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The Incubus System Chapter 236: Fake Show I

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The Incubus System Chapter 236. Fake Show I

Ruby, Larry and Mrs Clea's PoV

The sound of sirens from the demon hunter's cars that stopped in front of Myra's mansion roared loudly. There were at least more than a dozen of demon hunters who had gotten out of those cars and were standing in front of the gate with displeased faces. Including Ruby, Larry and Mrs Clea.

Previously, a demon hunter's Demon Compass detected the demons' presence from this place. And from the fantastic numbers on his Demon Compass, he was sure it was a large scale attack. Therefore that demon hunter immediately contacted and reported this to the headquarters. Since this attack exceeded the previous large scale attack, Mrs Clea decided to join this battle, especially since Ruby and Larry had just reported about the Great Demon's appearance. Also, since Ruby and Larry were still at the headquarters, Mrs Clea decided to let them join her, in hopes they had a higher chance of catching that Great Demon. Even though Larry's condition didn't look good, Mrs Clea still allowed him to come along since he kept begging her. Besides, he already did a quick medical check-up to make sure his wounds didn't risk his life.

"Open the gates!" said Ruby impatiently. Her hand hit the gates in annoyance. Her eyes stared at the securities in the mansion's yard in displeasure. Her head filled with questions about that Great Demon, so she didn't want to miss any opportunities to meet him. Unfortunately, the securities didn't budge, they just stared at the angry demon hunters expressionlessly, as if they were stone statues. Even though they were demon hunters, the securities didn't let them in since they were uninvited guests.

"Help! Help!" A scream came from within the mansion. A second later, all the maids and the servants burst out from the mansion's front door in a panic.

"T-The demons--- It's the demons!" one of them screamed in panic.

"Open the gates!" shouted Ruby in anger once again. Without a word, the securities opened the gate. The demon hunters rushed in quickly. As they ran through the courtyard, two cars were parked there, making Mrs Clea realize there were other guests in that place.


They opened the front door with a bang and entered the mansion. Their steps stopped and their shock was evident on their faces. Their jaws dropped.

"Uh... Okay. This is crazy," said Larry, either in amazement or surprise, since the scene in front of them was not much different from a horror movie.

That room looked messy with toppled furniture everywhere. Strange transparent creatures with flat faces floated like ghosts in that mansion's living room. It was a new type of Demon that they had never seen before. Behind a large sofa, two familiar-looking women and a man were hiding behind it. Larry recognized one of them as his friend, Olivia. While Mrs Clea recognized the other two as Camila and Miguel Creststream since she had seen their faces on TV.

Miguel hugged Olivia and Camila to protect them. Occasionally, a scream came out of Camila and Olivia's mouth. Well, since he was a demon hunter, hearing the women's screams was normal for Larry. But hearing Olivia's screams made him cringe so much considering her fierce attitude in college.

Apart from the transparent demons, they were also surprised by another thing, Myra. Myra fought the transparent demons fearlessly. Her white lance that came out of her palm and launched at the demons, indicating her bracelet was successful. As the white lance pierced or rather penetrated the transparent demon, the demon floundered in pain before finally disappearing without a trace.

"Quick help her and evacuate the victims!" ordered Mrs Clea. And the demon hunters swiftly charged at the strange demons. Some of them evacuated Miguel, Camila and Olivia out of the mansion. Although there were no injuries on their bodies, a clear trauma was seen on their faces.

With ease, they defeated the demons one by one. It was strange since even though the demons looked dangerous and scary, they didn't have any meaningful attack skills. It was different from what the Demon Compass showed. Once they defeated all the demons, the Demon Compass' indicator pointed to the number 0 which meant there were no other demons around them.

"Spread out and check all the rooms!" ordered Mrs Clea. Her eyes fell on Myra who was standing in front of her in displeasure. Although demons could appear randomly, even in buildings and houses, Myra was the last person she could trust, considering Myra's crimes years ago. Besides that, her dead lover's warning about Myra was still clear in her head. So she had to make sure that this place was safe.

The other demon hunters immediately carried out her orders.

"Thank you for helping me," said Myra as she shifted her gaze to the other side. It was clear from her expression that she wasn't happy about it, but Mrs Clea knew Myra couldn't deny that the demon hunters had saved her.

"Tell me, what happened" asked Mrs Clea straight to the point.

A tired breath escaped Myra's mouth. Her hand and her gaze swept across her chaotic surroundings.

"As you can see, I was having guest. Then those demons suddenly appeared and messed things up."

"Only that" asked Mrs Clea in disbelief.

"Yeah, that's what happened," said Myra.

Mrs Clea folded her arms across her chest and walked over to her. Some faint cracking sound sounded as her feet stepped on the broken glass and objects that scattered on the floor. Her eyes locked on Myra.

"Then tell me why didn't you let us in" asked Mrs Clea, still with the same note.

"I told you I had guests. They are important guests and we were discussing our important scandal. Do you think I could just let uninvited guests like all of you in" Myra said unhappily. Mrs Clea was already familiar with this attitude since Myra was the most arrogant demon hunter in the association before.

But Mrs Clea's suspicions had not disappeared.

"Do not lie to me. I can interrogate your maids and servants one by one if I want to. Also you have a Demon Detector. Why isn't your Demon Detector sending us a signal" Mrs Clea continued to interrogate her.

Myra pointed at the broken Demon Detector.

"Those demons destroyed it before the device reacted to them. I didn't even notice their existence before they attacked us." Indeed, Mrs Clea couldn't deny that those demons' movements were as slippery as eels plus they had aerial advantage, so they could reach many places with ease.

Even so, Mrs Clea still couldn't believe Myra's words.

"I will interrogate your maids and servants then."

"Go ahead. Just finish it as soon as possible. They still have to clean up all this," said Myra confidently as she pointed at the messy furniture nearby with her gaze.

"Fine," said Mrs Clea.

After that, one by one the demon hunters who had just returned, reported to Mrs Clea. Their report results were the same, they didn't find anything in that place. But as Mrs Clea waited for Ruby, Ruby's voice came from the hallway not far from them.

"Hey, you! Who are you What are you doing here!" she shouted as she caught a slime woman's wrist. Ruby was just about to return to Mrs Clea when she saw the suspicious woman sneaking deeper into the mansion's room like a thief. It was clear from her attire that that woman was not a maid.

Myra exhaled in annoyance and looked at Mrs Clea in displeasure.

"Thanks for bringing a thief into my house," she said in a cynical tone.

"I'm not a thief!" the slime woman retorted. Still, Ruby didn't let her go and took her to Mrs Clea.

"Then what" said Myra.

Ruby removed her hand from the slime woman and that woman showed her name tag to the others.

"I'm a Ravenetwork's reporter. My name is Elenna."-

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