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The Incubus System Chapter 224: His True Form

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The Incubus System Chapter 224. His True Form

He replied to me with a mocking laugh.

"Your territory you say A weak human like you" he scoffed.

"This is my territory! Do you think you can stand a chance against me The great Incubus, Zael!" he said with an arrogant smirk. He pointed at Emma and the others.

"And those bitches are mine!" Then he turned to his slave with a nasty grin.

"Am I right, puppy"

"Y-Yes..." the woman answered in a stammering voice.

But that incubus responded by stomping on her head, pressing her face to the ground.

"Didn't I tell you to answer me with a bark!" he said in displeasure.

"Woof..." she said again in fear.

"Good!" he said with a satisfied smile and lifted his foot from her head.

As he blabbered, a quest announcement appeared before me.

[Do you want to accept a daily quest]

[Kill the Incubus and protect your territory.]

[Target: Zael.]

[Reward: Title and EXP.]

[Yes] / [No]

I chose 'yes' without hesitation and used my portal skill. I had to evacuate Emma and the others as quickly as possible since I wasn't sure I could protect them from this many enemies. Even though this would expose my identity, I had no other choice. I also planned to release that poor maid from that incubus bastard.


[Set your destination.]

'Sea Devil Club, Ledred, Nighthallow City.'

[The destination has been set.]

Unfortunately, the portal didn't open and another announcement appeared.

[Skill failed!]

[You can't open the portal inside the Enchant Trap!]

'Shit!' I cursed internally. But since he could use the same skill as the previous Demoness' Maid, it meant this incubus was also on the same level as that demon. And I had to beat him immediately and close that crack since there was a high possibility his King, Queen, demon lord or whatever his leader was, would come. Since this was an intentional crack so they should have predicted this. I guessed that was the reason why he asked Myra to make a bigger crack, because he wanted to bring in his army and make way for his leader. Moreover, Tania had mentioned that several Demon Lords and Demoness already found out about this crack problem.

As usual, I used my skill on the demons in front of me.


[Name: Incubus ]

[Level 45 ]

[Race: Demon ]

[HP: 1362/1362 ]

[DP: 273/273 ]

[Skills: Demonic Whip lv 5, Charm lv 3, Demonic Energy lv 4, Demonic Claw lv 2, Manipulation lv 3, Dark Healing lv 1.]

[Emotion: Confident, excited.]

[Condition: Normal.]

[Weakness: Head, Tail, Chest.]

[Talent: Enchant Trap lv 2 (Disable portal, teleport skills and devil space for demons below his level. The victim will not be able to get out of this trap unless defeating him), Sex Energy Refill (Regenerate DP through sex)]

[Name: Sex Demon ]

[Level 10]

[Race: Demon ]

[HP: 202/202]

[DP: 104/104 ]

[Skills: Demonic Claw lv 3, Charm lv 1.]

[Emotion: Horny, Excited. ]

[Condition: Normal.]

[Weakness: Head, Groin.]

[Talent: Sex Energy Refill. ]

Those sex Demons weren't a problem for me since their level wasn't much different from a Chaos Imp's, but fighting another Incubus above my level with this many horny demons drooling around my partners wasn't a good idea.

'Status.' I decided to distribute all my status points to kill them faster.


[Name: Damian Lucio] [Age: 19]

[Level 33] [Exp: 02.36%]

[Race: Demon-High Incubus] [Title: Protector]

[HP: 650/650] [DP: 396/450]

[STR: 60] [VIT: 65]

[AGI: 50] [LUK: 35]

[INT: 110] [WIS: 45]

[Partners - 7]

[Camila Creststream - Human (35)]

[Mia Ashelis - Hybrid-beast (24)]

[Pearl Seabloom - Hybrid-beast (20)]

[Celia Strongheart - Human (18)]

[Diamond Seabloom - Hybrid-beast (20)]

[Olivia Creststream - Human (18)]

[Emma Lunaspark - Elf (18)]

[Servants - 1]

[Foxy - Fox Demon (118)]

[You have 32 unused stat points.]

'Add LUK by 5 points.'

'Add INT by 27 points.'

[LUK: 35] => [LUK: 40]

[INT: 110] => [INT: 137]

I decided to increase my LUK so I could kill the Sex demons with one critical hit and my INT since I would depend on my magic attack to kill this horde and the Incubus from a distance.

"We must go now!" said Emma in a panic.

Her voice made me glance at my women. They pressed their bodies against the wall, keeping themselves as far away from the crack as possible. Olivia stared at that crack in fear, panic and anxiety since she had just witnessed the demons kill her father. Her hands hugged Camila who was staring at the crack with the same expression. Pearl was beside them, her feet already turned into tentacles, ready to defend themselves with it even though she knew without the sea around her, she couldn't do much against the demons. While Emma stood in front of them, covering them with her body or rather with her Incubus' Protection. Her hand gripped her white lance tightly. From the other faces, I could guess they had realized Emma's identity as a demon hunter.

"I can't use my portal skill. He used the same trap as yesterday's spider demon," I said. Emma looked shocked since she immediately caught what I meant. While the others seemed to guess I was a demon hunter like Emma.

My gaze returned to the Incubus and the sex Demons who marched towards the crack in excitement. I knew I had no other choice but to expose my identity to them, exposing that I was a demon.

"Camila. Olivia. Pearl. Forgive me for hiding this from you, but my feelings are true... I love you all and I will protect you until my last breath." The trace of regret was clear from the tone of my voice.

Olivia frowned at my words since I was Damian now, not Ethan. While Camila and Pearl looked shocked since they thought I would sacrifice myself.

"Damian!" Both of them called my name and just took a step to get closer to me, but Emma stopped them.

"Saying farewell to your bitches, huh" said that incubus in a cocky tone with a triumphant smirk. He slashed his Demonic whip at me. His whip that was shaped like a living black thorny tendril was trying to split my body in half. But I shifted my body to the side to avoid it. That slash landed on the floor near my feet and created a crack there, indicating how strong his attack was.

Without a pause, he released the leash from his other hand and lunged at me, out from the crack. At the same time, he used his Demonic Claw and Demonic Energy, covering his hands in a pair of terrifying black claws and his body in black electricity.

He swung his claw at me. Quickly, I caught it with my hand or rather with my claw since I also activated my Demonic Energy, Demonic Claw and Demonic Form.

[Demonic Claw has been activated.]

[Demonic Energy has been activated.]

[STR: 60 108]

[AGI: 50 90]

[Time remaining: 4:58]

His eyes widened in shock since he didn't expect a human like me to stop his attack in one movement. I looked at him with a smirk as my eyes glinted in red. My horns appeared above my head, my tail appeared behind me and my wings spread wide.

[You have activated your Demonic Form.]

[Fly has been activated.]

[All skills effectiveness 30%.]

"Don't get me wrong. I'm not afraid of you. I'm just afraid they'll hate me if they see my true form," I said coldly. My eyes looked at him sharply, indicating how bad I wanted to rip his body into two.

Camila, Olivia and Pearl were shocked. Their jaws dropped and their body shuddered in horror. They couldn't take their eyes off me… A human who suddenly turned into a demon in front of them. Their feet stepped back since just from my appearance, it was clear I wasn't an ordinary demon.

"You imbecile! Lord Letos has ordered all Incubus to cooperate! Why are you protecting those humans!" he snarled in displeasure. And I could guess Lord Letos was his Demon Lord's name.

"Lord Letos, huh I will gladly tell his name to Lord Damon," I said with an evil smirk.

As I mentioned Lord Damon, that incubus gasped in surprise and swung his other claw in a panic. I released my claw from his and flicked my wings to glide back, dodging his attack. At the same time, I used my skill to push him away.


Realizing my invisible force stormed at him, he moved both of his arms in front of him to protect himself from it.


A loud crash sounded as his body and my Telekinesis clashed. His body bounced back because of the impact, throwing him to the Sex Demons at the front row inside the crack. Quickly, he turned his body in the mid-air and landed on both of his feet and knocked his subordinates down like dominoes. Still, after he landed, he was dragged several meters before finally stopping.

[You have hit a Sex Demon for 89 HP. ]

[You have hit a Sex Demon for 85 HP. ]

[You have hit a Sex Demon for 82 HP. ]

[You have hit a Sex Demon for 80 HP. ]

[You have hit a Sex Demon for 79 HP. ]

Unfortunately, there was no announcement about the Incubus, indicating the attack failed to injure him. He lowered his arms and glared at me angrily.

"So you're the king's dog," he said unhappily.

"His general to be precise," I said with a smirk. At the same time, I used my Telekinesis on Myra's maid who had become his sex slave. Since he could use her as his hostage to threaten me.

[A human is in your control ]

The poor woman's body floated to me. As she approached, I used my Manipulation skill on her, just to make sure she didn't try to do anything stupid to herself or my partners. After that, I lay her down near Emma and the others.

"Emma, help me to stop that device. Cut down the energy flow slowly and stabilize the tubes," I knew this from Myra's memory. Although it sounded easy, it actually was more difficult than that since she had to balance the energy flow at a steady pace, if she was too fast or too slow those tubes would explode.

"Okay," she replied.

After hearing her answer, I lunged at those demons.-

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