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The Incubus System Chapter 207: Cant Say No to S*x

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The Incubus System Chapter 207. Can't Say No to S*x

After Elenna left the room, we sat down in our seats.

"Are you okay" asked Emma worriedly to Olivia. While I also looked at her with the same gaze.

"I'm fine," said Olivia in a gloomy tone.

I held Olivia's hand, trying to calm her down.

"Please ignore her, Olivia. I believe she didn't say it on purpose."

"Ethan is right. Don't think too much about it, okay" Emma tried to cheer her up. Like me, her hand was also holding Olivia's other hand.

Olivia turned at Emma and me alternately. A grateful smile began to appear on her lips.

"I know. It's just ... I did not expect her to mention my dad. But, I will ignore her, she does not know anything about me. So she has no right to talk like that," she said again.

"The important thing is, you have to be careful with your dad and his affair. Do not get involved in anything with them," I decided to give my warning, especially after what I found out. And of course, what I meant was the demon slavery plan. Who knew both of them would involve Olivia one day. Unfortunately, I couldn't tell Olivia bluntly.

After hearing my words, Olivia's face turned grim again.

"Did I say something wrong" I asked.

Olivia shook her head from side to side.

"Nothing. I was just thinking about something else."

"Is there anything I can do about that" I asked. I guessed this had something to do with her conversation with Myra yesterday.

"It's personal, Ethan. I can't tell you about it." Then Olivia turned to Emma.

"You too Emma. Sorry."

"It's fine. But if you need someone, you have to tell me, okay"


* Ding *

A message ringtone came from my cellphone.

"Wait a second." I released my hand and took my cellphone to check it. It was a message from Diamond.

Diamond: Can you come to my office now I have a long meeting this afternoon.

I replied to her message.

Me: Wait for me.

I returned my cellphone to my bag.

"I have to go now," I said. My class started in half an hour and I was sure Diamond knew that too. But since she asked me to come, her schedule must have been very busy today.

"Did something happen" asked Emma in worry. Looks like she thought there was a demon attack around here.

"Miss Diamond called me to her office," I said.

After hearing my words, Emma's expression turned calmer.

"Oh, okay." Then she turned to Olivia.

"Then how about we grab our lunch"

Olivia simply nodded.

"Okay." But her gloomy face had not changed.

I grabbed my bag and took my coffee before I gave a pat on Olivia's shoulder.

"See ya later."

After Olivia and Emma answered me with a nod, I walked to the exit. I sipped my coffee as I moved my legs to the office. As I was almost there, I finished my coffee and threw my cup in a nearby trash can. But then my steps stopped after I saw a Python coming out of her office. Swiftly, I hid myself behind the wall and peeked at the Python who was slithering away to the opposite direction from my position. My eyes glanced at the status above him.

[Name: Jonathan Silvertail]

[Level 22]

[HP: 591/591]

[MP: 115/115]

'That royal guard again. Did he go to Diamond to ask about Mia ' I thought. It reminded me of Mia who was at Pearl's place. Immediately, I took out Damian's cellphone and texted Pearl to warn her about Jonathan.

After I made sure that Python had gone away and returned my cellphone to my bag, I walked towards Diamond's office.

* Knock * * Knock * * Knock *

After a few taps on the door, I opened it and entered her office. Like yesterday the CCTVs in the room were off. While Diamond, who was sitting behind her desk quickly put down her cellphone, took off her glasses and her hair tie. A seductive smile on her lips. Looks like she just did the same thing as me, warning Pearl about that Python.

My hand locked the door and I walked over to her with a smirk.

"Is it that urgent My class will start in half an hour," I reminded her.

Diamond leaned forward and placed her elbows on the desk, her hands crossed over her chin.

"It is." Then she ended it with licking her lips in temptation.

I responded with a seductive smirk.

"Then ---" My words stopped as my hand placed my bag on the chair in front of her desk, my eyes fixed on the small chip-like object that stuck under the desk.

"What's wrong" said Diamond since she realized my expression changed.

I put my index finger to my lips, asking her to be quiet before I took that spy bug transmitter and showed it to her.

Seeing the device, she quickly shook her head from side to side in panic. Her mouth moved silently 'It's not mine.' Which meant that the device most likely belonged to that royal guard. And I could guess he did it to make sure Mia didn't come to Diamond.

'What happened Why is Mia avoiding her own Kingdom's royal guard '

I put that bug on the desk and pointed to the vase on the small table not far from Diamond.

She caught what I meant and nodded. Her hand took the vase and gave it to me. In one hit, I smashed that bug device into pieces. Even though I could use my Hell Thunder skill to destroy it, it would look unnatural for her so I decided to destroy it in the human's way.

"How dare him!" she hissed in anger.

But I answered by pressing my index finger to my lips, asking her to be quiet once again. I ducked down and checked under the desk, making sure there weren't any more bugs in there.

"What does he want from you" I said as I stood up.

"He is my acquaintance's bodyguard. He said he lost contact with her a week ago and was trying to find her. But who knows he dared to do this tricky thing to me." Her annoyance was clear from her voice.

"Is that all he told you I mean, if he did this, there should be something urgent, right"

"That's all he told me. I'm not that close to her and he also didn't want to give me any other reason than that," she said.

"Fine." After that word, I fell silent as my mind deep in thought automatically. Tania's explanation regarding the Holy and Dark power that could only be obtained from Angel and Demon flashed through my mind. Judging from the royal guard's skills, it was clear the Serpent Rock Kingdom had something to do with the angels or at least with the association. But since this had something to do with her Kingdom, I was not sure Mia could tell me. Even though I was her lover, as a crown princess, she had to protect her Kingdom's reputation.

"Ethan ..." Diamond's voice dissolved my thoughts and made me turn to her.


"Are you not in the mood to do it today I mean --- we can do it at another time if you don't want to," she said doubtfully. Then she pointed the clock with her gaze.

"Besides, we don't have much time."

I turned to the clock.

11.36 AM

Then I returned my gaze to her and gave her a smirk.

"We're going to do a quickie today." An incubus like me couldn't possibly say no to sex. Of course, except in certain circumstances such as when Mia was in the rat demon's manipulation skill.

Without saying anything else, I approached the sofa. My hands moved to take off my sweater and t-shirt, showing some red marks on my skin from last night's game. My index finger pointed to her and moved repeatedly towards me, asking her to come to me.

Without hesitation, she came to me with the same smirk as me.-

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