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The Incubus System Chapter 237: Fake Show II

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The Incubus System Chapter 237. Fake Show II

Ruby, Larry, Mrs Clea and Elenna's PoV

"As long as the demon hunters haven't declared this place is safe, this place is restricted for the public. Including journalists and reporters," said Mrs Clea in displeasure. Although she knew many reporters and journalists were thirsty for the news about demons and demon hunters, especially about how they fought. The demon hunters had to ensure the civilians' safety.

"After all, this is private property. You shouldn't trespass," she added.

"I know. But---" Elenna turned to where Ruby caught her earlier.

"I think I saw my friend there," she said again. Elenna was just about to return to her house which was around here when she saw many demon hunter cars stopped in front of the mansion. Again, her reporter instincts flared up and she decided to get out of her car and infiltrate by climbing over the side fence. Although this was reckless, considering what she had just experienced yesterday. Since this time the demon hunters had arrived, she predicted that this shouldn't be as dangerous as the Nighthallow Station incident. Moreover, she hoped to find other interesting things after her previous investigation about Ethan failed.

Before, Elenna had spent her entire day at Nighthallow Hospital to search for proof about what Ethan had said this late morning. After she checked the hospital CCTV footage, although she hated to admit it, what Ethan said was true. In the footage, Ethan ran into the toilet in a hurry when the Nighthallow Station incident occurred and only came out half an hour later. The only thing that confused her was that she saw him take a flu mask on the information counter before he went to the toilet. She thought that the toilet might have a bad smell. But when she checked that day's sanitary records, she found there was no problem with it. Finally, she could only guess that maybe Ethan liked free things, so he took the flu mask even though he didn't need it. Since her guess was wrong, according to her promise, she decided to stop chasing him. Unfortunately, after she sneaked into this place, she decided to undo her intention. Even if it was just a glance. Vaguely, she could see Ethan earlier. He hid in the hallway, watching the living room before finally running into one of the rooms. Strangely, when Elenna chased after him and opened the room, she didn't find anyone there. When she was about to check the room in more detail, Ruby caught her.

"Your friend All my maids, servants and securities are outside. Don't you have a better reason than this" said Myra in a sarcastic tone. Elenna could understand Myra's annoyance and suspicion, but she couldn't just let this opportunity go.

"This isn't an excuse! I'm sure I just saw him there," insisted Elenna. Her hand pointed toward the hallway.

"Really I've checked that place, and can't find anyone there except you," said Ruby. Previously, Ruby did a quick check of her surroundings to make sure no one was there after she caught Elenna.

"But---" Elenna was about to retort, but she was at a loss for words and reason so she decided to use another way.

"How about this Just let me check once again to make sure he's not here," she tried to bargain.

Myra smirked confidently.

"Okay, but I'll come with you. Who knows your real intentions"

"I'll also come with you," said Mrs Clea. She wanted to make sure no demons were hiding here even though her Demon Compass had shown that this place was safe. She turned to the other demon hunters.

"I'll leave the witnesses' interrogation to all of you."

"Yes, ma'am," said the other demon hunters including Larry.

After that, they walked into the hallway and checked all the rooms there. And just like Ruby said, there wasn't anyone or anything suspicious there. Meanwhile, instead of looking for people, Mrs Clea concentrated more on her Demon Compass to make sure that no demons were hiding around them.

"See No one's here beside us," said Ruby in annoyance. While Myra smirked in victory.

"Impossible... How could he disappear" Elenna muttered in disbelief. Her eyes looked around her surroundings, hoping for a clue or something but she couldn't find it.

A tired breath escaped Myra's mouth.

"Now you can eat your own lie and leave my mansion, Miss reporter. I don't think I have more patience for another stupid lie like this. So leave or I will report you to the police," she said in a cynical tone.

Elenna turned to Myra in displeasure.

"But--" Again, her words stopped since she had no other reason.

"Fine. Thank you for giving me the opportunity. I'm sorry for disturbing you," she said reluctantly. Once again her investigation was deadlocked, but she didn't plan to give up. After that, she left.


Ethan's PoV

A breath of relief escaped my mouth as I threw myself on the waiting seat at White Guardian Hospital, Pearl's acquaintance's hospital in Nighthallow City.

"Haaa--- That was close!" I said. I was in my human form now.

After Pearl told us her plan and we made some adjustments to it, we executed that plan. I could say it was brilliant since that plan would not only restore Myra's reputation or rather Maria's since she was the one who took over Myra's role in this world, but it also became a good excuse to explain Miguel's drastic change. Unlike Maria who could copy other people's personalities, Ivy only had the Shape Shifting skill. So we needed a big event to explain why Miguel decided to change and became a family man. In addition, this plan would be a strong excuse for why Miguel and Camila withdraw their divorce files tomorrow.

The only thing that troubled me about the plan was, I had to alter all of Myra's maids, servants and the securities' memories since they had seen how we broke in. Meanwhile, my partners and servants handled the rest. Emma deleted all the CCTVs footage, especially when we arrived at this place. Luna messed up the living room to convince the demon hunters as well as destroying the Demon Detector. Pearl ordered all of her subordinates to return to Ledred through the back door, of course after I altered their memories. And Yuffy used her skills to make a good show by summoning her Specters and activating her Demonic Aura to convince the demon hunters that they were real demons. She also healed all the wounded, since their injuries would make the demon hunters suspicious of this incident. And the last thing was, we had to cover up the lab since we couldn't destroy it without a big impact. That's why I couldn't escape with my portal after the 'demon hunters managed to defeat the demons' scenario was over. I had to alter the memory of the demon hunter who checked the place and made it look as if there was nothing there. If my Mind Corruption skill required a large amount of DP, maybe my DP was almost empty now.

"I wonder if that maid will be okay," said Emma who was sitting on my right in worry. Her eyes fell on the hallway where the nurses brought Miranda. Meanwhile, Pearl was busy talking to the doctor and Luna was standing, watching an aquarium filled with colourful fish not far from us. She wore a cap to cover her ears and folded her tail. Although her appearance was far from that of a demon, her uniqueness as an extinct Hybrid-beast was enough to attract the other's attention.

"Believe me. She will be fine," Yuffy's voice came from my left side. To cover her unusual appearance she wore a hoodie and a flu mask. Just like the Cat Hybrid-beast, the Dark Elf was also an extinct race.

Emma turned to Yuffy with a worried face.

"What I mean is not her real wounds." And both of us quickly caught what she meant.

"Just hope that my Mind Corruption skill is effective enough to treat her trauma," I said. There was nothing we could do other than that.

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