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The Incubus System Chapter 231: The Demon Prince I

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The Incubus System Chapter 231. The Demon Prince I

"What do you mean" I said. My heart was beating in tense as my eyes looked at that cold-faced male demon. His face was so similar to me or rather to Damian and it made us look like siblings. His height was not much different from mine. His hair was dark blue with a bang that covered one of his eyes slightly. An expensive looking black suit with a black furry coat covered his body. A pair of red horns above his head and on his back a pair of wings formed from neatly lined human's bones. A smirk adorned his face and his hands folded in front of his chest. From the status above his head, I immediately knew why he was so powerful.

[Name: Damon Arcano Malignus ]

[Levels: ]

[HP: / ]

[DP: / ]

I didn't expect the demon lord to visit me at a time like this. Also, he called me... 'son'

But my question was answered by a woman's voice coming from behind him.

"Damian, you shouldn't point your lances at your father," she said in a casual tone and I recognized her voice. The woman's footsteps stopped beside Lord Damon as her eyes glinted in red fell on me and my partners.

"Oh my, you've found so many partners in just a short time," said Lilieth with a satisfied smile. She bent one of her arms across her chest. While her other hand almost covered her mouth. Instead of her usual tight clothes, she wore a purple dress with a high slit that showed her beautiful leg up to her thigh. A pair of red horns on top of her head. A pair of black bat wings that were smaller than mine on her back and also a tail that resembled mine. Shortly, Yuffy and three other demons exited the portal before the portal closed.

I was about to repeat my question.

"What do you---" my words stopped as I saw Yuffy who reminded me of Tania's words.

'Since Erebus was a Nephilim. He could seal his child's power with the angelic power within him and make it as if his child was an ordinary human. As long as a strong seal locked his child's power then his child could only live like an ordinary human without realizing his true identity. But with just a little bit of demonic or angelic power, everyone could see the difference. Since his strength will be increasing significantly compared to the humans who received that power.' And followed by other words.

'Aren't you, demon hunters using angel's power to fight the demons' At the same time, my memory flashed back to how my father fought like an angelic knight. In contrast to me. I started to realize, it was because my father got the association vaccine which had the Holy element while I got the dark power element from Lilieth. It also explained why Celia was able to acquire a similar skill to mine while Emma didn't.

"It can't be..." I muttered without taking my eyes off those two powerful demons. My heart was beating faster and faster. My eyes were shaking in my mixed feelings and emotions that I couldn't explain in words. I started to understand everything... It was as if that word answered my confusion and all the questions in my head. Then the conversation between Letos and the Incubus replayed in my mind, especially the fact that Lord Damon's unborn son was an Incubus, just like me...

"It can't be..." I muttered once again as I lowered my hand and cancelled my Demonic Spike. My eyes fixed at Lord Damon's face that looked just like mine... Or it was me who looked like him. Not only did we look alike, even our names also sounded similar. Damon Arcano--- Damian Lucio... What set us apart was our surname. A theory popped into my head. That theory explained my nightmare and the strange feeling when Tania told me about how the unborn Prince died. It sounded impossible for humans, but not for demons. Moreover, Sarael and Yuffy could use Necromancy. Now I understood why Tania refused to call me Ethan.

"Please explain to me... What am I" I said. My eyes trembled in confusion. My mind was in a mess and so were my feelings. Even though I could already guess the truth, I still wanted an explanation from them.

"Didn't you already realize it" said Lord Damon with a smirk. I guessed he already knew from my expression.

"I demand a proper explanation," I insisted.

"Didn't you come for that"

Arrogant laughter out of Lord Damon's mouth.

"Don't get me wrong, Damian. I'm here to take care of those Demonic Powers," he said as he pointed to the magic tubes with his gaze.

"Not to give you a proper explanation."

"You call me your son, yet you don't give a ** to me," I said in disappointment as I couldn't contain my curiosity.

"Not even an explanation." I had gotten too deep into this mess and all I wanted was an explanation to find out the truth. Didn't I deserve it

"Let me explain it to him, My Lord," said Lilieth. Without waiting for his answer, she walked over to me and stopped in front of me.

"I'm sorry we have to cover this because we don't know if you can accept this or not. Especially after I found out your human father is a demon hunter," she said with a sweet smile.

"Please tell me everything..." I said. In just one week, I had discovered many things and too many bitter truths. Even though everything was heavy for me, somehow I was able to swallow it and move forward. Well, it wasn't like I had any other choice than that. But the good thing was, I didn't experience any mental breakdown and I had many people who supported me. After all, I already got a clear outline of what she was going to tell me, I just wanted to make sure that my guess was right and confirm a few things.

After a long breath, Lilieth started her explanation. From the sadness, in her eyes, I could tell this wasn't easy for her.

"I believe Tania has already told you about Erebus' descendant and about my unborn son's death. And from your expression, I bet you have guessed that you are the Nephilim... About my unborn son, he didn't really die in that incident. But we were only able to save his remaining dark power. I almost gave up on him since I knew even if he came back to life he wouldn't have any personality and only move based on his Incubus' instincts." Her eyes shifted to mine as her gaze softened. She raised her hands and touched both sides of my face and rubbed it gently.

"Then I met you... His power reacted to you so I gave all of his power to save you and bring you back to life as my son, Damian Lucio. That power strengthened your alter ego and gave you another appearance."

I swallowed her explanation. My eyes fell on Lilieth's beautiful face, the demon queen who had become my mother. Now I already had a clear picture of everything that happened, how the battle of 1000 years ago related to current events, how Lilieth's pregnancy, Zael and Myra's encounter also fueled the demon Lord's rebellion, as well as a clear picture of my current position... The next demon lord. I turned my gaze to Lord Damon.

"Since that made you my parents, why did you let me have sex with her last week" Surprisingly, I could say it in a calm tone despite the turmoil and chaos in my head and heart.

"You are an Incubus. It's a normal thing for a lust demon to have sex with his/her own parents. If not, how does a newborn lust demon eat if it's not his/her parents who fed him/her" replied Lord Damon in a relaxed tone.

From his words, I concluded that it was a normal thing for demons. What Lilieth did to me was the same as a mother feeding her child.

"Is that so..." I said in the same calm tone.

"And about your position, I can't give your Prince title yet before you are strong enough for it. Because once you get that title--- you get Malignus as your surname. All creatures in the dark dimension will know you are the future King of the Demon Kingdom. And at that time, all the Demon Lords and Demoness' eyes will fall on you, either making you their ally or their target." His voice sounded like a warning rather than an explanation. And I couldn't deny, I felt tremendous pressure from it. A poor student like me suddenly had to take on the future King of the Demon Kingdom's duty and face off against other demon lords and demonesses who were hundreds of years older than me. Not to mention, a significant difference in strength and power that I had to pursue.

I understood why Tania and the others didn't say anything to me and made me think that I was a General. Because they were afraid that I would be stressed by it. Since the Demon Prince's title was indeed an honourable one, but it was also a dangerous position.

Note: Lord Damon and Lilieth pics are in discord channel.-

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