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The Incubus System Chapter 191: Tempestechnologies I

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The Incubus System Chapter 191. Tempestechnologies I

Ethan's PoV

We were standing in an alley across from a tall building covered in glasses. A common type of office building at Aeros. A large logo along with the name Tempestechnologies was above the entrance. It was big enough for us to read even though there was a large parking lot in front of it with two automatic gates guarded by two securities.

Our eyes peeked at the two securities that stood there. Their eyes looked in all directions, occasionally they yawned and chatted. I could also see two CCTVs near the gates as well as a demon detector. My gaze turned to Emma.

"As long as I can take you to the CCTV room you can handle it, right" I made sure. By this time, I was back in my incubus form and as usual, my cap covered my head.

"Yes. You can count on me for it," replied Emma. She was wearing a pair of gloves to cover her fingerprints. While mine and Yuffy's shouldn't be registered.

"Okay." I returned my gaze to the front. As the wind blew hard, I stretched out my hand and focused myself on the cap over the one of the securities' head.


[A cap is in your control. ]

Then with a snap of my finger, the cap fell to the ground. The security looked confused and tried to take it. But again, I moved my finger to make it as if the cap was blown off by the wind to lure him towards me. The security started following his cap with an annoyed face as some indistinct babble started to come out of his mouth. As he was near the alley, I cancelled my Telekinesis and walked out of the alley casually.

"Oops!" I stopped my steps in front of him and pretended to be surprised since he ducked down to take his cap.

"You have to be careful, sir. I almost ran into you." I couldn't possibly lure the security into the alley, since he would probably leave the cap and go back to the post. Everyone knew the demons sometimes gather in the alley at night.

He stood up, his hand brushed off the dirt from the cap.

"Sorry for ---"

As our eyes met, I used my manipulation skill.


A second later, his eyes looked empty.

[Manipulation skill succeeded.]

"Can you call your friend over here, sir" I said.

He nodded his head in reply, turned his head and called out to his friend. His friend looked annoyed, but he still approached the security. And just like before, I used my manipulation skill on him.

[Manipulation skill succeeded.]

Seeing that I had manipulated them, Emma and Yuffy came out of the alley and joined us.

"Take us to the CCTV room," I said. And they nodded in reply.

We walked towards the gate following the two securities. But before we got into the CCTVs' surveillance, I snapped my fingers at it.

'Hell Thunder.'

[Hell Thunder's power is limited to 20%.]

Thin dark lightning shot out of my fingertip and struck the CCTVs.

[You have struck a CCTV for 23 damage.]

[You have struck a CCTV for 25 damage.]

A small puff of smoke emitted from them proved that the device was broken as we continued to walk into the building area. As expected, since Yuffy was one of the elite soldiers, the Demon Detector couldn't detect her. This was one of our advantages, since without the Demon Detector reaction so even if they realized there were intruders in this building, they would not think that the intruders were demons.

Our feet walked down a grey hallway lit only by dim lights.

"How many of your friends there" I asked. Once in a while, I snapped my fingers to shoot the CCTV with my Hell Thunder in case we couldn't avoid it. But if we could, we chose to avoid it since they would get suspicious if there were too many damaged CCTVs. As I asked, Yuffy and Emma who had walked following me swept their gaze around in caution.

"There are 4 more people, sir. Two are on guard monitoring the monitors and two are sleeping waiting for their shift." Occasionally, their transceivers called out to them. But it was different from before, since my manipulation skill level got higher, they weren't affected by it.

We stopped at a grey door with the sign 'CCTV Room'. But rather than going in, we opened the door as quietly as possible. As the security said, the two other securities chatted in confusion as their eyes stared at the screen with several blank images in front of them. A Demon Detector was also there. One of them tried to contact his friends with his transceiver, but there was no answer. Since I had asked them to it turn off before we got to this room.

"Let me handle them," whispered Yuffy.

I nodded.

From the door gap, she stretched out her hand that was glowing dimly. In just seconds, the two securities sat on their chairs and fell asleep like logs.

We entered the room. Without wasting time, I went to the monitors to look for the suspicious building's parts or could serve as clues to our investigation. As my eyes moved quickly in full concentration, my gaze was occasionally shifted to the large map on the wall to find out the room's position and the path I had to take.

Meanwhile, Emma approached the computer near me and her fingers began to dance on the keyboard. And Yuffy went into a room connected to the CCTV room and used her Sleep Spell on the two securities who were sleeping there to made sure they didn't wake up.

"Have you got it" asked Emma, as she turned to me.

"Got it," I said.

- Tak!

She pressed enter and turned to me.

"I've been setting up the previous record to repeat itself. But we only have 30 minutes."

"C'mon." We immediately stepped our feet quickly to get out of there including the two securities since we needed their IDs to open the doors and activate the elevator. 30 minutes was such a short time considering we have to search this 20 story building.

My adrenaline was racing, as my steps were getting faster through the quiet luxurious office lobby. Quickly, we stepped into the elevator and the security swiped his card to an electronic device there.

"15th floor," I said. It was Myra's office, the most suspicious place since we should have been able to find some information there. The security pressed the button and the elevator doors closed.

As the elevator went up, Yuffy raised her hand. This time her palm glowed in green. A spell came out of her mouth.

"Hear these words, hear my cry. Spirit from the other side, come to me. I summon thee, cross now the great divide."

A second later, a thick fog enveloped us and dozens of transparent hands emerged from it. Emma moved closer to me and hugged my arm in fear since it was no different from the horror movie's scene. While me, rather than fear I looked at it in amazement since there was a strangely familiar feeling there.

Soon the owners of those transparent hands appeared, showing flat faces, transparent bodies and they filled our elevator. They were standing together with us, floating in the air while I could only see somebody parts from around us since their bodies were inside the wall. I was not sure how many of them there were, but I caught at least more than 10 of those transparent creatures that looked 'whole' around me.

I glanced above their heads.

[Name: Specter]

[Level 5]

[HP: 158/158]

I realized those creatures had no DP and based on Yuffy's skill, I guessed that was because they weren't real living beings. But I decided not to say anything since that would scare Emma even more.

"There's no need to be afraid, Emma. They are my minions." Yuffy tried to calm her down since it was not a normal sight for humans.

Emma nodded her head and tried to calm herself down.

Then Yuffy waved her hand as she shifted her gaze forward.

"Go! Find all the objects that have magic power flow inside it in this building and report it to me!" she ordered.

The specters soared through the walls around us like birds chased out of the garden.

"Are you sure they can find it and report it to you" asked Emma. Since they had no eyes, noses or mouths, it made her wonder how they did it.

"Don't worry. Even though they are blind, they can feel the magic power around them. For the report, they will give it through telepathy to me," explained Yuffy. Previously, Emma had explained that usually, a magic technology company's lab had a different flow of magic power which worked for 24 hours. So Yuffy used them to search for Myra's secret lab or something like that.

"Then what about Demon Detectors Can they get through it" asked Emma worriedly. I understood her worry since if they alarmed it, the Demon Detector would send the message to the Demon Hunter Association regarding our presence.

"It's fine, Emma. You don't have to worry. They can get through it," I reassured her. I knew Emma thought the specters were demons but they were actually spirits manipulated by Yuffy with her Necromancy skill. That's why I didn't dare say anything to Emma.

* Tring! *

As the elevator door opened, we walked quickly to Myra's office room.-

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