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The Incubus System Chapter 188: Replacing The Demon Lord

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The Incubus System Chapter 188. Replacing The Demon Lord

Emma's voice broke my reverie.

"Ethan, are you okay You look --- weird." Her eyes looked at me in worry. While Yuffy looked at me in confusion since I stopped my words suddenly. And Tania, her eyes fixed on me, observing me. Although I felt a little confused by it, I guessed Lilieth asked her to do this to make sure I could balance my Demonic side well.

I cleared my throat and swallowed the rest of my questions since I couldn't just ask them directly.

"I'm fine. I'm just worried about Lord Damon and Lilieth." I didn't lie about this since I was worried about them, especially after finding out their sacrifices to protect the human world and the demon world. Especially Lilieth ... Somehow I felt sorry for her because, behind her strong appearance, she had bitter experiences in her heart. Then I realized something that much more important. If Lord Damon and Lilieth had been waiting for this child for hundreds of years, at least Lord Damon should have been protective of Lilieth. Also, Lilieth shouldn't have carelessly gone to the battlefield to protect her unborn baby. Lilieth's presence in that battle was a sign that Lord Damon's condition was also deteriorating.

"Are you sure you are okay" asked Yuffy with a frown. She tilted her head and looked at me in the same confusion as before.

While Emma held my hand gently again and looked at me in worry since it was obvious from my face, there were a lot of things on my mind right now.

I turned to Tania and looked at her seriously.

"Please tell me about Lilieth and Lord Damon's condition. Honestly." I emphasized my last words since I wanted to know their real situation.

Hearing my words, I caught traces of surprise on Tania and Yuffy's faces for a moment before their expressions turned serious.

'As expected ... Even though everything looks fine, their conditions are pretty bad,' I thought. Upon seeing their expressions, Emma also seemed to think the same way as me since she held my hand tightly once again.

After a short pause, Yuffy finally spoke.

"We are sorry, We can't ---" But I interrupted her words.

"As a demon general, I should know about this, right Or am I not one of you" I said with a frown. Although I guessed this had something to do with Lord Damon and Lilieth's honour, I needed them to tell the truth, so I could take a hint or clue on what to do next or about how much time we have left.

Yuffy pressed her lips, but a moment later she spoke again.

"But-" This time, it was Tania who interrupted her.

"Both of them are in pretty bad shape," said Tania suddenly.

Yuffy turned to Tania and frowned.

"Mom ...!" she said in a half-scolding tone.

Tania turned to Yuffy. Despite her calm face, there was a clear trace of worry on her face.

"It's fine. He deserves to know." Then she turned to me.

"At least he should know about this."

"How bad" I asked her for a more detailed explanation.

"I'm not sure if Lord Damon can close the next crack in Lightglen City. At least ... He can't cover all of it," said Tania.

Yuffy gritted her teeth and looked away to hide her irritation. Just like me, I was sure she was also annoyed since she couldn't do anything.

I was speechless. It was not bad anymore, but it was a disaster! So far, humans had lived peacefully and had secretly depended on the Demon Lord's power. Even the Demon Hunter Association wouldn't be prepared for this. Considering that it took a Demon Lord's strength to close the crack, I was sure that if the crack reopened, Lightglen City would turn into a battlefield for demons and humans. Though I knew I couldn't do anything, knowing this state my brain was deep in thoughts on its own to find a solution.

Seeing my reaction, Tania added her explanation.

"Actually, they just need some rest."

I frowned.

"Rest" I said in disbelief. That sounded like a joke to me. After the confusions and troubles, she said Lord Damon just needed a rest Was she kidding

"Yes. Lord Damon's regeneration is very extraordinary. But after the big fight a thousand years ago Lord Damon and Lilieth have been struggling to stabilize the energy at the border. They are exhausted but without their power… No one could close the cracks, " explained Tania.

The explanation gave me quite a picture of how hard they had been struggling all this time. Even they continued to use their strength to close the cracks, despite their energy was not full. Of course, they were weakened, especially after they fought other demon lords. Now I understood why Lilieth got into that fight although she was pregnant. Because she knew, Lord Damon was already exhausted and couldn't face the demon lords alone.

"How long will it take so they can fully regain their power" I asked.

"If they take total rest, about one month. If the energy disturbance is gone, maybe it can return sooner," said Tania.

"How about we replace them to cover those cracks There's five of us, we should have enough power for that," I asked. Well, I knew my power was insufficient compared to others Demon Generals. But if I used my free time to hunt demons, I should be able to catch up with them.

Tania shook her head from side to side.

"Although the Demon Generals can fight. We need Lord Damon's power to cover the cracks. If that power runs out, we have to come to him to replenish it." She turned to Yuffy, who was silent with a grim face.

"Likewise with the elite soldiers." Then she returned her gaze to me.

"We can't do anything without him either."

Tania's explanation reminded me of when Lilieth opened my access.

'Is that why Lilieth kissed me' I tapped my index finger under my lips as my brain went into deep thought again, trying to find the best solution for this. But, only one thing occurred to me ...

"In other words, we need a new demon lord who can replace him temporarily ..." I muttered. But the problem was only Lord Damon's descendant could do it.

"Hm" An unconscious humming sound came out of my mouth as my glances were diverted to Tania and Yuffy who were staring at me with strange gazes as if they observed me and watched my expressions.

"Did I say something wrong" I asked with a frown.

"... Nothing," said Tania. Her eyes remained fixed on me, as did Yuffy's.

Guessing they misunderstood me, I added my explanation.

"It's just temporarily not permanent." I didn't want them to think I was trying to overthrow Lord Damon from his throne.

"Damian, about that ... You already know the answer," said Yuffy without taking her eyes off me.

A tired breath escaped my mouth as I turned my gaze in another direction.

"Yeah, I know ..." I knew their only hope was gone, but still ... I didn't want to give up that easily.

"Isn't there another demon who can replace it" I made sure.

"There's one demon who can replace him," said Tania.

In that instant, Emma and I turned to Tania.-

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