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The Incubus System Chapter 193: Damian Lucio

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The Incubus System Chapter 193. Damian Lucio

As soon as we came out of my portal, we were already in the alley across the building. While I had deactivated my Demonic Form and returned to my incubus form.

[The portal has closed! ]

We gasped and tried to catch our breath. Since even though our stamina wasn't drained that much, what we did required a high concentration. Our time was very limited and we had to examine documents that were more than the final semester students theses.

I walked to the end of the alley and peeked at the gates. As soon as I saw the securities returned to their post, I cancelled my manipulation skill.

Both of them looked confused for a while and swept their eyes around them. But since they found nothing they decided to be on guard in silence.

I turned to Emma and Yuffy.

"Did you find or suspect anything"

They shook their heads.

"Nothing," replied Yuffy.

I sighed either out of disappointment that I couldn't find any evidence or relieved that at least Camila and Olivia weren't in danger. But this still intrigued me since Ian said that Myra and Miguel needed Nightbough. corp to make the device. Even though the device was not finished yet, at least the plan and cost estimation should be done.

"I think we should go home now. We'll continue this tomorrow night," I said. It was past midnight now, so I decided to continue it tomorrow.


"Do I need to take you back to Ledred" I asked Yuffy. While Emma walked to my side.

"It's fine. I can go home by myself," she refused politely.

"You have to be careful on your way home, Yuffy," said Emma.

Which Yuffy answered with a nod and a smile.

"Thanks for helping me, Yuffy. Good night," I said.

"Good night, Damian, Emma," she replied.

After that answer, I reached out my hand to open my portal to Emma's room and we walked to enter it.


Yuffy's PoV

Her eyes were staring at Damian and Emma who had disappeared into a dark portal not far from her. She took a deep breath and exhaled to hold back her pounding heart. A cute smile on her lips and her cheeks blushed.

"Finally I can meet you, Your Highness," she muttered.

- Cring ~

Just as those words had left her mouth, faintly, her ears caught a small bell's sound, indicating she had a visitor. The smile on Yuffy's face changed to a smirk since she knew who the guest was.

"He's gone, Luna," said Yuffy.

While a female figure jumped deftly from the top of the building on the side of the alley and landed elegantly like a trained cat. A woman of the same age as Yuffy with neck-length brown hair was standing near her with a pout. A simple mini dress covering her body with a cute choker on her neck. A pair of cat ears were on her head and a ribbon with a small bell at the end of her tail. Rather than a slightly fierce face like her mother, Kitty. Her face looked innocent like her father, Andrew.

"It's not fair!" whined Luna in annoyance.

"How could you have met him before me" she continued in the same tone.

Yuffy turned to Luna.

"I accidentally met him when I was looking for my mom," she replied.

"Uuuhhhh-uhhh ..." whined Luna with a pout. But Yuffy could understand it. She and Luna had been waiting for Damian since Lilieth became pregnant a few years ago. They and the other two demons were the elite soldiers that Lord Damon prepared to help and serve Damian after he was born. Lord Damon prepared this because he could feel that even though his son had a demon lord's power, he was an Incubus, not a death demon like him. That's why Lord Damon prepared several servants to serve him later, but unfortunately, Damian died before he was born.

At that time, not only Lord Damon, Lilieth and their parents, but both of them were also frustrated by this. Unfortunately, like the others, they could only swallow the bitterness and fight for the dark dimension's stability. Those bitter memories were still vivid in their heads when Tania exerted all her power to heal Lilieth and Sarael used his Necromancy to restore Damian's body that had turned to ashes, while Kitty and Andrew killed all the remaining demon lords' army mercilessly. And Lord Damon…. He killed all those demon lords as if he had gone insane. In fact, he no longer thought about the consequences. Even though in the end Damian still could not be saved, since Lord Damon was so desperate, he sealed the only thing that was left of his son ... His dark power's remnants. Lord Damon and Lilieth hoped that one day that small power would develop and Damian could come back to life, though they knew ... Even if one day Damian could regenerate his body, he would not have any personality or character. Damian would only be able to stay still like a broken puppet and only move based on his lust as an Incubus. In that state, the demon lord's position would not be suitable to him.

Despite the bitter circumstances, Lilieth still insisted on maintaining Damian at least until she was ready to get pregnant again, though she didn't know when, since she and Lord Damon had been weakened. But then, something unexpected came ... When Lilieth was fighting against the Imps army outside the Ironshade Town a year ago, she met a mysterious demon hunter. That demon hunter could fight without using his magic power unlike the other demon hunters, but fight using his strength, fists and kicks. Lilieth could feel traces of a strange power within him, a nostalgic power, but she could not remember where she had felt it. Unfortunately, before she could ask or do anything, the demon hunter died.

And after Lilieth forgot about the incident and considered it as a coincidence, she met Ethan. When Lilieth had given up and thought Ethan was going to die, she could feel Damian's remaining power reacting to Ethan, but ... rather than realizing that Ethan and the demon hunter had the same power, Lilieth realized the strange power in Ethan's body was similar to Lord Damon's, no, not Lord Damon's but his younger brother, Erebus since she also felt a faint angelic power within him, unfortunately, it was so weak as if there was something that sealed him and made him only be able to live like an ordinary human. At that instant, Lilieth realized that Ethan was Erebus' descendant. His legitimacy to the Demon Kingdom's throne was unquestionable. That's why Lilieth decided to give her son's remaining power to him and make him her son, an Incubus named Damian Lucio, to save him, which eventually strengthened Ethan's alter ego. And it worked ... But since that power also awakened the Nephilim's power within Ethan, it gave him a dual appearance. Ethan and Damian.

Since Lilieth was afraid that Ethan would end up the same as Erebus, she decided to give him a system that worked as a seal as well to help Ethan control his new powers and she would release them little by little until he was ready to replace Lord Damon. Lilieth also did this to protect him since she had to keep Ethan a secret from the other demon lords.

"Take it easy. Seeing His Highness' progress, I'm sure that you will meet him soon." Finally, Yuffy opened her voice.

"Really" asked Luna in disbelief.

"I'm not kidding. Her Highness has opened his first access," replied Yuffy.

A smile developed on Luna's lips.

"Then it's only a matter of time."

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