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The Incubus System Chapter 202: Why Did You Do This

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The Incubus System Chapter 202. Why Did You Do This...

My eyes stared at my portal which was getting smaller before it disappeared in front of me.

[Celia Strongheart and Foxy have arrived at their destination]

[The portal has closed! ]

Like before, after we finished our breakfast, I ordered Foxy to follow Celia. Although Celia objected at first, she finally agreed after I told Foxy would be bored if she stayed at home all day. Whereas I couldn't take her with me since I would execute my plan today. Apart from that, I also told Celia that I would be home late tonight.

My hands moved to clean up the table and took the dishes to the sink as I connected myself to Foxy.

[You are connected to Foxy.]

'How is it' I asked.

'Everything is going well, Master. No one caught us,'she replied. As always, she was using her hiding skill.

'Good, please take good care of Celia,' I said.


After that, I ended our conversation.

[You have disconnected with Foxy.]

I washed the dishes, cleaned the table and went to take a shower. After wearing my clothes, since I still had a lot of time, I decided to check my system especially about my Demon's Rule skill, I also searched for more information and news about Myra, Miguel, Tempestechnologies and Nightbough. corp via the internet. But since I didn't get any meaningful information except cheap gossip, I finally decided to study for next week's exams.

The clock ticking sound filled my room as I sat with my back against my bed's headboard. Occasionally my hand swung to my side to turn a thick book that floated in front of me with my Telekinesis skill. Of course, before that, I had closed my window curtain to prevent Ruby and Mrs Clea from catching me using this ability.

After I finished, I stretched out my hand and my book floated into it. Then I glanced at the clock near me.

10.17 AM

My class started at noon and ended at 03.00 PM today, so I still had plenty of time. But I decided to leave for College early to hang out with Emma and Olivia since their class was earlier than mine. I got up from my bed, stuffed my books into my bag and walked down the stairs to put on my shoes. As I just put my bag on the sofa, the doorbell's sound came.

* Ting Tong *

I let out a tired sigh. Celia and I hardly ever bought things online, so I was sure it was not the delivery man. And our relative hardly ever visited here. After all, my father was an only child and most of my relatives were from my mother's side. So I guessed it was the person who had been bothering me since yesterday. Ruby. Reluctantly, I walked towards the door and opened it.

"Yes" I said in a nonchalant tone.

But apparently, my guess was wrong, it was the postman.

"Morning, sir. You got an important mail from Aeros Gold Bank." His hand passed an envelope to me.

"Thank you, sir." I took it from his hand with a confused face and closed the door. I read the name on the envelope in curiosity since I didn't have an account at that bank, neither did my late father and Celia. My brows creased when I realized the letter was addressed to my mother.

Feeling weird since my mom has left us for quite a while, I opened it. As I read it, my eyes widened and my anger peaked. My blood boiled in anger and disappointment. It was a vacate letter from the bank. They asked Celia and me to vacate the house because the house was confiscated since my mother couldn't pay her loan after using the house certificate as collateral. And we only had one month for that. My heart skipped a beat as I ran to my father's room. I opened the door and immediately opened the drawer with the key that my father had hidden under his pile of clothes. Even though I knew where the certificate was, I never touched it or examined it after my father's death. Moreover, Celia and I were devastated by his sudden death.

I unlocked my father's small safe box and opened it. My hand took all the important papers there and checked them one by one, but I could not find the house certificate, which indicated that the vacate letter was genuine. I guessed my mother took it after my father's funeral since she picked up some of her belongings that were left behind in this room before she disappeared. After all, the only ones who knew the keys were me, my father, mother and Celia.

I leaned my back against the wall beside me. My body felt weak and my strength disappeared instantly.

"Mom ... Why did you do this to us ..." I muttered in disappointment and sadness. She already got my father's compensation money, now she made this house certificate as collateral and made me and Celia had to leave this house. But of course, I wouldn't give up just like that.

After a long sigh to calm my anger, I put the papers into the safe and read the vacate letter again.

'I have to go to the bank to take care of this tomorrow,' I thought. The association's compensation money should be more than enough to redeem the house certificate. It was just that I wouldn't stop there, I planned to search for information about my mother's whereabouts from them. Then I remembered something. My feet moved quickly down the stairs and I took my laptop from my bag. I opened it, quickly connected to Wi-Fi and looked for information about Aeros Gold Bank.

"Got it," I said with a grin. As I expected, Aeros Gold Bank was Nightbough. corp's subsidiary company. So I could ask for Camila's help for this, but of course, I would talk about it after I took care of Miguel and Myra. Besides, I still had a month. That should be more than enough.

I turned off my laptop and put it along with the letter in my bag. I decided to take it and show it to Tiffany if I met her later since I wanted to get as much information as possible from her. Besides, I didn't want Celia to find out about this, at least until I could take care of this since I was sure this would make her depressed, especially since she just found out my real identity.

* Ting Tong *

The doorbell's sound came once more when I closed my bag.

"Who else this time" I walked towards the door and opened it.

"Good morning, Ethan," said Ruby politely. Her hesitation was clear in her voice. Different from yesterday, she wore a regular dress instead of her maid costume which was covered with a coat. Besides that, it was different from her usual attitude, this time she looked more polite and far ---- less naughty. Looks like yesterday's incident gave her a big blow.

"Good morning, Ruby. Is there anything I can help you with" I said in an indifferent tone.

"Uh ..." She looked hesitant to say it.

"Can you speak more clearly" I demanded bluntly. I was in a bad mood now, so I was not interested in playing stupid games like yesterday. My mind was full about the crack problem and my fruitless investigation's results, also my emotions were still unstable because of the vacate letter.

"Uh ... I want to go to work. Shall we go together" Her hesitation was still clear.

"No, thanks. I still want to take care of a few things at home," I refused without further ado. Besides, I wanted to go to my college with my portal skill.

Her disappointment was clear on her face and she lowered her head.

"Is there anything else you need" I decided to end our conversation.

She didn't answer me. I knew she was sad because I turned her down, but I needed my space to calm myself.

"Since you ---" I was just about to end it, but she spoke again.

"I'm sorry..."

I was stunned, not only because of her words but also because as soon as she lifted her head, I could see her teary eyes and regretful face.

"I know what I did yesterday was wrong, but I never thought you would be this angry at me ... Please don't hate me ..." she continued in a gloomy tone.

'Does she really regret it' Since I doubted her, I decided to use my observation skill to check her emotions and from it, I could conclude that she was really sorry about it.

"I've forgiven you. Just don't repeat it again. I've got a lot of work lately, so I don't have time to fool around," I gave her a little explanation.

"I understand. I know you're busy but today is my last day at Mrs Clea's house. Besides, the Nighthallow Station's incident was terrifying, so I thought ..." she took a glance at me. I knew she hoped that I could accompany her for one last time either because of her feelings or because she wanted to protect me from the demons since one of her emotional statuses was 'worried'.

"Fine. But this is the last time and I can only accompany you to the station. Are you fine with it" Finally, I gave her a chance. But of course, if she still wanted to play with me and tried to follow me to college, I wouldn't hesitate to get on the wrong train and escape with my portal skill, leaving her to play hide and seek alone.

"The last time" she muttered in objection. After a tired breath left her mouth, she spoke again.

"I understand," she replied in a slightly gloomy tone. It seemed like she had realized her mistake.

"Wait a second." I took my bag and put on my shoes.

"Are you okay to leave your work behind I can wait if you haven't finished it," she said worriedly.

"It's fine. I'll continue it at my college." I locked the door.

"Let's go." And we walked out of my yard.-

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