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The Incubus System Chapter 182: Horny Demon II

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The Incubus System Chapter 182. Horny Demon II

After that, quickly, I used my portal skill. Unlike this afternoon's incident, Emma already knew my identity while the demon hunter was unconscious, there shouldn't be a problem.


[Set your destination.]

'Nighthallow Hospital's entrance.'

[The destination has been set.]

But instead of the portal opening, another announcement appeared.

[Skill failed!]

[You can't open the portal inside the Enchant Trap!]

'What !' This was the first time I had failed to open a portal and I was guessing Enchant Trap was a similar skill as my Devil Space. In other words, there was another demon with the same status and level as me.

"He's dying!" Emma's panic voice came from behind me. Unfortunately, because both of them were demon hunters. Even if I used my Devil Space they would still get into my skill and worse, they would be under the Demonic curse effect. So I had to take them another way.

I threw my Spikes at the front line demons' heads, immediately turned around to grab them and flicked my wings. As the demons below me turned to ashes, I stopped in the mid-air since a thick, sticky transparent web had covered the entire upper part of the alley. Without wasting time, I recast my lances to tear it up. But, as I wanted to move through it, the web regenerated and covered my path again.

Several demons that were shaped like giant cockroaches flew around me. While below me, several demons that were shaped like large spiders were shooting their Webs. I brushed off their attacks with my remaining lance as occasionally flying to avoid them. While Emma used her Holy Chain to bind some of them.

At the same time, a woman's giggling sound was heard between our battle's sounds.

"Ah ~ I never thought I could find a handsome demon here~"

'A noble demon' I came to that conclusion since only noble demons could have this many subordinates. Apart from that, her voice sounded arrogant like the Flame Hound and Gruesome Hound. Feeling I couldn't fight with this kind of state, I decided to land. After I was able to kill the demons that were flying around me, I recast my Demonic Spike and made it my shield as I descended. As soon as our feet touched the ground, I swung my remaining Spikes and killed the demons that were near us, giving us some space so their claws couldn't reach our bodies. While Emma quickly took the demon hunter's body and brought him near the wall.

Another giggling sound came.

"So, you decided to come back, my handsome fly ~ Just relax, I promise, I will make you happy ~"

I ignored her and used my observation skill on the demons around me to find out their weaknesses, as well as find out who their leader was. The three announcement boxes with their information appeared in front of me.

First, a three-meter high, bloody demon with the shape of a cockroach walking on two long, slender legs with a pair of main arms of the same size. He had only three fingers which were equipped with sharp blades. Meanwhile, the other shorter 'hands' moved around his sides. Behind him, two tails that were similar to scorpion tails moved flexibly.

[Name: Bloody Cockroach]

[Level 15]

[Race: Demon]

[HP: 320/320]

[DP: 123/123]

[Skills: Poison Claw lv 2, Poison tail lv 3]

[Emotion: Excited]

[Condition: Normal]

[Weakness: Head]

[Talent: Bacteria Skin.]

Second, a huge demon that has a half-human half-centipede body. His entire body was covered in hard black skin including his muscular human body. Both of his hands were equipped with sharp claws. What made him look terrible was, even though the human body part was where the head should be, the real heads were not there, but at the end of the tails. Besides that, the demon's heads were not like any other head, but only a mouth with sharp teeth without eyes, noses and ears.

[Name: Nasty Centipede]

[Level 13]

[Race: Demon]

[HP: 253/253]

[DP: 103/103]

[Skills: Venom Bite lv 2, Demonic Claw lv 2]

[Emotion: Excited]

[Condition: Normal]

[Weakness: Head]

[Talent: Hard Skin.]

Third, a five-meter tall demon with a shape resembling a large, half-human spider. Three sharp claws replaced his fingers. Like the Nasty Centipede, his muscular body was covered with hard skin. With six red eyes that ran up to his forehead and a mouth that had four large fangs.

[Name: Lecherous Spider]

[Level 21]

[Race: Demon]

[HP: 398/398]

[DP: 141/141]

[Skills: Venom Sting lv 5, Demonic Claw lv 2, Trap Web lv 5]

[Emotion: Excited]

[Condition: Normal]

[Weakness: Head]

[Talent: Venom Skin]

Then I glanced at a nearby crack and could see their friends coming out of there one by one neatly and filling the alley. I was not sure how many of them there were, but it should already be a hundred. Unlike the Hounds at Nighthallow Station before, this time the demons came out neatly. From there, I could confirm that this noble demon had a higher level and strength than the noble hounds.

My glance diverted to the demon hunter and from his status alone I could tell he didn't have much time. Meanwhile, Emma looked worried. But instead of panicking, I was pissed off with those annoying demons. I sighed.

'Looks like the only thing that makes me panic is if someone exposes my identity.'

"Get ready, I will make a way," I said. At the same time, I opened my skill.


[Charm Lv 3 (Requires 6 DP)]

[Dark Healing Lv 1 (Requires 10 DP)]

[Demonic Energy Lv 5 (Requires 15 DP)]

[Demonic Erection Lv 3 (Requires 5 DP)]

[Manipulation Lv 2 (Requires 8 DP)]

[Observation Lv 4 (Requires 3 DP)]

[Dispel lv 3 (Requires 6 DP)]

[Silence lv 0]

[Demonic Claw lv 3 (Requires 6 DP)]

[Devil Space lv 1 (Requires 5 DP)]

[Hell Thunder lv 1 (Requires 5 DP)]

[Vision lv 1 (Passive)]

[Portal lv 1 (Requires 10 DP)]

[Dark Energy lv 1.]

[Demonic Spike lv 2 (Requires 5 DP)]

[Demon's Rule lv 0.]

[Demon's Contract lv 1 (Requires 5 DP)]

[Devil's Puppet lv 1 (Requires 5 DP)]

[Master's Blessing lv 1.]

[Shadow Ritual lv 0 (Requires HP Recovery lv 3, Energy Protection lv 3, Energy Siphon lv 3, Minimum level 50)]

[Unused skill points - 3]

'Raise Manipulation skill by 1 point.'

[Your Manipulation skill is at level 3.]

[Your Manipulation skill effectiveness has increased by 10%. ]

[Congratulations! You just unlock a new skill.]

[Telekinesis (Requires 5 DP) - Skill used by a High Demon to move or destroy objects from a distance. Skill damage is 50% INT Points. Skill range increases by 100 meters per level.]

'Raise Telekinesis skill by 2 points.'

[Your Telekinesis skill is at level 2.]

[Your Telekinesis skill range is 200 meters. ]

I grabbed the demon hunter as I moved my lances as a shield that protected us and charged out of the alley. While Emma followed me. As expected, the demons quickly blocked my path. I knew they thought I would have a hard time attacking them with my state while I needed my lances as protection. I waved my hand as if I was pushing someone away from my face as I used my skill.



A loud crash accompanied by screams came as the demons that were thrown away by the invisible strong force crashed into the wall. Even the walls cracked from the impact.

[You have hit a Bloody Cockroach for 73 HP. ]

[You have hit a Bloody Cockroach for 71 HP. ]

[You have hit a Bloody Cockroach for 72 HP. ]

[You have hit a Rat Demon for 78 HP. ]

[You have hit a Rat Demon for 74 HP. ]

[You have hit a Bloody Cockroach for 73 HP. ]

[You have hit a Bloody Cockroach for 71 HP. ]

[You have hit a Bloody Cockroach for 72 HP. ]

[You have hit a Bloody Cockroach for 74 HP. ]

[You have hit a Nasty Centipedes for 71 HP. ]

[You have hit a Nasty Centipedes for 73 HP. ]

[You have hit a Nasty Centipedes for 71 HP. ]

[You have hit a Nasty Centipedes for 72 HP. ]

[You have hit a Lecherous Spider for 74 HP. ]

[You have hit a Lecherous Spider for 73 HP. ]

[You have hit a Lecherous Spider for 73 HP. ]

Meanwhile, Emma and I kept running past them. Besides that, instead of keeping my lances as a shield, I threw it at them and turned the demons around us to ashes. With these two skills, I could attack my opponent more freely. As soon as we arrived at the exit, my claw was ready to tear through the Web that covered it. But unexpectedly, a big spider jumped down and blocked our way. She shot the web from her mouth at me. Our steps stopped.


A strong invisible force threw the large web at the other demons behind me, making them look like a bunch of helpless insects trapped in a large cobweb without turning my gaze to the female demon in front of me. Then I moved my hand as I used my Telekinesis to push that bundle of demons to cover the crack.

But rather than being angry or annoyed, the spider demon licked her lips and smiled wickedly.

"I think I've found my future husband ~"-

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