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The Incubus System Chapter 171: Dirty Dare VII (18 )

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The Incubus System Chapter 171. Dirty Dare VII

After the words left my mouth, I moved in front of the lounge, her feet before me. My hands went down onto the lounger, my face against her calf. Slowly, I crawled up as my tongue traced her leg with soft kisses in between. My hand rubbed her other leg up to her thigh. As my lips reached her thigh, my tongue licked the whipped cream and ate the fruit pieces there.

"Ahh ~" she jolted as a soft erotic moan came out of her mouth when my tongue touched her skin. And I replied by giving her a kiss accompanied by suction on it.

"Ummhh ..." another soft moan came out of her mouth.

Just for a moment, I broke my kiss and shifted on her other thigh. Impatiently, I finished the whipped cream there before I pulled my face away and looked her right into her eyes with a mischievous smile on my lips. She turned her gaze in another direction since she couldn't bear my gaze.

"D-Don't look at me like that ..." she said shyly, her flushed face was clear.

I chuckled at her reaction.

"Why You look --- delicious ..."

"I-Is it because of the whipped cream Or because the other one" she asked since my words had two different meanings.

My index finger took a little bit of the whipped cream on her stomach and popped it in my mouth. My eyes stared at her in an alluring gaze.

"Both," I said with a naughty smirk.

After that, I brought my face back to the whipped cream on her stomach and finished it.

"Ahhh ~~!" Emma moaned loudly as my tongue moved to lick around her navel. I could feel her stomach muscles twitching slightly in shock.

I held both sides of her stomach so she wouldn't move and continued to finish the whipped cream.

"No ... Ahhh ~~ Eth --- Damian ... No ~ Ah .. Haha ---- Please stop it. It tickles ..." She struggled, her stomach kept twitching, holding back my licking. Her hands gripped the sheet. Her giggles mingled with her words. But I paid no heed to her words and continued my actions.

After I finished the cream, I brought my lips and my tongue up towards her breast. While Emma caught her breath to calm herself down. Again, when my lips were in front of her breast I ate the strawberry on top of her nipple and finished all the whip cream on it. My mouth swallowed her breast and played with her erected tip. While my hips began to move, rubbing my cock on the side of her calf.

"Nghh ..." Emma flinched upon my stimulation.

But just for a moment, I released my mouth off her breast.

- Plop!

Another plopping sound came and again, my thumb moved to wipe the remaining cream on the tip of my lips as my lips licked the cream that stuck to the other tip.

"Now I will eat my main course." I gave her another naughty smirk and chuckled as I crawled upward. As my face was in front of hers, my lips went down to her lips, my tongue slipped into her mouth and twisted to one another. While my hand crept down to her thigh and spread her leg, placing my legs between hers and of course rubbing my cock in front of her entrance.

Our kiss was getting dirtier by every second, our tongues and lips moved in rhythm followed by my waist movements. My hands went up and pinned her hands onto the lounger. Then I broke my kiss and tilted my head to the side of her ear. I blew it gently and licked it from her earlobe to her pointy end.

"Ahh ~~" This time her cute moan sounded and her hands gripped my palms tightly. I could feel her breathing was getting heavier.

"Can't hold yourself anymore, hm" I teased. Then I ended it with another lick on her ear.

"Ah - ah ~~" she moaned again without answering me.

"I'm going in," I said. I pulled myself away and knelt between her legs. My hand bent one leg up and held it. While her body was tilted to one side.

"Nggghh ..." I grunted as I slid my cock into her pussy. While Emma grabbed the sheet to one side of her head.

"Ohh ~~" Another erotic moan came out of her mouth. Different from usual, even though I could feel her inner wall covering my cock perfectly, it was easier to put mine in her since she was wetter than usual.

I let out a teasing chuckle.

"You really like it don't you" My waist moved back and forth, thrusting my cock deeper into her.

Since our position was quite open and her legs weren't blocking her view, she tilted her head to see how my cock thrust her pussy mercilessly.

"Ohh --- Ohh --- Yess ---- Eth --- Ngghhh!" I knew she wanted to call my name but she pressed her lips since I was in my incubus form.

As I sped up my pace, the sound of our clashing flesh sounded clearer. She spread her legs wider as if welcoming my cock to go deeper. Her eyes could not escape at the hot view and her body trembled violently every time I thrust my cock into her.

"Ohh ... - hah-ah-hah --- Yes ... --give me more ... More ~" she moaned loudly. Even though her sweat started to drip, her excitement did not fade.

* Ringggg! *

The stopwatch sound indicated our turn was over, but of course, we didn't care since we were immersed in pleasure. Even I ignored Pearl and Mia's voices. Seconds later, we cummed together.

"Ahhh --- Aghhh!" She moaned loudly. A great satisfaction swept across my mind as we reached our climax.


[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[You have gained EXP! ]

My lips went down to her and kissed her on her lips as I pulled my cock from her.

"That was a good one," Emma whispered with a smile. Her hands hugged my neck.

"Your turn is over, Damian." This time Pearl's voice made me turn to her.

"Okay." I got off the lounger and so did Emma. But since I knew she was still tired, I put my hand on her back and the other behind her knees. In one swoop, I carried her.

"Kyaaa ---!" shrieked Emma as she hugged my neck in reflex.

"What are you doing Put me down," she said in confusion.

"I know you're tired, I'll take you to the sofa," I replied in a nonchalant tone. My feet walked towards the sofa. My stamina was full again after doing it with hee so it didn't matter for me.

"I'm not that weak you know ..." she protested in a low voice. I knew what she meant she was a demon hunter, so though her body was not that different from Pearl and Mia, her endurance above them.

"I know." I turned to her and smiled.

"This is not about your strength. I just want to show how grateful I am to have you."

After that, she pressed her lips and fell silent. I put Emma on the sofa and sat down.

"Aw ~ Why don't you ever carry us" protested Pearl with a spoiled tone.

Mia cleared her throat.

"Um ... Damian carried me before, Pearl."

"Eh" Pearl looked shocked since she thought that I only did special treatment to Emma. Then she turned to me with a pout.

"Then why don't you ever carry me"

"I did," I replied.

"When" asked Pearl with a frown.

"When you were drunk yesterday," I said. I guessed she was too drunk to remember it.

She fell silent as she tried to remember.

"I also carried you and Mia two days ago," I added.

"I ... Don't remember it," Pearl lowered her head. From her expression, I could tell she was annoyed with herself.

"If you want it, I will carry you again next time," I said.

"Thank you," said Pearl with a smile.

I returned my gaze to the table.

"Alright, now it's my turn."

My hand turned the arrow in the middle of the wheel and the arrow stopped at Emma's name.

I sighed in disappointment. While they looked happy since this time it was their turn to tease me. Swiftly, Pearl poured the wine into the glass and Emma quickly finished it.

'They surely look excited to torment me,' I thought.

After finished, Emma put down her glass and pressed the red button on the tablet.

"Tie your partner, make him sit between your legs with his back facing at you. You lubricate his glans and caress his cock pretending you masturbate like a man. While your friends rubbed his body with massage oil in a sensual way for 7 minutes. Note: If your partner cums, he must grant your requests for 5 minutes. " They giggled and looked at me in excitement after reading it. While I pressed my lips.

'Oh, ** ...'

Note: This story illustration is in my Discord Channel.-

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