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The Incubus System Chapter 169: Dirty Dare V (18 )

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The Incubus System Chapter 169. Dirty Dare V

"Ah ... Handcuffed" Mia said in shock. She and Pearl looked at each other since it seemed like it was outside of their plans and I could see Pearl's face looked a little panicked. Looks like I shouldn't get this type of card, unfortunately, since she prepared them in a hurry, she made the wrong settings, that's why that card appeared.

Emma looked at the two of them alternately in confusion, since it seemed like she had no idea that all the cards shouldn't be in my favour.

"Yes, you can check it yourself," I said in a relaxed tone. Mia's gaze shifted to the tablet screen on the table to make sure I didn't lie so did Pearl.

Seeing what I said was true, Pearl reached out her hand to take the tablet. Looks like she wanted to change the setting, but I caught her hand.

"Please don't spoil my fun. Didn't you say you'll make me cum like no tomorrow" I said with a smirk.

"Besides ..." I brought my lips closer to her ear.

"I've let you cheat during the last game, also let you make me play with all of you tonight. Isn't that enough"

After hearing my words, Pearl finally withdrew her hand. Then she glanced at Mia and her lips moved silently 'Sorry' with an apologetic face. And Mia responded with a pout.

After I set the stopwatch to avoid cheating, I turned to Mia.

"Shall we begin" I said in a relaxed tone.

"Of course," she replied.

I pressed the stopwatch button to turn it on. My hands grabbed her cheeks and made her look at me. My eyes looked at her face which was still a little sour.

"Please don't give me that expression ..." One of my hands shifted in front of her and touched her lips from top to bottom gently.

"Trust me. I will fill your body with pleasure," I seduced with a mischievous smirk.

She looked at me in a daze, even though I didn't use my manipulation skills.

"Yes ..." she whispered. From her expression, she looked calmer now.

"Good," I said with a smile. My hand moved down from her neck to the buttons and opened it one by one, I peeled off her clothes and dropped them, leaving her beautiful body completely naked. The scales on her red tail glinted in gold highlighted her status as a special Lamia.

One of my hands grabbed the handcuffs on the table, my other reached out to her.

Without saying anything, she took my hand and we walked closer to the pole. As soon as we got there, I pulled her hands backwards and cuffed her there. She slightly bent her upper body and lowered her head in submission, making her breasts hang seductively. Her tension was clear on her face.

After that, I walked around her with a mischievous smirk on my lips, my eyes explored every part of her body, choosing which parts I wanted to touch like a hungry beast circling its prey.

When I was in front of her, I grabbed her chin and raised her head to face me. Her eyes staring at me were like prey begging for forgiveness from its predators. My other hand went straight to squeeze her breast, my fingers pinched and twisted her nipple gently.

"Ah...!" she yelped.

I responded with a chuckle in excitement. My hand that was on her chin shifted to stroking her cheek slowly, my face approached her face. I could see Mia's face flushed in embarrassment and tense with my intimidation.

"C'mon show me your beautiful expression." My fingers pinched her nipple harder.

"Ahh!" Her yelp got louder and her face turned red. Her eyes looked up at me with a pleading look. Then my hand moved to her other nipple and pinched it again.

"Ah! Da-Damian ..." She yelped again. While I responded with a teasing chuckle.

I took my hand off her breast and gave her a light kiss on her lips before walking around her again. As my steps stopped behind her, she turned to me.

"Damian ... P-Please go easy on me," she said. Her face was red in embarrassment and tension was clearly visible.

I chuckled and leaned closer from behind, pressed my upper body against her back, my hands grabbed her shoulders and crept up and down her breasts which went up and down in temptation. My head which was on the side of her neck tilted towards her slightly and kissed her lips gently.

"I'm sorry, this time ... I can't give my promise for that," I said as I broke my kiss.

Then my lips returned to hers and down the side of her neck and shoulder. Occasionally, I gave her a lick on her skin. Meanwhile, my hands were busy touching her skin, squeezing her soft and supple breasts. My fingers moved to play on her erected tips. My fully awake cock was in the middle of her ass. Although the red and gold scales covered her two seductive ass, the scales felt soft like human skin, the only difference being that they were the same colour as the scales.

"Ah --- hah-hah ... Damian ..." she moaned as I moved my waist, rubbing my fully awake cock on her ass, making her feel how hard and hot my cock was. Occasionally, she pulled her hands in reflex, trying to get herself out of the handcuffs. I could feel her body getting hot and so did I. Her tail wriggled and moved slowly erotically showing how my touch began to provoke her desire.

I released my kiss from her.

"I don't think I can hold myself anymore," I whispered in a ragged breath. My soft chuckles mixed in between my words, showing how much I enjoyed this game. One of my hands dropped down and started rubbing her entrance with my thumb.

"Ah ...- Hah-hah-ah ..." Her harsh breath followed every time I rubbed my fingers on it. In just a few strokes, I could feel her inner wall starting to twitch and got loose.

"Pffttt!" Muffled laughter left my mouth.

"Ah ... Looks like you really enjoy my touch." Then I plunged my two fingers into her warm inner wall.

"Ahhhn!" she gasped in surprise, her head lifted slightly. But I responded by giving a kiss and gently licking the back of her neck as my fingers tickled her warm inner wall. My waist kept moving, rubbing my cock against her ass and my other hand playing with her breast.

- Clang!

The sound of the handcuffs colliding with the iron pole came again, indicating that she struggled in reflex, trying to escape. I broke my kiss.

"You can't escape from me ..." Followed with my teasing chuckle.

"Ah ... Hah-ah ---... D-Damian, a-are you gonna spend your semen now" she asked in a stammering voice as she held back all the stimulation in her body.

"Why not" I said in a nonchalant tone.

"Wait! That's cheating!" protested Pearl.

I turned to Pearl without stopping all of my movements and smirked.

"Of course not. Doesn't that card say I can do anything" I reminded her. Mia's moans mixed with my words.

Pearl pressed her lips since what I said was true. While Emma was silent since I acted wilder here. I moved my lips silently. 'Next, it's your turn' that's what I told Emma and she could only reply to me by biting her lower lip with a flushed face.

After that brief explanation, I turned to the front and moved wilder.

"Ahnn ..." A loud moan escaped her mouth and her breathing grew heavier. Her head leaned over my shoulder. Her breasts rose and fell rapidly. Sweat started to appear on her body as her body grew hotter.

"Damian ..." she called my name with a trembling body.

I let out another teasing chuckle upon her reaction and gave her a light kiss on her cheek.

"I will end your suffering," I whispered.

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