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The Incubus System Chapter 166: Dirty Dare II (18 )

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The Incubus System Chapter 166. Dirty Dare II

"Okay, I'll explain the game." Pearl looked at us in turn.

"You know the Truth or Dare game, right This time we will play a similar game to that, it's just, the only available choice is dare," she said with a naughty smirk.

"So, we will play rock paper scissors to determine who is the loser and make him/her take the dare card" I guessed. And I could guess this time the cards were replaced by the tablet.

Mia and Pearl giggled.

"There's no way we're going to play that kid's game. After all, after yesterday's incident---" Both of their eyes fixed on me.

"We won't let you take the dare cards. At least let us nerf you a bit."

Despite their obvious words of torture, I remained calm and chuckled.

"Is that unfair Isn't that the same as making me your toy" I asked straight to the point in a relaxed tone. That's the main reason they needed a lot of 'alliances'.

"I also think it's too much for him," said Emma in a worried tone. Well, 3 women versus 1 man in bed were really worrying for normal people.

Mia took Emma's hand to calm her down and smiled.

"It's fine. What makes you think our Damian can't handle it Besides, we'll stop if it's too much."

Pearl leaned to me, put her hands around my neck, and giggled. Her legs turned into tentacles that started sticking onto my body.

"But after he begged us," she said in a teasing tone. One of her tentacles swiped from my neck to my chin sassily. Her eyes that were staring at me were filled with thirst.

I glanced at her with a confident smirk.

"I don't beg," I said in a nonchalant tone.

"Well, a pleading look doesn't sound bad either," Mia added with a smirk. Even though I saw what was bothering her remained, she tried to have fun.

I turned to Mia.

"It depends on whether you can make me do it or not," I challenged in a relaxed tone.

"Et- Damian, are you not too full of yourself" said Emma with a frown.

My gaze turned to Emma.

"I don't think so. It's a fact, no one has made me beg in bed before."

Mia brought her lips behind Emma's ear. But her eyes stared at me.

"He's a monster in bed. We need to work together to make him whine like a little boy," she tempted.

Pearl giggled.

"He's more like a demon in bed," she said in a teasing voice. Well ... I was a demon so even though their words were only intended to describe how wild I was in bed, in fact, their words were literally true.

Emma's face flushed as her eyes fell on me. I was sure it was an interesting temptation for her since she knew my identity. Besides I always dominated her in bed, even when we first did it, I didn't whine though I was badly injured.

She lowered her head to cover her flushed face in embarrassment.

"W-Well ... I don't think it's a bad idea."

"Right" Mia smiled triumphantly.

A breath escaped my mouth as my smile appeared. I remembered, last time, Emma thought Mia and Pearl were evil women who raped me, but now she wanted to befriend them. I thought this was a good start for my women to accept each other.

"But are you sure you don't want my service" I asked suddenly. If they didn't let me take the dare card, then I had nothing to do but received their services.

They exchanged glances since what I said was true.

"He's right. That will be a waste," said Mia.

"So do we have to do rock paper scissors" asked Emma.

While Pearl deep in thought for a moment.

"Oh, I have an idea!" She released me, walked to a cupboard not far by the side of the sofa, and took something there.

"We can use this," she said as she put a wheel board which was used for spin the bottle game, the difference was there were only blank sections there.

"I will put our name randomly. Whoever is selected, must drink and take the card. What do you think"

"That sounds fair," I said. There were 12 sections on that wheel and we should be able to get a fair turn. At least it should be better than last time's game.

"Okay." Pearl's hand moved to write our names with the marker in her hand.

"Done." She put the marker down.

"Wait, a second." Then she took the tablet and fiddled for a while before putting it back. Since the tablet's screen was on, I could see there were two button images on it, a red button for the girl and a blue button for the boy.

"We can start now," said Pearl. She turned to Emma.

"How about starting with you" she offered.

"Ah, me" Emma didn't think Pearl would give her the first chance.

"Yes, you are our guest. You should have the first turn," said Mia with a smile. I was quite surprised by their hospitality to Emma.

"Fine, but don't laugh at me because it's my first time playing a game like this," said Emma shyly. Then her hand turned the arrow which was in the middle of the wheel.

The arrow stopped at my name.

"Wow, that's a jackpot," said Mia. While Emma replied with a smile.

Pearl's tentacles opened a wine bottle and poured it into a glass before giving it to me.

"Thank you." I took it and drank it. Sweet, sour, salty, and bitter of the wine filled my mouth, I also could taste a little bit of alcohol from there. But I could enjoy this better than last time's alcohol.

- Tuk.

I put my glass on the table. After the wine taste faded from my mouth, I pressed the blue button image on the tablet and the screen changed to a few sentences with a kiss mark in the corner of the screen.

"With your hands tied with handcuffs, take off your partner's clothes using your mouth. Note: if she's wearing a button-up shirt, your partner can help you take it off."

Mia giggled.

"What a nice start," she teased.

Pearl took the handcuffs.

"Put your hands behind your back, Damian. I will put the handcuffs," she said in excitement. Looks like they had so much fun teasing me like this.

I followed Pearl's words and she started putting the handcuffs on me. But unlike the two of them, Emma gave me a sheepish look.

"I-It's that okay" she asked with a blushing face.

I smiled.

"It's okay. I told you I want you to have fun today."

Emma nodded. Her hands opened some buttons on her dress and her bra hook to make it easier for me to remove them.

"I'll get started," I said as I could feel the handcuffs had perfectly bound me and made me look like a criminal caught by the police. But despite the handcuffs restricting my movement, my gaze didn't change.

I got closer to her neck and she closed her eyes in nervousness. My teeth were biting the front side of her dress. With all the buttons opened, all I needed to do was pull the dress. The soft material of the dress greeted my teeth and lips, her scent tickled my nose, I slowly pulled it and one side of the dress opened, showing her fair skin before my eyes. I released my bite, moved to the other side, and did the same.

After glancing at Emma and realizing she was still closing her eyes out of her nervousness, I kissed her on the cheek and brought my lips to her ear.

"Open your eyes. You have to see everything and enjoy this moment. Don't you want to see me become a submissive once in a while" I whispered in a seductive voice.

As I took my face away from her, she had already opened her eyes and looked at me in embarrassment. Her breasts heaved up and down with nervousness and embarrassment.

"Good," I said with a smile. Then I bit her bra strap and lowered them one by one before going down in front of her soft mound which almost came out of its cage. I traced her skin and inhaled slowly, tickling the top of her breast with my breath before biting her bra cup and pulling it. In one pull, the bra came off and revealed a pair of soft twin peaks with my teeth faint marks around her erected tips, inviting me to lick them but I endured it.

"Can you get up I need to take off your underwear," I said.

"Ah ... Yes ..." As Emma stood up, her dress and bra fell to the floor. Spontaneously, her hands tried to cover her breasts, but she stopped since she knew she shouldn't act shy like that.

My face drew closer to her white panties and pulled it with my teeth gently from side to side. And when it was loose, I pulled it as hard as I could. In one pull, her panties dropped showing her pink petals to me, showing my other mark on the side that turned me on but I held myself and pulled my body away. My eyes were still exploring her body and her flushed face which was lit up by the dim light of the room.

Pearl's voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Let's continue," she said as she released my handcuffs.

"W-Who's next" asked Emma as she returned to her seat and swallowed the rest of her nervousness.

"Damian, it's your turn," said Pearl casually.

"Okay." I didn't know that despite her words earlier, she had a fair game today.

My hand spun the arrow that was in the middle of the wheel and the arrow stopped at Pearl's name.

"That arrow chooses the right target," said Pearl excitedly, some of her giggles mingled between her words.

Casually, I took another glass, poured the wine into it, and gave it to Pearl. And she took it.

"Thank you." Then she drank it. Different from last time, where they wanted to tame me and tried desperately to make me lose with an unfair game, this time they looked more relaxed even though there was a lot more equipment in front of me.

After finished, she put down her glass and pressed the red button image on the tablet.

"You and your friends strip down your partner and caress him freely for 3 minutes by using your hands, lips, and tongues. Note: If your partner moves (except for mouth movements), he must grant your requests for 5 minutes ."

"You and your friends" I said with a frown. If the three of them did that together, wouldn't that mean this was even more unfair than the last game Moreover, my card did not have a punishment system like hers.

"Yes, that's what was written on the card," said Pearl casually with a smirk. While Mia giggled to see my reaction. Looks like they had prepared everything from the start and I bet the entire women's cards would allow them to corporate to 'torture me'.

But rather than scared or nervous, I smirked. This was a clear challenge for me.

'I see ... Today isn't only an unfair game ... But it's a gangbang. '-

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