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The Incubus System Chapter 192: Tempestechnologies II

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The Incubus System Chapter 192. Tempestechnologies II

Our feet moved quickly through the rooms and neatly arranged desks. Around us, the specters flew around, going through desks, chairs and walls without making any sound. Occasionally, Emma swept her gaze in caution and stopped her steps when one of them passed in front of us or rather went through our bodies.

We arrived in front of the meeting room, next to Myra's room.

"Open the door," I ordered. We couldn't go into Myra's room, because I was sure the securities didn't have the key.

The security swiped his card followed by a beep.

* Beep *

The door opened and the security turned on the lights as we entered into a large meeting room dominated by warm wood colours with a long black table with neatly lined up chairs. A large TV was attached to one side of the wall with a large whiteboard with a projector hanging on the other side.

'Demonic Form Activated.'

My wings appeared on my back as I continued to walk towards the window.

[You have activated your Demonic Form.]

[Fly has been activated.]

[All skills effectiveness 30%.]

"Open the window," I ordered again. The securities rushed past me, unlocked the window in front of us and opened it. The strong night wind combed our faces and hair since we were at a high place.

I looked through the window to make sure no one was around the building.

"Close the window after we leave and wait for us in the lobby," I instructed the securities.

After they answered me, without hesitation, I jumped out of the window and flapped my wings towards the next room. I used my Telekinesis skill to open the window's lock from within and opened it wide. Then I turned my gaze to Yuffy and Emma who were watching me from the previous window.


[Two people are in your control.]

I moved my hand to move them out of the window and floated into Myra's room. I had to do this as fast as I could, since I didn't want to get caught by other people. After all, my appearance was an unusual one even for a demon. Yuffy's expression didn't change since she seemed used to it. While Emma looked tense since this was the first time she 'flew' without me.

Once they made it in, I followed them into the room. My feet stepped into a large room with the same warm-coloured walls as the meeting room. A large brown desk with one large chair behind it and two guest chairs in front of it caught our attention.

Yuffy and I quickly checked the documents on the desk. Our eyes move side to side, checking them to see if they could provide us with useful information or not. While Emma was looking through the computer. Like the previous room, Yuffy specters also flew around through walls, trying to find hidden places or secret storages in the room.

Not satisfied with the pile of documents on the desk, I used my Telekinesis skill to unlock the drawers. Then I pulled my hand to open it with my Telekinesis. Several piles of documents inside it. Since it was too much, I used my Telekinesis skill again and made the sheet of paper float in the air neatly around me. Seeing this, Yuffy returned the documents in her hands and came over to me.

"Let me examine this section," she said as she stood behind me. Our eyes skimmed the title and some parts of the document randomly to check it quickly since our time was getting thinner. Meanwhile, Emma had managed to unlock Myra's computer password and search for the information there.

Minutes passed, but our search was fruitless.

"I found nothing," said Emma in tense as she shut down the computer.

"Neither are we," I said. I moved my hand to put the documents back into the drawers and locked them with my Telekinesis again.

Meanwhile, Yuffy was silent and closed her eyes. But a second later, she opened her eyes.

"They found something in the lab," she said.

Without saying anything else, Yuffy closed the window and locked it. While I stretched out my hand and opened my portal to the lobby.

"Let's go." Even though Yuffy didn't find anything strange there, I was actually planning to check out that place. We moved our feet quickly through the portal and back to the front of the elevator. The securities that were standing and waiting for us.

As before, we got into the elevator and the security swiped his card to the electronic device.

"5th floor," I said.

As the elevator went up, Yuffy closed her eyes and concentrated her mind. I was guessing she was trying to communicate with her specters.

"What did they say" I asked impatiently. Actually, there was one more suspicious room, the IT room. But since this was a secret project, I was not sure Myra would have any data or information in that room since her employees could have reported her to the government or police.

"Nothing." Finally, Yuffy opened her eyes and answered me.

"They found nothing but the lab. No secret labs, no secret rooms, no secret storages, no weird devices. Nothing."

"Whatever the outcome, we just have to do our best," I said. After all, this was just my wild guess.

The elevator door opened, we walked through the dim corridor to a large door with the sign 'Warning! Restricted Area '.

As before, the security swiped his card and opened the door. We entered a pure white room filled with dim blue light emanating from the huge tubes containing the magic energy. A device that resembled a half gauntlet half bracelet was in the middle of it. I recognized it, it was Myra's device that was used to imitate the Holy Chain and the Mana Strike. On the other side of that room, were desks with computer monitors, devices used to monitor and regulate that place's magic power and ensure it remained stable. These were important devices because once the flow of that magic power went chaotic, it would explode.

We quickly split up, racing against time to check if there were any objects or devices related to Myra's slavery plans. Like something similar to the medieval Magic Collar or maybe their documents or research results. But after we searched for a while and we couldn't find anything, we finally decided to check the magic device.

Although we wanted to check it from the start, that was the last thing we wanted to check since the magic power covered the device, if we made a mistake then an explosion could occur at any time. And judging by the magic power in those tubes, it should be enough to destroy this whole building.

"How do we check it" I asked. My eyes and Yuffy looked at the device. I could faintly feel the magic power's flow from there, just like Pearl's Demon Shield. What distinguished it, was that the device's magic power was much greater and a little unstable. Now I understood why it exploded a few years ago. Besides, unlike the Demon Hunter, I didn't feel any Holy element from there.

"We can check it out with this," said Emma, who had just come beside me. Her hand was holding the 'magic item appraisal' she had just found in the room. Like when her father checked Pearl's Bracelet, Emma brought the device closer to that Bracelet and we could see the flow of blue magic energy inside of it.

But only briefly, she shook her head.

"It can't be used to capture demons or enslave anyone. The magic power flow is too wild and unstable, it's a weapon."

Just as those words left Emma's mouth, Yuffy spoke.

"Damian, we have to get out now. It's almost thirty minutes!"

"Tsk." I clicked my tongue in annoyance. Either because my guess was wrong or our investigation results were in vain. Then I turned to the securities who were waiting for us.

"Forget about this incident, lock this place and return to your post," I ordered.

"Yes, sir," they said. And they did what I told them.

While Emma returned the 'magic item appraisal' to its place and Yuffy cancelled her Necromancy skill.

I stretched out my hand and opened my portal skill to the earlier alley as my eyes glanced at the CCTVs around us and could see the red light had blinked, indicating the devices would turn on soon.

As soon as my portal opened, we quickly ran into it without saying anything.-

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