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The Incubus System 2 Chapter 2. Welcome to Incubus System

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Chapter 2. Welcome to Incubus System

They approached me slowly with an evil smile on their lips, their eyes turning red. I immediately got up from my seat instinctively when I realized what was happening. They are not humans but demons!

My face turned pale, I could hear my heart pounding in fear in my ears, my body trembled violently, my feet stepped back slowly. I swept my gaze around me trying to find a way out but nothing. There is no gap between them.

-Kkraakk --- Kkraakk --- Kkraakk

The bone-cracking sound came from their bodies. Slowly, their head shape's change, coarse black hairs cover their faces and bodies. Their red eyes enlarge, their mouths widen, their teeth extend like wild animals. Their 'human' faces turn into rats. No--Not just like rats but they are the real rat demons!

My legs felt weak when I saw their true form. I fell on the floor and crawled backwards until my back hit the wall. Fear is clearly visible on my face. I wanted to scream but my voice couldn't come out of my mouth, while my eyes remained fixed on them.

They grinned at my scared face and then they invaded me.

"AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH !!!" I screamed with all my might as they planted their sharp teeth all over my body. Penetrate my skin, flesh and bones. The blood that came out of my wound soaked my clothes, extreme pain struck me. They pulled their bites, tore my skin and flesh. Blood flowed from my mouth, my chest was in extreme pain.


My whole body hurts ...

They planted their teeth again and ate me alive like a pack of hungry wolves that ate their prey. I can hear the sound of my life pounding on my ears. It was increasingly difficult to breathe.


One of the rat demons was thrown against the wall. The other rat demon released their bites from me and turned their gaze towards their attackers. Suddenly something flew quickly towards them and pierced their bodies. Their painful screams filled the room, piercing my ears. Is the demon hunter Does that mean I will be safe

I vaguely saw their bodies turn into ashes and disappear like smoke in the wind. The attacker's form is now clearly seen, snakes--Numerous vicious snakes.

An innocent-faced man in a neat suit walked over to me. I glanced at his hand and just realized the snake was actually the tentacles that came from his hand.

He watched me for a few moments and waved his hand which had changed like a normal human in front of me.

"Lilieth, this human is still alive," he said.

A beautiful woman, with purple hair in a tight outfit with a matching colour with her hair, appeared from behind him and checked my condition. I could see her reddish eyes clearly.

"Do I need to call Tania to heal him" he asked.

"Tania and Kitty are too far away from here. Once they arrive, this boy is dead," she replied.

Are they going to leave and let me die No... I don't want to die. There are still many things that I haven't done. Please, help me.

I tried to move my mouth with my remaining strength.

"H ... e ... l ... p... me ..." my voice was barely audible and every time I tried to let out my voice, my chest was like being stabbed by a knife.

I could see a smile slowly developing on her lips.

"Today is your lucky day, boy." Then she brought her lips closer and kissed me. Her soft lips touched my bloody lips and her tongue moved slowly exploring inside my mouth. There was a strange power flowing from her kiss. That power spread, filling every cavity in me, shaking my body violently and ... making my whole body ache even more. I want to scream but I don't have the energy anymore.

She broke her kiss and distanced her face away from me, her hand gently stroking my cheek.

"Whatever happens, don't give up on your life, boy."

I could only look at her while trying to maintain my last breath.

She stood and turned around, her hand swinging into the empty space. A portal formed and she walked towards it. The tentacle man looked briefly at me.

"Is it okay to leave him like that without explaining anything to him" he asked as he followed her.

"You don't need to worry about it. I have added a system. He will understand it really quick," she replied. Then they both disappeared from my sight.

I'm still lying helplessly, covered in blood without being able to move my body at all, resignedly waiting for death to pick me up. They just left me without calling for help, without calling an ambulance.

I will die ... I will surely die ...

My consciousness began to fade, my vision blurred, my breathing weakened.

One second...

Two seconds ...

Three seconds ...

My sight turned dark, my eyes closed, my breathing stopped.

[Fusion is on progress.]

[Body repairing 78.6%]


[Body repairing 92.8%]

'What is that '

[Body repairing completed.]

[Incubus System installed.]

[Synchronize in 3 ... 2 ... 1]

I gasped as I opened my eyes. I took a quick breath as if I had just woken up from a nightmare, except that I was sure I wasn't dreaming. I tried to move my hand and my hand moved easily as if it had never been hurt at all. I felt my whole body to examine the other wounds but nothing. All my wounds healed. I even did not feel pain at all.

I stood up and looked around me, the room was a mess due to the battle earlier but there were no demon bodies, all of them had turned into dust. I looked down and realized I was standing in the middle of my own pool of blood. I laughed awkwardly at what just happened to me. I was just attacked by demons and I'm alive Weren't I dying How can I recover in a second

Whatever it is, what's important is that I'm alive and I have to get out of here right away. I don't know what danger is still waiting for me here.

I took my CV back from the desk and stuffed it in my bag. Then I approached a jacket hanging next to the mirror near me to cover my torn and bloodied shirt, but my steps stopped when I saw my reflection in the mirror.

I approached the mirror with disbelief. I squeezed my cheek and patted it to make sure that I wasn't dreaming or hallucinating, my eyes remained on my reflection in the mirror. My hair is dark blue and believes me-- I'm not making it up, my handsome face beat any supermodel and actor I have seen. Shifting down, I could see eight packs with lean muscles visible from my torn shirt. I have a muscular body but not over, but it made me look much more manly than my usual self. Besides that I also became taller, I realized it from my end of trousers that were hanging above my ankles.

"What exactly happened" I murmured.

I saved my confusion, I had to leave as soon as possible. I grabbed the jacket and wore it as my feet immediately stepped out of the room but suddenly a strange announcement reappeared before my eyes.

[Welcome to Incubus System.]-

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