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The Incubus System Chapter 190: The Bitter Battle

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The Incubus System Chapter 190. The Bitter Battle

"Enslaving demons Are that woman crazy" said Yuffy irritably.

"Hmmm ... That Myra is really suspicious," said Tania after I told her everything.

"I think we should investigate it. That woman may have something to do with energy disturbance at the border," I said. Actually, I was planning to send Foxy to investigate this midnight. But after hearing all of Tania's explanations, it seemed like I had to investigate this by myself. Moreover, if Myra really had something to do with this, didn't that mean Camila and Olivia were in danger Especially Olivia, since I remembered Myra offering something to her.

"I agree. Moreover, I heard Myra is pretty crazy," said Emma.

I turned to Emma.

"I think we should continue our night hunt to Tempestechnologies building." I was too worried and curious to leave this task to Foxy. Besides, it was almost midnight now. Instead of going back and opening a portal for Foxy, wouldn't it be quicker if Emma and I went to find out about this

And Emma replied with a nod. Emma was the daughter of a Magic technology company's owner. Even though my academic score was higher than her, she was more proficient and skilled in magic technology than me.

"Um ..." Yuffy's muttering voice made us turn to turn to her.

"Yes" I asked.

Yuffy just opened her mouth, but she pressed her lips again.

"Nothing," she said. But from her expression, I could tell she hesitated to tell me about something.

"You should go with them Yuffy. Let me handle this area," said Tania.

Yuffy turned to Tania in an objection.

"It's fine, mom." Then she stole a glance at me with a flushed face.

"I'm just curious about how human's magic tech company."

Well, I had never been to a tech magic company office before either and this was new to me. That's why I was sure that Emma's presence would be a great help to me in some way. But judging Yuffy's reactions and expressions, even without my observation skills, I could tell that rather than being curious about the office it seemed like she was more interested in me. This was quite confusing since this was our first meeting, and I was below her in strength and level. Wasn't the demon world's law the law of the jungle Then what attracted her to me

"Just go with them. I can handle it alone. Besides, if that Myra has anything to do with this crack. You can report it to Lord Damon immediately," said Tania with a smile.

While I could only be silent in confusion. Obviously, Yuffy showed interest in me and Tania knew I already had Emma, even she suggested bringing Emma in my contract and make her my wife. But why she supported her child's interest I thought every parent would get angry if their child loved someone else's boyfriend or husband.

Yuffy turned to Emma and me in hesitation.

"Can I"

"Of course," I said.

"Feel free to join us, Yuffy," said Emma with a smile. Looks like after listening to many explanations from Tania, Emma had started to understand about demons.

"Good," said Tania. Then she clenched her hand as she cancelled her Devil Space. The dome that covered us broke and disappeared. The real night sky was visible above us and the cold night wind blew across our faces. Unfortunately, since our previous battle wasn't inside the Devil Space, the alley was still chaotic with sticky white webs everywhere covering one-third of it like a den of aliens in a sci-fi movie.

'I feel bad for whoever cleaned it,' I thought.

Meanwhile, Tania also cancelled her stun spell on the demon hunter.

"I think we should drop him at the hospital before we go," I said. I planned to take him to the hospital's entrance and leave him to the security there. Since if we took him inside of it, the nurses and doctors would ask for our information just like when I found Emma before. And we didn't want to waste our time on it.

"Leave him to me," said Tania in a relaxed tone.

I was just about to reject it since Tania's body was smaller than that demon hunter, though ... I was sure her strength was far above that demon hunter. But I noticed another demon's presence. This demon had the same power as Kitty's. I undid my intention and swept my gaze around me to find that strong demon. My eyes caught a man standing at the end of the alley. His back rested against the wall behind him in a cool manner. My gaze shifted to the status above his head and recognized him as one of the Demon Generals, Sarael.

"Alright. Then I'll excuse myself," I said.

I stretched out my hand, imagining Yawlusk's district station, the only place in my memory that was closest to the Tempestechnologies building.


[Set your destination.]

'Yawlusk's District Station, Nighthallow City.'

[The destination has been set.]

A portal that resembled a small black hole opened in front of me.

[The portal has opened! ]

Then I, Emma and Yuffy walked into the portal.


Tania and Sarael's PoV

"I know you are there, Sarael," said Tania without looking at him.

A breath came out of Sarael's mouth. His feet moved toward her.

"I told you, you shouldn't go on patrol like the others." Although the tone of his signature arrogant voice didn't change, his concern was clear from it.

Tania was silent. Actually, the battle that happened a few years ago not only injured Lord Damon and Lilieth, or even took the demon lord's unborn baby. But also injured them, the four demon generals. And of the four of them, she was the one who was badly injured since she pushed herself to use all her Demonic Power to save Lilieth. Unfortunately, even with that sacrifice, she could not save the unborn prince. And just like Lilieth and Lord Damon, they couldn't show the demon world their true state or the other demon lords would try to take that opportunity to kill them. Therefore, even if they exhausted their power, they had no choice but to fight. But of course, secretly, the Demon Generals trained their children to replace them one day. Besides, they also trained other trusted demons to help them, but these demons were still in training and were still young to do a big task like them.

She turned to Sarael and gave him a reassuring smile.

"I'm fine. Besides, I don't want the other demon lords to underestimate us."

Sarael could only snort in annoyance as his steps stopped in front of Tania.

"That man --- is that 'him'"

"Yes, it's 'him'. Haven't you met him before"

"I've only seen him briefly since I was in the middle of a battle. I didn't even have time to talk to him." Sarael's eyes stared down the messy alley, where Damian and the others had entered the portal.

"What do you think about him"

"He has great potential and he can balance his Demonic side well. It's just... since he lived in the human world from birth, the human world's rules are binding him. He will need more time to adjust himself to the demon world's rules. But as expected, his power is increasing rapidly and I can see, there is a trace of His Highness' bitter emotions remaining in him, "said Tania.

Sarael was silent for a moment as his thoughts drifted on to the battle a thousand years ago. A bitter battle where he tried to save his childhood friend, Erebus, Lord Damon's younger brother. Erebus was the most important friend in Sarael's life and he had a bad past due to humans' treatment of him. That was what caused Erebus to take the wrong path which ultimately cost his life.

"It's better. I don't want his descendant to have the same fate as him. Maybe that's why Erebus sealed his descendants' power. So they can live happily unlike him."

Tania realized the sadness on her husband's face and held his hand gently.

"Please don't blame yourself."

A breath escaped Sarael's mouth as he tried to swallow the bitter taste in his heart. He turned to the demon hunter who was still sitting, leaning against the wall unconsciously near them.

"Shall we bring this useless maggo ---" But then he pressed his lips since he saw Tania's displeased face upon his rude words. He cleared his throat.

"I mean, this demon hunter to the hospital" he corrected his words.

A smile appeared on Tania's face since even though Sarael's arrogance did not change after they had been married for a thousand years, he always tried to be polite in front of her. Then she answered with a nod.-

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