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The Incubus System Chapter 179: Worries And Persistence

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The Incubus System Chapter 179. Worries And Persistence

"That was close ..." said Celia, a sigh of relief escaping from her mouth.

"Yeah. That was close," I repeated Celia's words. Then I stretched my hand to my side.

"Foxy, can you return my underwear" From the smell, I could tell she was not far from me. A smirk on my lips since I could imagine Ruby's disappointment when she found out that her booty was gone.

Then my underwear flew towards my hand followed by Foxy's appearance at my side.

- Puff!

"Thank you, Foxy. I know I can always count on you," I complimented her. My other hand stroked Foxy's head gently and she replied with a proud smile. Her tails wagged slowly.

While Celia frowned in confusion.

"Brother, what happened What's with that underwear"

I smirked mischievously.

"Ruby tried to steal it when I moved the laundry earlier. So I asked Foxy to retrieve it," I replied casually.

She cringed.

"What" she frowned in disbelief.

"Told ya. She's that crazy," I said, still in a casual tone.

Celia let out a deep breath.

"Looks like I have to be more careful with her."

I turned to Celia.

"What did Mrs Clea tell you"

"Lots of things. She asked me to be more careful and always lock the door. In addition, she asked me to stay home and avoid unnecessary trips for a while."

"Did she say something about what happened at Nighthallow Station" Although I was sure Celia must have covered it up from Mrs Clea if she asked her about that incident. At least, I wanted to make sure our story was the same if she asked me the same thing one day.

She nodded her head.

"She asked where I was when that incident happened. But I said you and I were at home and we only knew about it from TV." Then her face turned worried.


"But" I asked her to continue.

"She warned me about the evil winged demon and told me to run away or contact the Demon Hunter association if I saw it. Besides ----" She looked at me with a serious expression.

"It looks like the reporter told her about you because the news didn't mention about that," she said.

"Let it be," I said in a relaxed tone. The smirk on my lips didn't change. Of course, I already predicted this beforehand.

"I'd rather them be on alert than off guard." The demons could appear at any time. With a fearful great demon, it would keep them on alert, even I hoped they could use this as a reason to speed up the demon hunter's recruitment.

Celia approached me and held my hand gently. Her eyes remained on me with worry.

"Brother ... I know you are doing this for the sake of humanity. But I'm really worried about you." Her eyes trembled.

"What if they ---"

Before Celia finished her words, I removed my hand from Foxy and placed my index finger gently on Celia's lips, stopping her words. My eyes were on her and a confident smile on my lips.

"I won't get caught, nor will I lose to them." My hand shifted to the side of her face and rubbed her cheek. My gaze turned soft.

"There's no need to be afraid. I know where my limits are and what I'm doing."

Her hand overlapped my hand and her face moved slowly rubbing her cheek against my palm. Her eyes were closed in comfort. From her expression, I could tell how much she was afraid of losing me. Especially after she found out that I had died once.

"Please be safe ..." she whispered.

And I replied with a kiss on her forehead.

"Trust me ..." I whispered.

She nodded in hesitation.

"I have to go now." Then I turned to Foxy.

"Foxy," I just called her name, but she responded to me with a confident smile since she already knew I asked her to look after Celia like before.

"Leave it to me, master!" she said confidently. Looks like she felt so happy because she could do something for me.

"Okay, see ya later." I turned around and walked towards my room.

"Be careful, okay" reminded Celia.



After I put my underwear into the laundry and put on my shoes, I stretched out my hand, imagining Emma's bedroom. I purposely didn't notify my arrival via message to surprise her.


[Set your destination.]

'Emma's bedroom, Nighthallow City.'

[The destination has been set.]

A portal that resembled a small black hole opened in front of me.

[The portal has opened! ]

My feet stepped into the portal. A naughty smirk on my lips. But when I came out of the portal, my smirk disappeared and my eyes widened in shock as I saw Emma, who was already wearing her Demon Hunter uniform, lying on the bed in pain. Her breathing looked heavy. Her sweat drenched her pale face. One of her hands was holding her chest and the other was trying to reach something from the side table's drawer. Quickly, my feet moved towards her.

"Emma, what happened" I said worriedly and sat beside her.

"Ethan ... Hah-hah ... My medicine ..." Her ragged breath sounded between her voice and from her expression I could tell she was in pain. Apart from that, I could feel her trembling body. Her hand pointed to a drawer on the bed side table.

Quickly, I opened the drawer and gave her the medicine. With trembling hands, she poured two of them into her hand and immediately shoved the pills into her mouth. After that, she brought herself closer to me and hugged me tightly, her eyes closed as she caught her breath, trying to calm herself. Meanwhile, I also hugged her and put my hand behind her head. My curiosity overtook my heart and mind, but I swallowed it since I wanted her to calm down first.

'What happened Is this because of my Demonic Erection ' I thought in panic. I guessed this was because the vaccine had the Holy element and I was a demon. But then I realized my guess was wrong. Since she had the medicine, it should be an illness that she had suffered from for a long time. I raised the medicine in my other hand and read the label.

From there, I concluded she had some kind of trauma or ...

'PTSD ...' Emma's words when I met her as a demon hunter for the first time repeated in my head, the reason why she took that dangerous profession despite her status and her wealth. My confusion filled my head because with her condition she shouldn't and could not become a demon hunter, because it would cost her life. Moreover, this explained why she couldn't control herself and her emotions when I attacked the Imp who was pretending to be a little girl last week.

"I'm sorry, you have to see at me like this." She sounded much calmer now.

"Get some rest. You can't possibly hunt demons like this," I said.

She released my hug and pulled her body away from me.

"Trust me, I'm fine. I just couldn't control my emotions a little after watching the news," she said as her eyes were fixed on the TV screen across her bed. The news showed how chaotic the Nighthallow Station was, as well as my battle remnants. A long police line stretched out on the damaged train where I had fought the Hounds earlier.

The police, reporters and cameramen recorded the station in the dark by using only the emergency lights in their hands as their only source of lighting. Their feet trod carefully as if they were exploring a haunted house. I didn't know what they would say if I didn't use my Devil Space there, since the place was literally flattened to the ground because of my battle.

I sighed and returned my gaze to Emma.

"If the news scares you, how can you face a real demon" I asked.

"I'm not afraid. But I'm angry with myself." She turned to the TV.

"I want to do something for them. Yet I can't ..." Then she returned her gaze to me.

"That's why I asked you to teach me how to use my Mana Strike as a weapon."

I knew she looked a lot better now and her status said her condition was normal, but I was still worried about her.

Since I didn't say anything, she held both sides of my face and turned it to gaze at her.

"Ethan, trust me ... I'm fine," she insisted. Her gaze showed how serious she was.

I looked at her for a moment. She did look fine, but I was afraid things would get worse later. On the other hand, If I refused it, I was afraid she would recklessly go to hunt demons without me or her Demon Compass like last week.

"Fine. But if things get bad, you have to return. Also, you have to stay close to me," I finally agreed.

A smile began to appear on her lips.

"So where do we start today" she asked excitedly.

Actually, I wanted to start at Nighthallow City Station, but that was not possible since there were too many people there.

"Shall we start with Ledred" As I recalled, Kitty said the demon attack at Nighthallow City would increase. Apart from that, from the previous few attacks, I noticed the demons starting to attack crowded places like Diamond College, Cherrias Plaza, Cretunt Bridge and Nighthallow Station. Even though all the crowded places were closed at this hour, Ledred was one of the places with the late curfew.

"Okay." After her answer. I opened my portal to Ledred.-

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