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The Incubus System Chapter 183: Trap and Seduction

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The Incubus System Chapter 183. Trap and Seduction

My eyes looked at the beautiful spider demon in front of me. Her lower body was a large black spider and her upper part was a female body similar to one of the Hybrid-beasts, Arachne. Her face was beautiful with six red eyes which confirmed her status as a demon. Her red lips parted slightly, inviting to be kissed and her upper body was not covered by any clothes, allowing me to see a pair of ripe breasts hanging there. Besides that, her long black hair hung down beautifully. And instead of the pair of human hands like a hybrid-beast's, a pair of claws took its place. From just one glance, I knew she was different from my previous opponent.

[Name: Maiden Spider Demon]

[Level 40]

[Race: Demon]

[HP: 1219/1219]

[DP: 251/251]

[Skills: Web Trap lv 5, Venom Bite lv 3, Demonic Claw lv 4, Hiding lv 1.]

[Emotion: Horny.]

[Condition: Normal.]

[Weakness: Black Orb in her stomach.]

[Talent: Enchant Trap (Disable portal and teleport skills for demons below her level. The victim will not be able to get out of this trap unless defeating her)]

As soon as I read the talent description, I knew I had to do something soon.

That Spider Demon pointed her index finger or rather her claw at me and moved it towards her repeatedly, inviting me to approach her. Her breasts heaved and fell impatiently, her face flushed red as if she was in my charm skill. Her eyes explored my body while her other hand squeezed her breast.

"C'mon darling ~ I will satisfy you tonight. We'll make our child together," she purred at me.

Since I knew the demon hunter didn't have much time since his HP was decreasing due to his bleeding, the only fastest way was to defeat this horny demon and open a portal for them. That demon invitation gave me an idea. As if caught in her charm, I gave the dying demon hunter to Emma nonchalantly. Emma caught him, her eyes staring at me in confusion. But she didn't say anything.

Calmly, I stepped towards the Spider Demon, leaving Emma. I didn't even use my Demonic Spike to protect them. But of course, I had calculated everything, after all the other demons had trapped in the Web Trap. For now, Emma and the demon hunter were safe. I licked my lips as if her seduction was working.

Sensing her victory, she giggled.

"Yes ~ That's it ~" As I stopped in front of her, she bent all of her legs and lowered her body. Her hands hugged me. Her face drew closer to my ear.

"Darling ~ Let's satisfy our lust together," she said in a sweet voice. Suddenly her voice turned hoarse.

"After that, be my food and become nutrition for our children." Her mouth opened and her fangs were ready to inject her poison into me, but suddenly she stopped as she felt an invisible force gripping her body as I used my Telekinesis on her.

I tilted my head to look at her shocked face.

"Trade sex for my life" I let out a condescending chuckle.

"I think I will pass," I said with an evil smirk. Of course, I knew there was no such thing as a free dinner because anything free would take the most expensive things out of you.

Without saying anything else, I used my skills.

'Demonic Energy. Demonic Claw. '

[Demonic Claw has been activated.]

[Demonic Energy has been activated.]

[STR: 60 108]

[AGI: 50 90]

[Time remaining: 4:58]

And thrust both of my claws into the black orb that matched the colour of her bottom, even I wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't my system telling me.

[You have hit a Maiden Spider Demon for 505 HP. ] X2

"Arrrrgggggg!" Her screams of pain echoed. But she still didn't give up and shot her Web Trap at me. I tilted my head to avoid it.

I glanced behind me, her Web Trap filled the alley and made the other demons even more difficult to break free.

"Any last words" I said as I returned my gaze to her. She gasped in pain, but rather than fear, she smirked.

"Our Queen will get you and enslave you forever," she said.

"Did she send you here" I asked.

But instead of answering me, she laughed wickedly.

"Answer me!" I snapped.

She ignored me and continued her laugh.

Feeling that she wouldn't answer my question, I swung my claw at her one more time and turned her to ashes.

[You have hit a Maiden Spider Demon for 501 HP. ]

[The Enchant Trap has been deactivated]

[Now you can use your Portal skill]

I turned and walked over to Emma.

"I'll open the portal for you." Just when I was about to use my skill but I could feel another strong demon presence.

Quickly, I recast my Demonic Spike and turned to the demon. This time, it was a sweet-faced female elf with purple skin. Her long black hair was slightly wavy tied up and a simple white dress with laces on top covered her body. The bottom of her dress was gently waving in the wind.

"Ah! You --- Damian" she said. She looked shocked.

I was confused because how could she know my name even though my cap covered my head. But after I saw the status above her head, I found out why.

[Name: Tania]

[Level ]

[HP: / ]

[DP: / ]

I didn't know why she was here, but maybe this place was one of her patrol areas. In addition, her appearance was similar to one of an extinct hybrid-beast race. Dark Elf.

She glanced at the dying demon hunter and approached us. In reflex, Emma was about to unleash her skill, but I caught her hand and stopped her.

"She's my friend," I said. I remembered Foxy said that Tania could heal people.

Without saying anything, Tania stretched her hand to the demon hunter. Her palm glowed dimly and covered the demon hunter's body. Soon a hissing sound was heard and the demon hunter's wounds healed by themselves, just like I used my Dark Healing skill. The difference was Dark Healing could only be used by fellow Demon. Tania pulled her hand as a sigh of relief escaped her mouth.

"He will be fine," she said with a smile.

"Thank you, Miss Demon," said Emma. Her eyes stared at her in amazement.

"It's Mrs, Miss elf. But you are welcome," said Tania with a smile.

I just let out a sigh of relief since we were able to save that demon hunter just in time. But the sound of the demons coming behind me brought my attention back to them.

"Grrraahhh ---- rrraahhhhh!"

"Wait for me. I will clean them up," I said. Besides, I hadn't closed the crack, so my battle wasn't over yet. Swiftly, I went over to the demons who could only thrash between the thick white Web that filled the alley and threw my black lances. Since they couldn't move, even if there were a hundred of them, I could kill them easily. Then I closed the crack with my Dark Energy.


[All enemies have been defeated!]

[Congratulations! You just killed a Demoness' Maid!]

[Level Up!] [Level Up!]

[You are now Level 32.]

[You have 27 unused stat points.]

[You have 2 unused skill points.]

'Demoness' Maid 'My mind went back to the Spider Demon's words that the queen would get me.

'Does that mean someone is leading this demon's attack'

"You're a quick learner, Damian," Tania's voice turned my attention to her.

"Thank you," I stepped towards her since I decided to ask her about the Demoness' Maid

"But you can call me Ethan," I added politely. Even though I didn't mind her calling me Damian, but since Kitty called me Ethan wouldn't they be better if they called me with the same name

But her response was beyond my expectations.

"Is that an order" she asked. From her expression, I could tell she was asking seriously, though I didn't catch her offended by my words.

My steps stopped in front of her.

"Of course not," I replied in confusion. I said it in an ordinary tone, unlike an order, why did she think I ordered her After all, our status was the same and I was sure her level was above mine. I couldn't possibly give her orders.

She smiled sweetly.

"Very well, then I'll just call you Damian." Then she looked at me deeply.

"Because Damian Lucio is a special name even for demons."-

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