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The Incubus System Chapter 225: They Who Fight Together With Me

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The Incubus System Chapter 225. They Who Fight Together With Me

That incubus smirked.

"Stupid." Then he whistled a long, certain tone.

Suddenly, the other sex demons came out of the black forest beside him, like fire ants coming out of their nest. Filled the dark rural road where the Incubus stood, signifying he had prepared everything carefully. I realized that the road was paved with asphalt which indicated the dark dimension had the same civilization like the human world, it made me a little curious considering that Yuffy also had cellphone and headphone like humans.

"Kill him!" he ordered with an evil smirk.

"Graahhhh!" the Sex Demons growled. Their voices echoed into the demon world's dark sky that was only illuminated by the red moon and charged at me fiercely.

I stopped in front of the crack and used my Skill.


In one wave of my hand, my invisible force threw the Sex demons who were at the front crashing into their friends in the back row.

[You have hit a Sex Demon for 89 HP. ] X30*

*He hit 30 of them

Without a pause, I opened both of my hands and used my Demonic Spike. My eyes were focused on my target. My black lances appeared in front of me and launched at their critical points.

[Critical hits!]

[You have shot a Sex Demon for 356 HP. ] X15*

Fifteen Sex Demons instantly turned to ashes. While my other five lances flew to the Incubus.

Swiftly, he swung his hand.

-Ttraakk--- Ttraakkk... Ttraakk

His whip managed to break three of my lances, making the remaining of those lances stick to the ground near his feet and melt the asphalt where it landed.

I moved my hand. My two remaining lances made a U-turn, following my movement and slid to his back. But he quickly turned around and brushed it off with his claws. I admitted with the level above mine and the same Demonic Energy skill as me, his speed and strength were the same as mine. Even my first Telekinesis surprise attack failed to injure him.

He glared at me.

"I will make you pay!" He charged at me following the other Demons.

Meanwhile, instead of using my Demonic Spike skill, I used my Telekinesis skill to attack them or rather I could only use that skill since I had to prevent them from reaching the crack.

I extended both of my hands forward with my palms facing upward as I used my Telekinesis skill, indicating that I used the skill to its fullest potential. My invisible force covered the front row of the Sex Demons' bodies.

[50 Sex Demons are in your control.]

"Ngghhhh!" I gritted my teeth as I raised my hands upwards, using all my strength to lift those demons since it was crazily heavy even for my demonic strength. My sweat started to appear on my forehead and my muscles screamed to stop but I paid no heed to it. Then with one movement, I threw those bunch of demons to his own comrades.

[You have hit a Sex Demon for 81 HP. ] X121*

Without a pause, I used my Telekinesis skill again, pushing them away from the crack entrance like a bulldozer pushing a herd of angry goats.

[You have pushed a Sex Demon for 67 HP.] X151*

I also threw a few of them at the Incubus. Unfortunately with his speed, he was able to dodge them without getting hurt.

Unlike my Demonic Spike, I couldn't use my Telekinesis to attack their critical points. Still, my damage managed to turn some of them into ashes. Unfortunately, even with my strength that was clearly above them, their numbers said otherwise. The red demons kept coming from the forest towards the crack non-stop as if they were endless. It was even worse than when I fought the swamp demons at the Cretunt Bridge. Several other types of demons also started joining them, luckily, they were low-level demons so I could still handle them. But there was one thing that had been bothering me. There was a strange demon shaped like a big eye with a pair of bat wings hovering silently above the horde. I barely noticed him if it weren't for my Vision skill showing his status.

[Name: One Eye Demon]

[Level: 2 ]

[HP: 101 /101]

[DP: 39/39]

Surprisingly even though it was a low-level demon, he had incredible speed since he was able to escape my Telekinesis Skill several times so I decided to ignore it for the time being since those hundreds of red demons in front of me were more dangerous than him.

I panted as I kept pushing and throwing them with my Telekinesis skill. Then suddenly, a black whip that came from the side of the crack attacked me right after I used my Telekinesis. Reflexively, I flicked my wings and glided backwards to dodge. Looks like he took a detour to the side of the crack, my only blind spot, to attack me.

I knew his goal was to keep me away from the crack entrance and he succeeded, but I wouldn't let things go his way. As I dodged, I used my Demonic Spike and launched my black lances at him. He was startled by my sudden attack and slashed his whip to brush it off as well as swung his claw. But since we were less than two meters apart, he couldn't brush off all of it.

[You have shot an Incubus for 92 HP. ] X7

Unfortunately, none of them landed on his critical points.

"F*ck you!" he roared in anger mixed with pain. The hissing sound came out from the dark aura that covered his body, healing his wounds slowly as he used his Dark Healing skill. His eyes glared at me and he charged at me in anger.

"Emma, they're coming out of the crack! Prepare yourself!" I warned her since my battlefield would be moving into this laboratory soon. Without waiting for her answer, I lunged at that incubus.

Previously, I had glanced to check on my women and saw Emma and Camila busy in front of the main device. Olivia was in front of the tubes, her eyes were moved side to side, looking at the monitors in front of them. Occasionally, she shouted the numbers there. And Pearl, her tentacles were busy moving on the keyboard on Myra's desk, her gaze shifted from one screen to another with a serious face. I knew stopping this device wouldn't be easy, because with this enormous energy, a small mistake could blow up this place along with half of this city!

'Demonic Spike! Telekinesis!' My black lances appeared around me as I swung my hand, trying to send that incubus and the red demons behind him back into the crack with my Telekinesis. But as my invisible force almost hit him, he jumped out to dodge. Finally, that force only could throw the red demons back into the crack.

[You have hit a Sex Demon for 81 HP. ] X51*

Without a pause, I moved my hand at the Incubus who was trying to find an opportunity to attack me, controlling my black lances to attack him from all directions. But my black lances could only scratch his body and he could heal it easily with his Dark Healing. I had also tried catching him with my Telekinesis skill like I did with the Demoness' Maid before, unfortunately, he could dodge it.

I lunged at him. I decided to bring this into close combat to end this battle quickly since I could sense a powerful dark force approaching from within the crack.

Our attacks collided as we swung our claws, trying to tear each other. I brushed off his claw and swung my other claw at him. He caught it with his whip. But instead of trying to break free, I kept swinging my claw at him. He gasped and caught it, trapping his whip in the middle of our palms. But since our hands were covered by the Demonic Claw, there was no damage from it. Again, I tried to rip him with my other Claw but he caught it. With our claws on one another, we pushed each other away.

The demons' screams of pain from behind me accompanied us since I kept using my Telekinesis to push the demons into the crack, turning some of them into ashes. My sweat dripped from my forehead down the side of my face as my Demonic Power was getting low since I had to divide my concentration and strength to prevent the demons from coming out of the crack and concentrate on the battle in front of me. This was far worse than all the fights I had been through.

Moreover, even though I tried my best, some announcements that appeared in front of me showed that some of the demons managed to get past my skills and attacked my partners.

[Incubus' Protection has been activated]

[One attack to Emma Lunaspark has been repelled]

I glanced at them to make sure they were okay and surprised by what I saw. How Emma and Olivia fought side by side with the White Lances in their hands. And how Camila and Pearl focused their concentration on stopping the device with all their might. Pearl occasionally turned the buttons on that huge Device with her tentacles. While Camila shouted the numbers from the tubes' indicators. Their fear was clear on their faces, yet they didn't give up and helped me with what they could do. In that instant, I realized, I wasn't fighting alone, they were with me. So... I would do my best too!

My gaze returned to the Incubus and I gritted my teeth.

'Hell Thunder!'

[You have struck an Incubus for 178 HP. ]

"Argggg!" He screamed in pain as his body shook violently.

Then without giving him a chance, I moved one of my fingers and my two remaining black lances flew at him. In one precise movement, my lance managed to hollow his back into his chest while the other pierced his head.

[Critical hits!]

[You have shot an Incubus for 360 HP. ]


[You have shot an Incubus for 421 HP. ]

"F*CKKKK!!!" He shouted once again in rage and pain. His blood dripped from his wounds, especially from his head's wound and ran down his face. I had to say this was a strange and gruesome sight since even with that Spike in his head he was not dead yet. I was about to use my Hell Thunder to finish him off, but I could feel a movement from my palm.

I glanced at it. His whip wriggled and tried to stab me right in my chest. I gasped and immediately dodged. Since he and I were the same kind, we should have the same critical points and since his level was way above mine, his critical hit could have ended my life.

Unfortunately, his whip managed to penetrate my right shoulder.

[You have taken 131 physical damage.]

[Warning! You are bleeding.]

[Your HP will decrease by 2 points per 5 seconds.]

"Khhhh!" I grunted as the pain bit me and quickly made my distance. Again, I didn't forget to use my Telekinesis skill to keep pushing the demons into the crack. My eyes on that Incubus status.

'One more... I just need one more critical hit.'

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