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The Incubus System Chapter 208: Office Quickie (18 )

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The Incubus System Chapter 208. Office Quickie

As her feet stepped closer to me, her hands took off her clothes one by one and dropped them on the floor, exposing her naked body to me.

"Those marks. Are they from your other women" she asked as she pointed what she meant with her gaze.

I extended my hand to her.

"Yes, are you jealous"

"Why should I be jealous Besides, in our agreement, I didn't mention that you only belong to me." Her hand took mine.

"Why do you let me have another woman" I said curiously.

Her footsteps stopped in front of me and her eyes shifted to the huge painting of her and Pearl hanging behind her desk.

"Because I have a dream ... To share you with my sister." She returned her gaze to me.

"Unfortunately she already has another man," she said with a shrug.

I guessed that was the main reason why in both of their agreements, it didn't say that I could only sleep with them.

A mischievous smirk on her lips as she placed her hand on my cheek.

"Shall we start it" Then without further ado, she dropped herself into my arms and made our lips meet each other. Without hesitation, we kissed wildly. Our tongues rolled up and sucked each other, hard. At the same time, my hand explored her body, touching her sensitive part, playing with her breast and the other slipped into her entrance. Meanwhile, her hands opened my jeans and slipped in to wake my sleeping cock up.

"Mphh ..." We let out a muffled moan as soon as the touch landed on our sensitive parts. Her hand pulled my cock from its cage and rubbed it. But only briefly, as it started to harden she grabbed it and shook it.

While I pinched the tip of her breast and twisted it, occasionally I rubbed the end with my thumb. And I did it alternately with her other breast. My two fingers from my other hand plunged into her pussy. And as if welcoming my touch, her warm inner wall was getting wet with just that little bit of foreplay.

"Nghh!" she jolted and moaned as my fingers massaged her inner wall.

As our desire grew higher and our bodies grew hotter, in one smooth movement, I threw ourselves onto the sofa and broke my kiss.

"Open your leg wider," I demanded.

She bent one of her legs upwards due to my request.

"Good girl," I complimented her as I lowered my body a bit. With our positions facing each other and lying on our sides, I could place my face in front of her breasts easily. Without wasting time, my mouth swallowed up her breast like a hungry beast, filled my mouth with her soft mound, planting my teeth into it. My tongue was playing with her hardened tip. My other hand embraced her and squeezed her other breast. And as before, my finger rubbed her other tip.

Unlike my other hand's gentle movements, my fingers that were inside her pussy moved even wilder. I even inserted my third finger into it, stimulating her inner wall with every move and making all my fingers covered with her liquid. My waist moved back and forth, rubbing my hard cock against her thigh.

Her hands hugged my head tightly, her head was tilted upwards with her eyes closed. With all her sensitive spots getting delight stimulation from me, her body jolted in pleasure.

"Ohh --- Ah - Ah --- Yess - Oh yess ... More --- ah-hah-ah --- Ethan --- Give me more." Her ragged breath was clear from her every word. I could guess I got her sweet spot. Her hand grabbed my hair out of excitement and her waist moved to insert my fingers deeper. She also opened her legs wider to give me better access. Her liquid flooded her pussy, ran down to her thigh and covered my palm as if it was begging me to insert something bigger.

I decided to do this since I had to prepare her in our limited time.

- Plop!

A plopping sound came from my mouth as I released her breast after I had satisfied sucking and playing with it. Likewise with my fingers in her pussy.

"I'm going in," I said. Instead of changing our position, I pulled my body upwards and put my foot on top of hers. My hand grabbed my hard cock and gave it a few shakes in front of her pussy, rubbing it onto her entrance, using her liquid as a lubricant. Then I pushed it in one rough movement.

"Nghh!" I groaned which ended with a hiss from my mouth. The pleasure from the lower part of my body shot to the top of my head. I couldn't deny it, I really liked it. The pleasure was undeniably incredible.

At the same time, she scratched my back and left red marks there.

"Ohhh ..." She moaned. But of course, it didn't stop there, I wanted more pleasure even in this short time play. I moved my waist as I used my skill.

'Demonic Erection lv 1'

[Demonic Erection has been activated.]

"Ohhh --- Yess!" she moaned loudly and tilted her head backwards as my enlarged cock rubbed against her inner wall roughly. Even though the sofa was too small for both of us, every time I pulled my cock, it was followed by a rough push, making sure her pussy swallowed all my cock. I couldn't use my Demonic Erection's last level since my time was narrow. If I left her alone in an unconscious state and someone found her before she woke up, then our scandal would be exposed. So I intended to give her pleasure from my movement.

Her gaze fell down, trying to take a glance from our wild activity below. Her waist moved in rhythm with me.

"Ahh - ahhh --- I really --Ahh-hah-ah --- like your d*ck. I really really like you d*ck," she said in a lustful voice and flushed face. Her body shivered in pleasure. Sweat ran down her body.

"I know," I said with a smirk.

She turned her gaze to me and looked at me with a pleading look.

"Ohh --- Ah --- Ah --- I want you to ** me forever, Ethan ..."

"Forever," she repeated in an emphatic tone.

I chuckled. I knew she didn't literally mean it.

"I don't think you can handle me," I said as I gave another rough push.

"Oh ~" she moaned in the same lustful voice.

Only briefly, her inner wall continued to twitch, indicating she was almost at her climax.

"I --- ah - hah - hah --- I'm coming," she said.

I accelerated my pace, my waist moved wildly.

"Oh --- Ohhh -- Ohhh ..." She moaned loudly as our hot liquids mixed together in hers. Our body jolted after we reached our climax.


[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[You have gained EXP! ]

[Congratulations! You have raised your partner's Love meter.]

[Diamond Seabloom - Hybrid-beast (20)]

[Love Meter 6/10 - You are all I ever need.]

I pulled my cock and kissed her once again as my eyes glanced at the clock, just to make sure I still had time.

11:53 AM

I released my kiss and she hugged me tightly. Her head on my chest.

"I have to go now, I don't have much time left," I reminded her. To be honest, I didn't like rushed things like this but I had no other choice.

She glanced at the clock and let out a deep breath.

"You're right," she said in disappointment and released her hug from me.

I grabbed her chin and moved it to face me.

"Don't make that face. We can meet again tomorrow," I cheered her up.

"I will make sure to spare more time for us," she said in the same disappointed tone as if she didn't want me to leave her this soon.

"Good," I said with a smile and I ended it with a kiss on her forehead.

We got up and put on our clothes.

"Diamond, how about the students" I asked as my hands moved to wear my clothes.

"I haven't received any other email from them," she said. Just like me she also wore her clothes.

"Just tell me if there are any other progress." Then I approached her and put my hand on her cheek.

"Also, be careful with that Python," I warned her with a serious look. It was still a mystery to me, but since Mia tried to avoid him, I was sure there was something wrong with him or the Kingdom of Serpent Rock.

"I understand," she replied to me with a serious look.-

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