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The Incubus System Chapter 233: The Demon Prince III

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The Incubus System Chapter 233. The Demon Prince III

Lord Damon tilted his head slightly towards Yuffy and the other two demons without taking his eyes off me.

"Maria, Ivy. I will leave this task to you," he ordered.

The two female demons by Yuffy's side walked to him and bowed elegantly.

"With pleasure, Your Majesty." Then they turned to me and smiled sweetly.

"My name is Maria. Nice to meet you, Your Highness," said one of them.

"And I'm Ivy. You're more handsome than I thought, Your Highness," she flirted without hesitation.

Now I just realized what made Yuffy and Tania halt their words when I met them for the first time. That was because they almost called me Your Highness.

"Nice to meet you," I replied with a slight nod. My eyes looked at the two female demons standing in front of me. They looked around my age. The first demon was a woman who dressed like a nun, a sexy nun to be precise since her black and white dress didn't cover her arms and both sides of her body, showing her skin clearly. Instead, a cross-tied rope replaced it. It only made her curves more visible. A crest of a pair of black bat wings was in the middle of her dress' collar. it had the same shape as my wings. A black and white coif covered some of her long silver hair that covered her back to the top of her ass and a pair of demon red eyes adorned her cute face.

[Name: Maria]

[Level 60]

[HP: 3001/3001]

[DP: 594/594]

The second demon was a seductive-looking Succubus. But instead of a pair of wings on her back, her wings were on her waist and instead of red horns like Lilieth's, a pair of black horns above her head. Her soft skin, curves, and ripe breasts were clearly visible since only a red bikini covered her body. Her brown hair covered her back to the middle of it. Just like Maria, her eyes were red.

[Name: Ivy]

[Level 61]

[HP: 3032/3032]

[DP: 567/567]

Unfortunately, I couldn't use my observation skill on them since my DP was almost below 10% now.

Then without a word, dark power covered both of their bodies. I knew they were about to use their shape-shifting skills, but I stopped them.

"Wait a second." And they cancelled their skills upon my request. My gaze turned to Lord Damon.

"They will live among humans. How do they eat" Well, I was sure Ivy could eat by having sex with a human male. But considering what Zael did before, she could have used her charm skill to **** unknown men. As for Maria, if she needed humans as her food it would be even worse. And most importantly, one of them would stay with Olivia and Camila. Even though I was sure they wouldn't hurt my partners, I was still worried. Who knew if one day, both of them would be so hungry and lose their minds.

"It's your job to feed them, Damian. After all, they are your servants," replied Lord Damon in a casual tone.

Lilieth's voice coming from my side followed it.

"I forgot to tell you." She waved her hand to call Yuffy and Luna. Quickly, both of them approached and stood next to Maria and Ivy.

"The four of them are the future demon generals," said Lilieth as her eyes fell on them. Then she turned her gaze to me and smiled.

"Your generals, Damian."

I didn't expect that they had prepared the future demon generals to serve me. But then, Lilieth's words reminded me of Tania's explanations.

From all this incident, I guessed Lord Damon and Lilieth had prepared everything for me thoroughly since they had been waiting for their child for a long time. So, once Lilieth and Lord Damon found out their son was an Incubus, they prepared some servants to serve him. That's why all my Generals were women. And since Lord Damon, Lilieth as well as the other four demon generals' conditions were deteriorating, he wanted me to quickly strengthen myself and build up a strong relationship with my loyal subordinates to replace him if he fell. In other words, it was not only about feeding them, but also how I had to develop my strength together with them.

I took a deep breath and clenched my fists. Indeed it was a heavy responsibility, but like it or not, I had to do it. Unfortunately, even though I knew I had to make a contract with them, my DP was too low now.

"You can make a contract with them later," said Lord Damon out of blue. It seemed he already knew about my low DP.

"As for now---" He shifted his gaze to Maria.

"Copy her personality," ordered Lord Damon.

Without answering, Maria lunged at Myra who was curled up weakly in the corner of the room. She smiled evilly at that half-conscious woman and grabbed her head. After that, the room was filled with Myra's screams. I knew she used a similar skill as my Mind Corruption, but this skill looked more painful than mine.

After her screams stopped, Lord Damon's voice turned my gaze to him.

"And you Damian, you should help me to take care of this," he said as he turned his gaze to the magic tubes in that room. Indeed the magic tubes would be a big problem. If we left them, the magic tubes might explode one day. Moreover, the energy inside it was not an ordinary magic power.

"Are you going to return this energy to the border" I made a wild guess. My eyes were on the magic tubes. Well, that was the best option at the moment. That way, I hoped this could fix the border and end this crack problem. Unfortunately, my guess was wrong.

"This Demonic Power has been polluted by human Magic Power. If I return it to the border, it will only worsen the dimensional crack," he said.

"So what's your plan" I was sure he had it since he said he came to take care of this.

"I want you to absorb it," he said without taking his eyes off the tubes.

His words made me turn to him.

"Absorb it" I repeated with a frown in confusion. I tried to remember all my skills. Indeed I had a skill that could be used to absorb my opponent's energy, but my skill points were not enough to take it.

"If you mean my Energy Siphon, I haven't taken that skill yet." Even though all my skills were equally important, who knew I suddenly needed it now.

"Besides, aren't we the same Why are you asking me to absorb it Why don't you do it yourself " I added.

"Because you have the Nephilim's blood in your vein, while I don't. I can regenerate my Demonic Power but I can't absorb others'."

Lord Damon turned his gaze to me.

"Enough talking. I will unlock that skill for you." Then without further ado, he grabbed my wrist as his smirk appeared on his face. In that instant, I could feel the dark energy from his grip and it flowed into my body. I gritted my teeth since I could feel the pain in my chest.


[Damon Arcano Malignus has interfered with your system!]

[Damon Arcano Malignus has breached your skill tree function!]

[Ignoring Dark Healing skill: Passed. ]

[Ignoring Energy Protection skill: Passed. ]

[Congratulations! You just unlocked a new skill.]

[Energy Siphon - The skill used by the Nephilim to absorb enemy Energy/Magic power.]

[Energy Siphon lv 1 (Requires 2 DP) - Effective on enemies level 1 - 10. Effectiveness will decrease on enemies above level 10. Cannot be used on enemies over level 50. Cooldown: 5 Mins ]

I panted as Lord Damon released his grip from me. My attention was on the information in front of me.

'This is a Nephilim's skill' I thought in confusion. When I checked before, there was no description about it. That's why I didn't realize that the Nephilim that Tania was referring to was me.

"What are you waiting for Absorb it. I don't want another troublesome dimensional crack here," said Lord Damon impatiently. Indeed with that much Demonic Power, if the magic tubes exploded, it would not only destroy this city but also create a new dimensional crack.

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