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The Incubus System Chapter 201: Strange Skill

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The Incubus System Chapter 201. Strange Skill

"Brother, what are you talking about" said Celia in a stammering voice. Her face flushed in embarrassment and she released her embrace in reflex.

"I mean ---" I paused since I was a little bit confused to explain it so I decided to explain my skills.

"Celia, do you remember you are one of my partners"

"Yes, I remember," she said with the same blushing face.

"I have a skill that can provide protection for my partners. But they have to give their loyalty to me. This is the same skill that male demons use to make a woman their wife to prevent other demons from hurting her. The demons' attacks are getting worse, so I want to use this skill to protect you, "I explained. Her Love Meter was more than enough and she already knew my identity, so I decided to take her in my Demon's rule.

"So ... It isn't a real marriage" Her disappointment was evident from her voice.

"It's a real marriage, Celia. But for the demon," I said.

"Will that turn me into a demon too" Celia asked doubtfully.

"No. You will still be human."

"Will it hurt" she asked again in the same doubt.

I sighed.

"Trust me, it won't hurt you." I could understand her fear since the stigma demon was an evil creature still stuck in her head.

"Okay," she said.

"Okay," I repeated as I retreated and held out my hand to her.

'Demon's Rule'

Like yesterday, my eyes glinted in red. But unlike Emma, Celia looked much more afraid but she stayed in her position.

"Don't be afraid. Believe me, I won't hurt you."

[Demon's Rule initiated. ]

Then I could see an announcement appear before her.

[Do you want to give your loyalty to Damian Lucio]

[Yes / No]

She was surprised. But before she said anything, I spoke again.

"Choose with your thoughts," I said.

I could see her hesitation as her eyes were on the announcement. I could understand, our relationship was already complicated with our status as siblings alone. My transformation certainly exacerbated our complicated relationship. After a while, the screen disappeared and was replaced by an announcement in front of me.

[Demon's Rule is in progress ...]

A smile appeared on my lips as my eyes looked at her gently.

"Thank you ..."

And she replied to me with another smile.

"You are my brother after all ..."

The dark aura beneath our feet grew thicker as an announcement appeared in front of me.

[Installing Demon's Rule 67.8%]

[Installing Demon's Rule 98.9%]

[Kiss your partner to seal the contract]

I brought my lips to her and kissed her. As my tongue entered her mouth, I could feel my Demonic Power pouring into her. But different from Emma, I could feel different Magic Power from within her body. Strangely, even though Celia was only level 1. Her Magic Power was so strange yet familiar, it was like there were two powers rotating in her body. Those powers were supposed to collide with each other yet they helped each other out in harmony. And my Demonic Power strengthened one of them. Then I could feel her feelings for me. How she loved me, how tense she was and her heart that was beating fast.

We broke our kiss and another announcement appeared in front of me.

[Demon's Rule has been successfully done.]

[Congratulations! Now, Celia Strongheart is completely yours! ]

[Celia Strongheart's strength has increased by 60%]

[Celia Strongheart just unlocks a new skill!]

[Shadow Needle (Requires 2 MP) - Calls forth 5 needles made from shadow element Magic Power to strike at a single target. Each needle will inflict 50% INT points.]

'What !' I couldn't hide my confusion from my face. I remembered when I used my Demon's Rule skill on Emma, her strength only increased by 30%. Moreover, she did not get any new skill. But why was it different from Celia.

"Do you feel anything different" I asked Celia who was staring at her hands in confusion. My worries were clear from my voice.

"Brother, I feel --- strange." Her gaze swept around her in the same confusion.

"I feel ... My sight is sharper and my energy increases. Besides ..." She returned her gaze in front of her.

"What is this strange announcement"

"Did the announcement say about a skill called Shadow Needle" I guessed since I couldn't see it. But I guessed, I couldn't see it, since it had nothing to do with my skills.

"Yes. But, what is it" she looked at me in confusion.

My heart pounded in panic as the worst guess crossed my head.

'I didn't turn her into a demon, right' Without answering her, I used my observation skill.

[Observation skill succeeded.]

[Name: Celia Strongheart] [Age: 18]

[Level 1] [Race: Human]

[HP: 60/60] [MP: 20/20]

[Skills: Cooking lv 5, Shadow Needle lv 1]

[Emotion: Confused]

[Love meter: 6/10]

[Condition: Normal]

[Weakness: Chest, Neck, Head]

[Talent: Reflex (Increased chance to dodge or parry incoming melee attack), Incubus' protection]

[Relationship: Incubus' loyal partner]

[Profession: Student]

I let out a sigh of relief. Even though I realized her HP and MP had doubled, at least her race was still human.

"Brother, can you explain it to me" Her voice startled me.

"Do you remember the demon hunter's Mana Strike"

She nodded her head.

"It's similar to that skill. The difference is your 'Mana Strike' is in the shape of needles. You can protect yourself with it." I drew that conclusion from her skill description and tried to explain it as simply as possible.

Celia's eyes widened in excitement.

"So I can fight the demons now"

"Yes, but it's only for defence and low-level demons." She didn't have any observation skill or Demon Compass. She couldn't measure how strong her opponent was.

"Do you want to try it" I asked. I was quite curious about this.

"How" she asked again.

I retreated about two meters from her.

"Point your hand at me and state that skill in your mind."

She did what I told her. Five black needles appeared and floated in front of her.

"Brother!" she shouted in shock as the needles launched at me.

Meanwhile, I used my Telekinesis skill.

'Telekinesis.' Without moving a muscle, in an instant, all of Celia's black needles stopped in the mid-air.

[5 Shadow Needles are in your control. ]

My eyes stared at the needle that resembled the tiny size of my Demonic Spike.

'Is my power also able to give this kind of skill to my partner' But what made me confused was why there wasn't any change in Emma other than her strength.

'Do my skills have a different effect on different people' It was the only guess that crossed my head, but since I just used this skill on Emma and Celia, I thought I concluded this too quickly. Besides, Emma was a demon hunter who had Holy element Magic Power, maybe she didn't get it because of it.

"B-Brother, what should I do How do I cancel it" she said in a panic.

"You just have to state it in your mind as before," I said.

"O-Okay." She concentrated for a moment before those black needles disappeared and turned into a dark aura.

[Celia Strongheart has cancelled her Shadow Needle.]

She breathed a sigh of relief.

"Just remember. You shouldn't use this skill carelessly. Moreover, in front of your friends," I reminded her.

"I understand," she replied.

"Um ... Master, Celia, I don't want to interrupt you. But are you sure you still have plenty of time for that" Foxy's voice coming from the dining table interrupted us and made us turn to the clock.

8:13 AM

"Ahhhh !!!! I'll be late!" screamed Celia in panic.

Note: Ethan doesn't realize it yet since Emma has Holy Element Magic power. So he thinks his Demonic Power and Emma's Magic Power collide each other and makes Emma doesn't get any skill from his Demon's Rule.

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