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The Incubus System Chapter 168: Dirty Dare IV (18 )

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The Incubus System Chapter 168. Dirty Dare IV

They moved their feather sticks against my skin. A soft, tickling sensation travelled through my body and took my desire higher. Emma moved her stick from my cheek down to my neck, my shoulder and my palm. Then she moved her feather stick on the other side slowly and at a consistent pace, making sure I felt everything. Our eyes met with an alluring gaze. Unlike before, if she was usually shy, this time she looked more relaxed and I could see that her eyes were filled with excitement.

"Do you like teasing me like this" I whispered in a seductive voice.

"Yes ..." she said without stopping her movements.

"Then enjoy it, immerse me in pleasure," I said with a smirk. I knew this was the first time she had control over me and it was something new for her. And after what I did to her yesterday, of course, she wanted to get her revenge on me.

"Definitely ..." Then her lips approached my ear.

"Ethan ... I will make you moan like crazy tonight," she whispered in a low voice since she called me by my human name.

I let out a gentle chuckle.

"I'm waiting for your service," I replied.

Meanwhile, Mia's feather stick tickled from my chest down to my abs slowly. I flinched as she moved it around my navel and kept tickling my abs with it.

While Pearl moved her stick from my knee up to my thigh, shifted to my inner thigh and toward my groin. But she didn't touch my cock and continued to move her stick to my other thigh, as a warning of what would happen next.

"Ngghhh!" I flinched when their movements started to change. Seeing my reaction, Pearl smirked. Emma, who was just playing around my neck, now came down to my chest and abs, replacing Mia to stimulate my torso. Mia moved down and joined Pearl to play with my lower part, especially my inner thighs.

While Pearl went straight to my groin or rather my hard cock. She twirled her feather stick as she moved it around my cock repeatedly before she rubbed it from my balls up and finished by tickling the tip.

"Oh!" I jolted in pleasure.

'Ah, **! This is so good! ' A tremendous tingling sensation crept up from my lower part to all over my body. My cock was getting tense due to their stimulation and my load was getting full. They exchanged glances with each other and smirked as they thought this time I would lose since my enjoyment was clearly visible on my face.

Only for a moment, my 'torment' was getting worse as Mia joined in to play on my crotch and tickle my cock, making it their favourite toy. While Emma shifted down and tickled my thigh. My lust and flaming desire were increasing. My adrenaline was racing. My Incubus instinct flared up, trying to take control of my mind, but instead of a moan. I let out a chuckle.

"C'mon, is that all you got" I challenged them with a smirk in a ragged breath.

Hearing my challenge, Emma moved down and joined them to tickle my full awake cock which was ready to fire its load at any time. I chuckled in satisfaction as my Incubus instinct got higher. I really enjoyed this, enjoyed how they immersed my body and mind in pleasure.

"More ...!" I challenged as I lifted my hips slightly so they could play with my cock and groin more easily.

Again, they seemed irritated with my clear challenge since even though I looked like I was going to lose, now I clearly challenged them. Even I didn't hesitate to invite them to touch me.

Their feather sticks movements were getting wilder, now they were moving between my crotch, around my abs, my navel and my ass in hope of making me give up, but sadly rather than another moan, my chuckle was getting louder.

"C'mon, give me more!" My dominance desire was getting higher as I refused to be tamed. And despite my conditions that looked like my women's toys, I felt like a hungry beast playing with his food. Or rather I let them played with me before I swallowed them a whole.

* Ringggg! *

The stopwatch beeps indicated their time was up. They pulled their stick away as a long breath came out of my mouth.

"Haaa... ! I still want more," I said in disappointment. They exchanged glances in confusion before their hands moved to untie me.

"Damian, don't you feel anything" asked Pearl in confusion as her hands moved to untie my wrist. Of course, she was confused, since all the men she tied to her torture table, moaned and begged to her, but not with me. I even showed my challenge clearly to her. While Emma and Mia untied my feet, their eyes fixed on my cock that was standing straight in front of them.

I responded with a smirk.

"Of course, I feel it ..." I raised my body slightly towards Pearl. I could untie the knots in a single pull, I couldn't do it since Mia and Pearl would be confused by my strength.

"I can feel it ... You want me to satisfy you ..." I whispered in the seductive voice.

Pearl's hand stopped, her eyes staring at me were filled with temptation, her breasts went up and down, and she bit down her lower lip.

I let out a teasing chuckle again as I plopped my back onto the table since her expression said everything. Meanwhile, Pearl's hand moved again to untie me.

As I got free, I got off the table and we walked to the sofa to continue our game. Even though we just started this game, I had to admit, their service made my desire go up faster than our last game. After all, this time they seduced me directly, unlike yesterday's game which moved slowly. But since Pearl said I would make me cum like no tomorrow, I would make sure to cum as they want. I would wet their bodies with my semen tonight.

"Now it's my turn," said Mia as we sat on the sofa, since she didn't want to waste time.

Mia's hand turned the arrow in the middle of the wheel and it stopped at my name. They giggled out of my unluckiness. While my hand moved to pour the wine nonchalantly.

But before I drank it, I brought my face closer to Mia and her giggle immediately stopped.

"Do you mind helping me" I said with a naughty smirk.

"You want me ... help you" Mia said. Her eyes fixed to mine.

"Um-hm," I said in a casual tone with the same smirk. My hunger was getting stronger, that's why I didn't hesitate to say it.

"I don't mind ..." she replied.

I pulled my face away and drank the wine as I looked at her with an alluring gaze. After the last drop of wine entered my mouth, without warning, I took her head and pulled it to me. My lips bumped into hers as I flowed the wine in my mouth into hers. We tilted our head, our lips moved in sync, our tongues twisted, exploring each other's mouths, feeling the wine taste that remained in our mouths. While the others could only look at us.


The tapping sound of the glass ended our short kiss.

"Thank you for your help," I said confidently. My tone sounded more like seduction than a thank you.

"No problem," said Mia with a flushed face.

Then I turned to Emma and Pearl who was still looking at us and chuckled.

"If you want it, I'll be happy to do it in your turn," I said.

"We will gladly accept your offer," replied Pearl without hesitation.

Then I pressed the blue button image on that tablet.

"Take off your partner's clothes and tie her up with handcuffs on a pole and you can use her as you like for 15 minutes." My smile widened as I read it.-

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