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The Incubus System Chapter 222: Charge

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The Incubus System Chapter 222. Charge

Ethan's PoV

Our car moved fast towards Myra's house which was still in the same district. I sat in the back seat as I explained everything to Pearl who was sitting beside me. Emma sat on the other side of me and her hand moved to clean the eyeshadow on my face with face wipes. Miguel sat in the front seat and Finley drove for us. Ian and Pearl's car followed us.

"That's why I was able to find out everything," I closed my explanation to Pearl. I explained everything to her including what I knew. The difference was, instead of telling Pearl about my identity or that I had used my Manipulation skill on Miguel, I simply said I gave him a drug that made him hallucinate and told me everything. That drug also made him obey me. But the effect was only temporary. I planned to use it on Myra before so both of them could confess their affair in front of the reporters. But who knew Miguel and Myra had prepared a backup plan.

After I looked at Miguel's memories, I found out why Myra had moved out of her old house. The reason was so she could concentrate more on preparing their plan to enslave the demons since Myra's secret lab was in her new house's basement. Besides that, I also found out the reason why Miguel decided to help Myra's plan. My guess that they were inspired by what the Aeros' royal family did in the past was correct, but another strong reason was that Miguel fell in love with Lilieth. Therefore he decided to release Lilieth from Lord Damon. What he didn't know Lilieth or Miguel knew her as Princess Eve had turned into a Succubus, the Queen of the dark dimension to be exact.

Pearl looked at me with a frown.

"That's weird... I've never heard of such a drug before," she said in disbelief.

"It's a rare special drug. If it weren't for this problem, I wouldn't be using it either." Luckily she didn't hold my hand, otherwise, she would've found out I was lying.

"Fine," she said though she was still looking at me in disbelief.

Our car stopped in front of a large mansion and Miguel got out of the car to the intercom, asking security to open the gates for us. Miguel's plan was he took care of me, while Myra took care of Camila and Olivia. They weren't going to meet today so the reporters wouldn't suspect them and it would keep Miguel's reputation clean. Since our sudden arrival didn't go according to their plan, the security wouldn't open the door for us unless Miguel asked for it. Unfortunately, my guess was wrong, Miguel approached the back seat window and Emma pulled down the window for him.

"They said she is busy and she doesn't want to see me," said Miguel.

"She doesn't want to see you Why" I asked. It was too weird because they had the same goal. Even though this was out of their plans, she shouldn't have asked him to leave just like that.

"I don't know. They said she is too busy to see me."

Guessing Myra was taking care of Camila, I decided to break in. But first I had to eliminate all the evidence.

"Take those pebbles for me," I ordered Miguel as I pointed out what I meant on the sidewalk. He did my orders. Since Pearl was with me, I couldn't use my Hell Thunder to destroy the CCTVs.

"Get in," I ordered again after he gave it to me.

Miguel got into the car and put on his seat belt. While I used 5% of my Telekinesis power as my hand moved swiftly to throw two of those pebbles out of the window at the CCTVs in front of the gate, destroying the lens instantly.

[You have hit a CCTV for 15 damage.]

[You have hit a CCTV for 14 damage.]

Then I turned my gaze forward.

"Charge," I ordered in a calm tone without changing my expression.

Hearing my words, Pearl turned to me in shock.

"W-Wait! We're gonna break through the gates" she stammered. While Emma quickly held on to the car roof handle, preparing for the impact.

Before I could answer, Finley answered me.

"Yes, Mr Damian." Without further ado, he shifted the gearstick and stepped on the gas pedal.

"Aaaahhhh!!!!" Pearl screamed and closed her eyes in fear as our car moved quickly towards the gates. Swiftly, I held Pearl's hand to calm her down as I stretched my hand forward.

'Telekinesis 50%!'


An invisible force opened the gates loudly as an announcement appeared in front of me.

[You have hit a gate for 150 damage.]

Our car continued to move through the yard without any impact and other cars followed us.

"Pearl, it's okay," I said.

Pearl opened her eyes and looked around in disbelief.

"How come" she muttered in confusion but I didn't answer her.

We stopped in front of the front door and got out of the car. Swiftly, I threw another pebble as I used my Telekinesis power to destroy another CCTV lens there.

If we were usually greeted by the servants and butler, this time we were greeted by muscular security guards who were ready to beat us up. But they couldn't touch us since we also had bodyguards. As other cars arrived, Ian and the others quickly got out and protected us, as did Pearl's bodyguards.

"Show me the way!" I ordered Miguel. After replying to me with a nod he walked in front of me. While me, Emma and Pearl followed him, passing the people fighting around us nonchalantly.

We walked through the luxurious living room, leaving behind the thud and painful grunts sounds. Several maids were running in fear and hid when we passed them. Our feet continued to walk towards a storage room with shelves filled with boxes. Another door was there with a numeric lock key device on the door handle. Miguel's finger moved quickly pressing the numbers to unlock it. The door opened and we went down to the narrow staircase lit only by the dim lights. Another metal door with a fingerprint lock was in front of it. Miguel put his hand and the door opened. As I expected Miguel would be very useful to me, especially since he knew how to open all these secret doors. A lab with a dim green light entered our view. In just a glance, I quickly realized this lab was not a normal magic tech laboratory. No. Not only from the appearance but also from the heavy atmosphere which was different from other places. Even though it felt like a strong demon's Demonic Power, I could feel there was another magic power mixed in it, making me unsure if it was from a demon or a human.

I also could smell a bit of the demon's stench here, but that smell was very faint as if it was still far from here. I swept my gaze across the large room, trying to find the origin of the smell as well as Camila and Olivia.

"Damian!" Camila's voice made me turn to her. At the same time, Olivia also called, but she didn't call me.


Our eyes widened in shock as soon as we saw both of them sitting with their backs against the wall bound with iron chains and shackles. Their faces looked pale and panicked, including Olivia who usually looked fierce. But to my surprise, they didn't ask for our help but said something else.

"Get out of here!" shouted Olivia in panic.

"Myra is dangerous! Go! Now!" added Camila though she looked scared. But the sound of the metal door closing behind us accompanied their shouts.

- Clang!

Followed by another sound as another iron gate covered the door. Reflexively, we looked back and saw that the metal door behind us was closed to make sure we couldn't escape. And another woman's voice came in front of us.

"Miguel... How dare you betray me," she hissed in anger.

I returned my gaze to the front, a woman with long black hair, blue eyes was already standing beside Olivia and Camila. Her eyes stared at us filled with anger. I quickly used my skill on her.


[Name: Myra Richwing] [Age: 32]

[Level 35] [Race: Human]

[HP: 805/805] [MP: 201/201]

[Skills: Power Boost lv 3 ]

[Emotions: angry]

[Love meter: 9/10 ]

[Condition: Normal.]

[Weakness: Chest, Neck, Head. ]

[Talent: Pain resistance 20%. ]

[Relationship: Another incubus' partner. ]

[Profession: Tempestechnologies' owner, Magic tech device inventor ]

As soon as I saw her relationship status my eyes widened.

'There's another incubus besides me'-

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