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The Incubus System Chapter 215: Three Demon Hunters And A Demon

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The Incubus System Chapter 215. Three Demon Hunters And A Demon

Ten minutes had passed after I parted ways with Emma and the others. In just that short time, the streets that had been filled with people turned empty. Cafes and shops that had been filled with guests quickly closed their iron rolling doors with the guests, waiters and chefs inside it. The situation around us quickly changed after the Demon alarm sounded. It looks like Ruby contacted the association as soon as we parted and had them alert the area. And since they didn't know where the demons' location was and the police hadn't arrived yet, so instead of running away in random directions, according to the procedure, they hid in the nearest building. While some of them ran to the police station.

I stood in one of the buildings and had activated my Demonic Form when my ears caught the police car sirens sound. My cap covered my head. My gaze shifted to the origin of the sound. Meanwhile, my hand was pointing towards the crack in front of me as I used my Dark Energy skill. My sight caught some police cars that had just arrived. They parked crosswise, blocking the street, blocking people from entering the area. Several ambulances were also on stand by to help the victims. Like every demon attack, swiftly, the policemen who burst out of their cars stood at the front lines with their left hands stretched forward. The magic bracelets on their wrists glowed, forming magic shields that covered the area. Well, although I admitted their reaction was pretty fast, unfortunately, the party was almost over for me.

My gaze returned to the second crack that was getting smaller in front of me. Soon the crack closed.

[The crack has closed.]

[You have used up 5 DP. ]

'One more,' I thought as I lowered my hand. I didn't know how many Imps I had killed in that short time. Since with my current strength, I could kill them easily. Moreover, my opponents were only low-level Imps like Shadow Imp, Foul Imp and Chaos Imp. Still, there were three cracks in this area and this was very dangerous. Although they were low-level demons, at least for the current me, the Imps had enough power to destroy this area and kill hundreds of people. But one for sure, from last night's cracks and today's incident, it was clear the disturbance on the border was getting worse. I realized that last week I only found one crack in one incident, starting from last sunday's Cretunt Bridge incident, I found at least two or three cracks in one incident.

My gaze turned to Larry, Emma and Ruby who were fighting against the Shadow Imps on a street not far from our previous cafe, making sure they didn't see me before I moved to the next location. There were more than twenty Imps around them, but they took care of it well. It was a sufficient amount to keep them busy without hurting them. Moreover, Ruby and Larry could use Holy Blast. While Emma could fight using her Mana Strike as a weapon. Even Larry and Ruby were surprised when they saw Emma could do that.

"Aaaaaaaa!" Larry's scream echoed into the sky as Ruby threw him at the two Chaos Imps in front of them. It was the third time she did that. And those dying Imps turned to ashes after Larry crashed into them. It was clear that Ruby used this battle to vent her anger on him. But I knew she didn't mean to kill Larry since she just threw Larry at the dying Imps. So I could say that Ruby used Larry as her ultimate weapon to give the final blow. While Emma kept her distance from them since she didn't want to be dragged into their fight.

Feeling quite safe, I shifted my gaze forward as I moved my feet. I connected myself to Emma. Just like my Master Blessing, I could use telepathy to my partners who were already within my Demon's Rule skill. Even, I could borrow their bodies to see and feel what they see and feel. The difference was, I couldn't take over and control their bodies like I could do to Foxy.

[You have connected to Emma.]

'I'll go to the next crack. 12 o'clock from your current position. Make sure they don't see me, 'I said.

'I understand,' replied Emma.

After those words, I disconnected myself from her.

[You are disconnected with Emma. ]

After that, Emma closed her distance to Ruby and Larry, making sure they didn't see me or distracted them if they wanted to look into my way. Meanwhile, I opened my wings and flew low towards the last crack, blending myself with the buildings around me.

As my targets were below me, I glided down. Some Chaos Imps and Foul Imps turned towards me. The crack was in their midst. My eyes looked at them like an eagle eyeing its prey as I used my skills.

'Demonic Energy. Demonic Claw. '

[Demonic Claw has been activated.]

[Demonic Energy has been activated.]

[STR: 60 108]

[AGI: 50 90]

[Time remaining: 4:58]

This place was the furthest from where Emma and the others, so instead of wasting my DP, I decided to finish them off with my claws.

Swiftly, I swung my claws at their critical points.

[Instant Death!]

[You have hit a Foul Imp for 516 HP. ]

[You have hit a Shadow Imp for 505 HP. ]

[You have hit a Shadow Imp for 501 HP. ]

[Critical hit!]

[You have hit a Foul Imp for 502 HP. ]

[A Foul Imp is in bleeding effect.]

[Its HP will decrease by 1 point per 3 seconds]

[Its Speed will decrease by 80%.]

[You have hit a Foul Imp for 498 HP. ]

[A Foul Imp is in bleeding effect.]

[Its HP will decrease by 1 point per 3 seconds]

[Its Speed will decrease by 80%.]

With my quick movements coupled with my high damage, plus my demonic claw that could give them instant death. Sometimes even if they didn't die directly with my attacks, the bleeding effects took care of the rest. I continued swinging my claws as I turned them to ashes. Occasionally I dodged their attacks. This endless number of Imps made me guess that they were at least one of the top 3 dark dimension's inhabitants since they appeared frequently in the human world.

After I turned the last demon to ashes, I covered the last crack with my Dark Energy. Still, there wasn't a single announcement to signify that my battle had ended. Of course, it was because Emma and the others hadn't finished killing those Imps yet.

'I just need to wait for them,' I thought as I flicked my wings to fly to the rooftop where I left my bag. I planned to watch them from afar even though I was sure they could handle those Imps.

As I flew between the building, suddenly, I could hear an explosion sound from a distance.

- Boom!

Which was followed by Emma's voice in my head.

[You have connected to Emma.]

'Ethan, it's that Imp! The one who nearly killed you last week, 'said Emma. I immediately caught what she meant was the Nefarious Imp.

I clicked my tongue since I thought there was no other Imp around me that was stronger than the Foul Imps.

'How many of them' I said.


'I'm on my way!' Since it was only one, they should be able to defend themselves before I got there.

'Okay,' replied Emma.

[You are disconnected with Emma. ]

Quickly, I flew towards them. I just hoped there weren't any other Nefarious Imp. I was very grateful that I had opened my sweater and left it in my bag earlier. So my clothes were different from when I met them. Even though I had no intention of exposing myself to them, it seemed I couldn't avoid it.-

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