the same time, Foxy also called me. And they quickly ran, hugging me in worry.

"I'm sorry I made you worry," I said with a smile as I hugged them.

Only briefly, they released their embrace. While my hand took off my flu mask.

"Did you get it" Celia asked in worry. She knew that photo could put our identities in danger.

"Yes, I already deleted it," I replied.

"What did you do to her"

"Not much. I just threatened her so she wouldn't do this reckless thing again. She's too reckless for a reporter anyway."

"Is she a bad guy" asked Foxy.

"She's not a bad guy, but if she manages to expose my identity, we'll be in danger."

"But you didn't hurt her, did you" asked Celia again. It seemed like she was afraid that her brother would turn into a murderer.

"Of course not. I won't kill innocent people," I calmed her down.

Celia let out a sigh of relief.

"Looks like we have to be more careful ..." Then she turned to me.

"Especially you. I don't want the demon hunters to catch you or ..." Celia was silent, but I knew what she meant.

I pulled Celia back into my arms and brushed her hair gently.

"I'll be more careful." I calmed her down and she responded by hugging me tightly.

"You have to ..." she whispered.

"Oh, speaking of demon hunters. You have to be careful of Ruby, especially Mrs Clea." Since Celia already knew my identity, I had to warn her about this.


"They are strong demon hunters. And Mrs Clea is the demon hunter association's Chairwoman."

Celia released my hug and looked at me in surprise.

"Doesn't that mean both of you live under her nose Shouldn't you move to another place" she said worriedly.

"It's fine. I think this is a good thing. They won't think their neighbours are demons. Besides, they can't detect Foxy and me," I explained calmly.

Celia let out a sigh of relief.

"Thank goodness."

"Oh, one more thing. I want you to avoid Ruby. If she comes, don't say anything about our family and me." Seeing that Ruby came to me this morning, she could be trying to look for my information through Celia.

"Ruby Why I never gave her our address," she said with a frown.

Foxy, who had been silent, giggled.

"Because Ruby fell in love with master," she said in a teasing tone.

Celia turned to me asking for my explanation.

"Is it true"

"Yes. She's the one who beat Bern and Franz yesterday and now she lives at Mrs Clea's house as her 'Sister in law'."

"What…" Celia's jaw dropped in shock and her eyes widened slightly.

"You know ... I'm surprised that you have so many fans now."

"You should be proud to have a popular brother like me," I said in a joking tone.

But out of my expectation, Celia pouted in a sad face.

"But you are getting busier because of it ..."

My face turned gloomy in guilt.

"I'm sorry ..." I realized I had so much to do lately. But I had no other choice but to do it. The demon's attacks were getting worse, on the other hand, I wanted to protect my partners.

Without saying anything, Foxy hugged Celia gently.

"Foxy ..." said Celia as her eyes diverted to Foxy who has a smaller body than her.

"Calm down, I'll accompany you," said Foxy with a smile.

"Besides, I still have to learn more about the human world. I hope you can teach it to me ---" She took a glance at me.

"Since master is too busy."

A smile began to develop on her lips before her hands hugged Foxy.

"Of course!" said Celia happily.

I smiled as I tightened my hug on Celia. While my other hand shifted to stroke Foxy's hair gently. A happy nostalgic feeling began to develop in my heart. I felt so relieved after telling Celia my secret and so glad she accepted me, she even accepted Foxy. But what made me so happy was that I could feel a family warmth again.

"Celia ... Foxy ... Thank you ..." I said in a gentle voice.


06.36 PM

"Eh You want to go out again !" Celia protested with a pout.

"Master, aren't you too busy" said Foxy with a frown.

"I was visiting my friend at the hospital when I got an announcement that both of you were in danger. So I pretended to have a stomach ache to go to your place with my portal skill. It's over half an hour already, I'm afraid my friends think I passed out in the toilet, "I explained.

"Then are you going back for dinner" asked Celia. Despite her displeased face, she couldn't say anything.

"Yes, but maybe a little late." I had an appointment with Pearl at her mansion at 07.00 PM since I couldn't go to the club to avoid Miguel's suspicions.

"At what time" said Celia.

"Maybe around 09:00 PM"

Celia narrowed her eyes, her expression did not change.

"Fine at 09.00," she replied.

"If you're hungry, just eat your dinner without me."

"No." Celia turned to Foxy and embraced her shoulders gently like her own little sister.

"I want to make a small welcome party for Foxy. That's why I hope we can eat together like a family."

"But I can't eat human food," said Foxy with an innocent face.

"I know. It's just symbolic. For your food --- ehem," Celia cleared her throat awkwardly with a flushed face in embarrassment.

"You can ask your master."

"Okay," said Foxy happily. Her tail wagged in excitement.

"Besides, I have to eat a lot so I can evolve faster," she added.

"Evolved" Celia and I said at the same time of shock. Celia turned to me in confusion.

"You don't know about that either"

"No. I just know that as she gets older she will grow more tail and every time she has sex with me she will get stronger."

Celia's brows furrowed.

"What" She turned to me and Foxy alternately in confusion after hearing my explanation.

"Demon surely is confusing."

"Can you tell me about your evolution" I asked.

"Fox demons have two ways to grow. The first is based on age and the second based on power. With that power we can grow faster, that's why so many Fox Demons devote themselves to a noble demon so we can evolve faster, "Foxy explained.

"If you evolve, will your shape change like the demons on the train earlier" Celia asked in worry.

Foxy frowned.

"Of course not, they are Hounds, not fox demons. I will only grow taller and look more mature." She grinned innocently and hugged Celia.

"Just like you."

"Eh But you're cuter like this," whined Celia in a spoiled tone.

"But I'll remain a weak demon if I stay like this." Foxy lowered her head sadly.

"And I won't be able to do anything for master."

"Celia, only the law of the jungle applies in the dark dimension. That's why Foxy has to get stronger to protect herself," I explained.

"Is that so ..." Celia said in disappointment. But then she turned to Foxy and smiled.

"Then I hope you will get stronger and kick those ugly demons!" Celia encouraged her.

Foxy nodded.

I glanced at the clock.

06.46 PM

"I have to go now." I had to get my bag and sweater. Also explained to Larry since I was sure he would interrogate me since he saw me running in a hurry earlier.

"Okay, take care," they said.

After replying with a nod I opened my portal to the hospital.-

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