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The Incubus System Chapter 195: Bad Dream of The Past

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The Incubus System Chapter 195. Bad Dream of The Past

The faint sound of a huge thud came along with the excruciating pain stabbing me.

'Hurt ...' I thought. I tried to open my eyes, but I couldn't or rather I could only see the darkness which made me not sure whether I had opened my eyes or not.

Then the pain was getting worse, even worse than when the rat demons ate me alive. I tried to get my voice out, but I couldn't. I even couldn't open my mouth.

'Stop it ... Please stop ... It hurts ...' I screamed internally.

As the pain bit into my body, faintly, I could hear a woman's frustrated screams calling out my name. But she didn't call me Ethan but she called me Damian. Her voice sounded heartbreaking and sad. I could feel tremendous sadness from it.

'Mom ...' I thought. I knew it was not my mother's voice, but my instincts and my thoughts made me think of that.

I tried to move my hand and raise it, hoping that someone or something could help me get out of this pain, but I couldn't as if I didn't have it or rather I couldn't move it. No, not only my hands but my whole body, I couldn't move my body at all. The pain was getting worse, my body was burning even though no fire burned me.

'Mom ... It hurts ... Help me ... It hurts ...' I cried. Unfortunately, the pain did not decrease and it continued to bite my body until I finally lost consciousness.


I opened my eyes with panting breaths. My room ceiling's view entered my sight.

"Mom!" A scream escaped my mouth subconsciously. My hand lifted up in reflex as if I wanted to reach for something even though I didn't know what it was. A drop of my tear flowed from the corner of my eye onto my bed sheet. Sweat ran down my body and I was trembling violently. A feeling of nausea filled my stomach, my heart was beating fast. I lowered my hand and caught my breath to calm myself. My eyes were still fixed on the ceiling of my room.

"What's that" I muttered. I knew it was just a dream, but it felt real to me, at least the pain. But strangely, I couldn't remember what I dreamed earlier, all I could remember was the pain and unpleasant feeling that filled my heart, even my drowsiness disappeared in an instant.

I pulled myself up and sat on the bed, my eyes fixed on my trembling hands. This was the first time I had a bad nightmare like this. It was even worse than when I just lost my father. Moreover, I didn't understand why I called my mom. Did I miss her

After taking a deep breath, I tried to remember my dream one more time, but all I remembered was the pain stabbing my body as if the pain had killed me.

'Am I too tired' I thought. I was guessing this was because of my conversation with Tania since I remembered I felt the same emotion before.

My gaze shifted to the clock.

3:49 AM

It was too early to wake up, but I was not sure I could sleep again since that bad feeling still covered my heart, so I decided to take a glass of water to calm myself down.

Turning to the side, I lowered my feet and got up from the bed. My feet stepped out towards the door. I decided to check on Celia and Foxy before heading to the kitchen. Previously, I fell asleep shortly after laying down on the bed, even though I wanted to check on them or at least let them know I had come home.

I opened the door slowly and peeked into Celia's room silently since I realized that the room light was off, which meant Celia was sleeping. My eyes fell on Celia who was fast asleep on the bed, her hands hugged Foxy who was sleeping beside her comfortably. There was guilt in me since I came home without telling them anything. After looking at them for a few seconds, without a sound, I closed the door as silently as I could. Then I turned around and walked down the stairs to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

- Tuk.

The sound of the glass I put on the kitchen counter filled the lonely room as I took a few breaths to get rid of the remaining uneasiness in me. But since that didn't work, I decided to turn my attention to something else. I remembered I was planning to check out Miguel's house for some clues and wanted to send Foxy with my portal there, but since she fell asleep I decided to go there myself. After all, with my current manipulation skill level, I should be able to do this well.

As I walked back to the room, I connected myself with Ian. I wanted to ask Miguel's office's location first before I went there.

[You are connected to Ian.]

'Ian, can you hear me'

'Yes, Mr Damian. What can I do for you ' he replied.

'How's your wound' I remembered I asked him to have his wound checked by the doctor.

'I'm fine, Mr Damian. The doctor said it was just a minor wound. He already treated me and gave me some medicine and asked me to take a rest for a few days. '

I sighed in relief.

'Thank goodness. Can you tell me where Mr Miguel's office is' I said without further ado. I knew Ian was sleeping when I connected myself to him, so I decided to cut this conversation to the point.

'On the second floor, east of the Creststream mansion, Mr Damian. It's the third room after the big white staircase, 'he explained.

'Thank you. Take a rest, see you tonight, Ian. Good night. '

'Good night, Mr Damian.'

[You have disconnected with Ian.]

I took my cellphone to open a message from Emma, confirming where Olivia's home address was, wore my shoes, cap and a pair of gloves since I would probably check a few things before reaching out my hand to the front. I imagined the dining room where I saw Miguel pulling Camila's hair this morning.


[Set your destination.]

'Creststream Family Mansion, Sprept District, Lightglen City.'

[The destination has been set.]

A portal that resembled a small black hole opened in front of me.

[The portal has opened! ]

And I stepped my feet into it. Before I came out, I pulled my head out first and swept my gaze around me to confirm my surroundings before I got out of there.

[The portal has closed! ]

Cautiously, I walked in that luxury dining room that was lit only by the dim lights like a thief. My eyes looked around me, making sure there wasn't a single servant or CCTV around me as I tried to figure out where the white staircase Ian was referring to. As I entered the family room or hall to be precise since the room was at least five times bigger than my living room, I could see a white staircase.

Since I found what I was looking for, I strode my feet faster but still silently. After going upstairs, I could see several large rooms next to each other and quickly I found what I was looking for. I was pretty sure about that room since it was the only room monitored by the CCTV.

As usual, before I got into the CCTVs' surveillance, I snapped my fingers at it.

'Hell Thunder.'

[Hell Thunder's power is limited to 20%.]

Thin dark lightning shot out of my fingertip and struck the CCTV.

[You have struck a CCTV for 23 damage.]

After the small puff of smoke came out from there, I went over to the door and pressed the door knob but it was locked. Without wasting time, I used my Telekinesis to open it.

- Clek.

As soon as the lock opened, I slipped into the room and locked it again since the securities would come to check the damaged CCTV. As long as they find this room locked, it shouldn't be a problem and I was sure Miguel didn't give them the key.

I turned my body to the big room. Antique and old books filled the bookshelves and were neatly lined up there. A large desk with one comfortable seat indicated that Miguel never let anyone in but himself. But rather than all of that, my gaze fixed on a large painting on one side of the room. It was a classic painting of a beautiful purple-haired woman with a princess crown adorning her head. Her seductive eyes and lips, her cheeks that were slightly flushed, made as if that woman was seducing everyone who looked at her. Although it was clear she was wearing a medieval-style dress, it was slightly open and showed her breasts' curves clearly.

Despite her slightly different appearance, I could recognize the woman in that painting.


Note : The painting pic is in my Discord channel-

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