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The Incubus System Chapter 213: The Chaotic Dinner ll

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The Incubus System Chapter 213. The Chaotic Dinner ll

"So tell me how you two got together" asked Mrs Susan to me after the waiter left. Her eyes were filled with curiosity since from her appearance, Emma was clearly someone far from my reach. She was beautiful, cute and although she didn't dress up or wear fancy clothes, everyone could tell she came from a wealthy family. And a rare girl like her wanted to be with an average man like me was almost impossible.

We exchanged glances with each other once again as if we were discussing how we could tell her about this since we couldn't tell the truth. But after seeing Emma's beautiful and elegant face ... The face of the first woman who accepted my identity as a demon and became my wife, I wanted to tell her my heart how I could fall in love with her.

"We met at an intersection near the college around a year ago. And I started falling in love with her ever since."

Emma frowned in confusion. Her eyes moved from side to side, trying to remember that incident, but she was unable to remember it.

"Did I ever meet you before our first meeting a week ago" she asked. I knew what she meant when I did my first quest.

I smiled gently. I could already guess she wouldn't remember it since I was in a mess at that time. Besides, I was sure it was an insignificant event for her so I decided to make her remember it.

"It was a rainy evening, I just lost my father for a month and I was too reluctant to go home since my sister was cold to me. I got my dream to study at my dream college yet I lost something more valuable. I walked to the station blankly and did not pay attention to the traffic light. A bus almost hit me, luckily you pulled me. You saved my life. " Not only did she save me physically, but she also saved me mentally. Even though that incident made both of us wet from the rain and berated by the bus driver. Instead of scolding me or blaming me for not being careful, she gave me her umbrella.

'Please be careful. Don't lose sight of what's ahead.' Those were the words she said to me. I knew what she meant was I had to pay attention to my surroundings, but somehow it sounded like advice so that I didn't give up on my fate and focused myself on a better future. After that short meeting, she left in such a hurry, I didn't even have time to thank her. Even though I was quite confused since a rich person like her usually had her own ride, after finding she was a Demon Hunter, I guessed there was a demon attack near there and she was assigned to take care of it. After that, I searched about her to return her umbrella. Unfortunately, after I found our status was too different, my confidence shrank. Finally, I decided to bury my feelings and returned the umbrella to her locker along with a thank you note. For a year, all I could do was look at her from afar since I always thought I wasn't worthy of her. That's why when she didn't believe me and kept attacking me last week, even though I was annoyed and angry, I didn't leave her. I didn't let her die or let the Imp hurt her, because she once saved me. I also did not judge her and swallowed my annoyance, because she also did not judge me before.

"After a year, I decided to confess my feelings to her last week. And I'm glad she accepts me," I simplified my confession since I could not tell the truth. As I turned my gaze forward and saw Ruby staring at us in jealousy, my gentle smile turned into an awkward smile.

'Oh, crap! I forgot Ruby is here, 'I thought. I couldn't deny I was a little carried away by my feelings earlier.

"Your orders, sir," the waiter's voice turned our gaze to him. His hands deftly placed my order, Emma's and our tea.

"Thank you," I said.

After replying to me with a smile, the waiter left.

Though the food's fragrant smell was tickling my nose and stimulating my appetite, we didn't eat it right away and decided to wait for Larry's food.

"What about you, Larry" asked Mrs Susan with the same curiosity, continuing our conversation.

"I can't say it here. It's too embarrassing," said Larry sheepishly.

"Oh, c'mon. You never tell me about your girlfriend. At least tell me a little," said Mrs Susan again.

He smiled shyly once again before he agreed.

"Alright. Well ... My love story is a bit like Ethan's and a little bit cliche but this is a real thing." He cleared his throat.

"I met her at the cafe where she worked. I was waiting for my friend, but suddenly a big, muscular man bothered her, anddd---I couldn't possibly let him do what he wanted. Since I didn't want to attract people's attention, when that guy passed by my side, I kicked his leg. That annoying guy stumbled and passed out. "He sighed tiredly and shook his head from side to side slowly.

"Unfortunately even though I tried to hide it, she realized I was the one who helped her. Since then she fell in love with me. Then ---- what can you expect from me I can't possibly reject a woman as charming and kind as her, right "he said with a shrug without guilt.

I looked at him with a flat expression as his bluff passed my ear and out of my other ear.

'Right ... That's literally how Ruby fell in love with me,' I thought. Even though I was not sure, Ruby could have told him about this. It was just, Ruby hadn't told him that man was me. That's why she was as shocked as me when we met earlier. Now I started to wonder if Larry had 9 lives like a cat, just in case Ruby would perforate him with her Holy Blast. Or maybe I should ask Yuffy or Sarael to revive him with their Necromancy skill if Ruby decided to skin him alive.

My eyes shifted to Ruby. As expected, she was staring at Larry with a murderous gaze as if 'I will f*cking kill you, asshole!' in Caps Lock was written all over her face.

The waiter came back to place Larry's order and left with a friendly smile.

"Shall we eat now" said Larry. His hand took a fork and passed another fork to Ruby. His eyes were fixed on the spaghetti in front of him in excitement. While Ruby took the fork reluctantly since she had to keep pretending in front of Mrs Susan.

I took my chopsticks and put a piece of sushi roll in my mouth. I was not lying, the food was amazing! Now I understood why this cafe was so crowded. Sushi usually had a mild and neutral taste, therefore, it was dipped in soy sauce before eating. But for this sushi, the chef could combine the sweet and sour taste of the lemon honey chicken with the umami and mild flavours of nori and rice. So it was more suitable to be eaten without soy sauce.

"This is so good," I said spontaneously. I definitely had to bring Celia here, I was sure she would be happy to find unique food like this.

"Told ya, this cafe's food is so delicious," said Larry with a proud smile. His hand popped another bite into his mouth. While Ruby only kept looking at me.

"You have a great taste for this, Larry," Emma also complimented him. Clearly, she liked her order too.

"Do you want to try mine" I offered Emma my sushi to distract myself from Ruby's gaze.

"Sure," she said without hesitation.

I clamped a piece of my sushi and fed it to her.

"Hmm ..." A humming sound sounded as she chewed followed by a happy expression on her face, proving she also liked mine.

"You should try mine," said Emma as soon as she finished her bite. She cut her enchilada with the knife and fed it to me with her fork.

The flavourful and spicy rendang flavour, the meat tenderness mixed with the enchilada perfectly.

"Tasty, right" said Emma with a smile. She could already guess from my expression. And I answered her with a nod as my mouth was busy chewing my food.

Noticing the sauce on the side of my lips, Emma took a napkin.

"Stay still," she said. I followed her request and her hand wiped my lips gently.

"Thank you," I said with a smile. But then, Emma and I noticed that the gaze from before us was getting sharper as if someone was throwing a knife between us and telling us to keep our distance. Without looking forward, we already knew who it was. Finally, we decided to cut out our unintentional lovely dovey act that could make Ruby run out of her patience and continued eating silently without looking forward. I remembered a quote that no level of food could save bad service. But Ruby was a whole new level than just bad service since it made Emma and me feel like sitting in hot seats.-

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