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The Incubus System Chapter 212: The Chaotic Dinner I

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The Incubus System Chapter 212. The Chaotic Dinner I

Larry's triumphant laughter accompanied by a tap on my shoulder broke the silence between us.

"Oh, c'mon, dude! Stop staring at my girlfriend. I know she's beautiful. I know you envy me, but you should stop doing that." His chuckle sounded clear between his words.

My gaze turned to Larry without changing my expression. I really wanted to scream in front of his annoying face.

'Seriously! Do you that desperate want to die That girl beside you is my crazy stalker! She's insane enough to steal my underwear last night! Yeah! MY FRICKING UNDERWEAR! She also tried to take a photo of my d*ck and almost followed me to the college. Do you think a normal girl would do that Ha! Of course not! You know-- this morning, I was just starting to make her realize that what she was doing was wrong. Do you think it's easy Pfffttt ---- F*ck no! You don't know how I kept checking at her information box as I talked to her just to make sure she didn't want to follow me again! And now, you introduce her as your girlfriend. Great! 100% great! You are a genius, Larry! You will surpass your father!' Unfortunately, even with that scream in my head, I couldn't say a word since Larry's mother was there.

"Ethan, is something wrong" said Mrs Susan in confusion.

I got up from my chair and pulled the corners of my lips with my face muscles, forcing myself to smile as best as I could. Which in the end, could only put a weird awkward smile on my lips.

"Nothing, I'm just a little surprised since Ruby is my neighbour's sister-in-law. We just met this morning," I said as calmly as possible. Then I shifted my gaze to Ruby.

"I just didn't know she's----" I paused a moment when I realized Ruby was looking at me with a pleading look as if she was trying to say 'Please don't believe him, Ethan. I'm not his girlfriend. Believe me, I'm really not his girlfriend. My heart is only for you. '

"--- Larry's girlfriend," I continued. I knew that, but I couldn't reveal everything in front of Larry's mother. I was sure Ruby couldn't say anything for the same reason. Even if she told me how I saved her at the cafe and how she gave me the sweater, it didn't mean we had a special relationship. But seriously, if he was that desperate he should cancel this dinner and tell his mother that we had an exam next week as an excuse. I was sure his mom wouldn't mind since she was quite worried about Larry's grade. Besides, from so many women around him and demon hunters, why did he have to ask Ruby to pretend to be his girlfriend Well, I knew it was just his bad luck, still ... He asked for it.

Upon hearing my words, Ruby lowered her head in a gloomy face. I could catch her eyes glancing at Larry in anger and her hands clenched into fists, ready to punch Larry's face. It was just she couldn't do it since we were in public and as a demon hunter, she shouldn't make a fuss in this kind of place. But ... I could predict that Larry's fate wouldn't be different from Bern and Franz.

"Oh, so you guys already know each other. That's great!" said Larry happily. A lot of guys liked Ruby so I was sure he assumed I already knew how 'lucky' he was.

"Where's your girlfriend" asked Larry. His eyes swept around me.

And Mrs Susan answered him.

"What are you talking about Can't you see that beautiful elf by his side She's his girlfriend," she said with a frown. Her chin pointed at Emma.

Larry's jaw dropped. His brows furrowed. Confusion mixed with shock was evident on his face.

"Her" His index finger pointed at Emma.

Emma got up from her seat and forced herself to smile just like me since she also knew about Ruby.

"We haven't told you yet since we intended to surprise you." Her eyes glanced at Ruby, who had already raised her head and looked at Emma in shock and disappointment. Her eyes looked teary like a broken heart woman. Feeling guilty, Emma returned her gaze to Larry.

"But who knows you gave us another surprise." Trace of her annoyance was clear from the tone of her voice. She could show it to Larry since the three of them were demon hunters. While I couldn't say a word and could only smile awkwardly even though I knew how chaotic it was.

Larry pressed his lips and pouted since he understood what Emma meant. But after he thought for a while, he frowned.

"Wait a second ... You guys just got closer lately, why are you ---" He paused as if he just realized something. Then turned his gaze to me.

"Ohhhh ---- I get it!" he said with an annoying grin.

"Larry, we really are dating," I confirmed. I could tell from his gaze that he thought Emma only pretended to be my girlfriend out of pity since Olivia turned me down.

Larry raised his hand elegantly and gave me a pitiful gaze as if I was the most tragic creature in this world.

"It's okay, buddy. I get it. Don't say another word. It's okay, I understand."

I looked at him in annoyance. He was like a fool who didn't know there was a great danger waiting for him and he not only dug his own grave but also put his own gravestone and all I needed to do was kick him into the hole. The problem was even though I didn't want to do it, he asked for it.

Then he turned to Ruby and smiled gently like a boy at his real girlfriend.

"Let's take a seat, sweetie." And Ruby responded to him with a murderous gaze.

* Cough *

I covered my almost bursting laughter by pretending to cough and turned my head in another direction as soon as he called Ruby with that sweet nickname. I couldn't imagine what happened to him later.

Having no other choice, Ruby followed Larry's request without taking her eyes off me. Her expression was kinda weird. It was like the mixture of a volcano that was ready to spit out its hot lava and destroy everything around it. But also like a full dam that could crack at any time and drown the surroundings. Emma and I also took our seats as I swallowed the rest of my laughter.

As before, Mrs Susan called the waiter to ask for a menu list for Larry and Ruby. A waiter approached us and gave the list to them.

"I have no appetite, ma'am. I think I will pass," said Ruby without glancing at the menu list that was placed between her and Larry. Her eyes were looking at me and Emma in jealousy.

'Shit! Larry has opened the Pandora Box! ' I thought. I could guess she said that because she wanted to end her torture sooner.

Unfortunately, Larry's mother didn't let it slide and wanted to make sure our 'Double date' went perfectly.

"You should try at least one dish. Believe me, their food is so-- good," she tried to tempt Ruby.

"I'm sorry. I really don't have an appetite," Ruby refused once again.

"Oh, c'mon ..." said Mrs Susan in disappointment, hoping Ruby would change her mind.

"It's okay, mom." Larry turned to Ruby and gave her another gentle look.

"My sweetheart wants to share a plate with me. She said it would be more romantic. She's just too shy to say it."

Hearing his words, Ruby's eyes widened. I believed it was just Larry's bluff.

"I'm not ---"

But Mrs Susan interrupted her.

"Oh my goodness! That's a good idea! It reminds me of my first date with your dad," she said in excitement.

Meanwhile, I shifted my head in another direction and pretended to cough one more time and tried to hold back my laughter desperately. Likewise with Emma.

'Damn! Forget about what I thought earlier. I don't have to kick him into his grave, he's already jumping in there voluntarily. ' My tears began to appear in the corners of my eyes.

"One Seafood Curry Spaghetti and two lemon tea please," Larry said. And the waiter immediately wrote it down on his note.

"Are you okay" said Mrs Susan anxiously. Her eyes looked at me and Emma.

I cleared my throat before returning my gaze to the front.

"We're fine, ma'am." Then Emma and I exchanged glances and our gazes said the same thing.

'Yep, he **ed up.'-

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