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The Incubus System Chapter 239: The Incubus Relaxing Bath I (18 )

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The Incubus System Chapter 239. The Incubus Relaxing Bath I

-Cress - Cress - Cress

The sound of running water from the tap on the bathtub echoed in that locked bathroom. While my hand opened the bathroom cabinet. My eyes swept through the contents, looking for a box of bath bombs I got from a random gift exchange two years ago.

"Are we going to do it here, master" asked Foxy in confusion.

"Yes. We've done it in the bedroom twice, so I think we should change the moods a bit," I said. My hand closed the cabinet and opened another cabinet. Since my mind was still a mess, I decided to improve my mood and calm my mind. And I was sure there was nothing better than a warm bath with a servant at your service. Also a nice fragrance bath bomb as a compliment. Well, some wines and a Jacuzzi bathtub like Pearl's were definitely better, but I didn't have those fancy things. So a bath bomb sounded good enough for me. Although I was sure Pearl didn't mind lending me her facilities, I knew she was tired and I didn't want to bother her. As for Foxy, even though her status was hungry, it seemed that she was different from me who would fall into my Incubus Rage if my DP was low. She also didn't lose her mind and attacked Celia because of it. I was quite curious about this, but maybe it had something to do with her servant status.

'Found it!' My hand took a small dusty light brown box from the bottom of the cabinet and opened it, revealing three purple bath bombs with Lavender written on the packaging.

"Perfect!" I muttered with a grin. To my knowledge, the Lavender scent promoted relaxation and was believed to treat anxiety, depression and insomnia. Even though my case wasn't that bad, I definitely needed that relaxation part.

After I made sure the expired date was still far away, I took one of them, opened the wrap and put it in the water. A faint hissing sound emanated from there as that purple ball dissolved in the water, turning the surrounding water into a light purple colour with some bubbles.

I turned my face to Foxy.

"Take off your clothes. I know you're hungry," I said with a smirk.

- Puff!

In an instant, all her clothes were gone.

"Done!" she said excitedly. Her eyes fixed on my crotch.

Meanwhile, my shirt also disappeared from my body. My hands took off my pants and threw them in the laundry basket.

"You are so impatient." My chuckles sounded between my words. A naughty smile formed on Foxy's lips when my underwear came down and revealed my naked cock.

I turned off the tap and stepped into the bathtub. Maybe I was a little too exaggerated, but the sensation when my foot touched the warm water was super relaxing. I went deeper into the bathtub, letting the warm water greet my skin and my body. As I submerged my body and sat in the bathtub, the lavender scent tickling my nose calmed my mind and improved my mood.

"Haa..." A long breath came out of my mouth as a relaxing smile on my lips. It was a pleasant feeling after all of those messes.

I held out my hand to Foxy.

"Come on."

She took my hand and got into the bathtub. My hands took her waist and made her sit on my lap. Then I leaned my back backwards and bent my knees a bit since my bathtub was too small. My other hand pulled Foxy's body to me, pressing her back to my torso. My eyes closed in relaxation.

"Master Aren't you going to feed me" she asked in confusion.

"I will. But I need to prepare you first," I whispered with a smirk without opening my eyes. I only had a quickie with Diamond this noon. So at least I wanted nice foreplay for this. Sex with quick foreplay was so frustrating for me.

"W-What should I do, Master" she said in a stammering voice. I could feel her heart beating fast.

"Stay still and moan for me..." I whispered in a seductive voice. There was nothing better than the echo in the bathroom. So I thought her moans would be nice music for my ears.

Without further ado, I started exploring her body. My hand crept up and played with her slightly flat breast. But instead of directly touching her tip, my hand stroked her soft mound and revolved around her tip, teasing her with it. My other hand went down, travelling around her crotch and her inner thighs without touching her entrance.

"Mhhmmm... Master, why don't you touch me there" Her impatience was evident from the tone of her voice. And I knew where she meant.

I replied to her by kissing her cute ear from behind.

"Ngg..." she startled as a soft moan came out of her mouth.

A chuckle came out of my mouth upon her reaction.

"I will. But you have to give me a good moan in return," I said. Mrs Clea and Ruby should be still at Myra's mansion now. While Mia was still at Pearl's place. Since the houses on both sides of mine were empty now, her moan would not be a problem.

After those words, my finger touched her tip, right in the middle and rubbed it. It only took a couple of strokes to make her tip erect. While my other hand rubbed her tender entrance.

"Ahh..." Another moan came out of her mouth and echoed through the room followed by the water ripple sound. It was a nice sound to flare up my desire.

"Give me more," I whispered. Then I plugged my two fingers on her pussy without hesitation. In contrast to my usual gentle movement, my fingers moved wildly, like two worms dancing on the hot sand. The tip of my fingers put more pressure on her inner wall, demanding it to get loosened and feeling its warmth, also looking for her sweet spot. At the same time, my other hand pinched her hardened tip and twisted it.

She jolted in surprise upon my sudden change of movement.


I chuckled at her reaction.

"Yes... That's it. Give me more." My fingers moved wilder.

She jolted again

"Ohh--- Oh... Ma-Master..." She opened her legs wider to give me better access. Her hand gripped my wrist and inserted my fingers deeper. Her body swayed up and down. Her tails began to move to rub my cock and the inner sides of my thighs. A tingling sensation began to flow from my bottom to the rest of my body, stimulating my mating desire.

I chuckled again in excitement upon her impatience.

"What a naughty servant," I teased.

But Foxy only answered me with moans and ragged breath.

"Ohh---- Ohh--- Ahh... Hah-hah-ah--- Master... Master..."

As seconds passed, her moans were getting louder and louder. While my cock was getting hard and tense. Our body temperature was getting hotter. Our mating desire flared up and got higher. But it wasn't enough, I wanted more, I wanted her touches.

My mating instincts took over my mind and body. I released my hands from her and sat down. Foxy turned to me in confusion and disappointment.

"Ma-Master" she said in a stammering voice.

Without warning, I pulled her head towards me, bumped her lips to mine, pressing her flat chest against my torso. My tongue began to enter her mouth and danced impatiently with hers. Her hands hugged my neck and narrowed the distance between us, bringing our bodies closer.

"Mmpph --- Mmpph ..." We tilted our heads and deepened our kisses. Our humming sounds were accompanied by clacking sounds from our tongues and lips sounded between our kisses. As our lips and mouth were busy, she rubbed her entrance against my hardened cock, teasing the tip with her tender flesh.

As we broke our kiss, a string of saliva still connected my tongue and hers. A naughty smile on our lips. Our eyes locked with each other. I could see her flushed face and her gaze that said her desire clearly to me.

"Do you like my kiss" I said in a teasing tone.

"Yes..." Her eyes stared at me in a daze as if I was hypnotizing her. I could see there was only me in her eyes.

"Which one do you prefer My d*ck or my kiss" I teased her again.

"Both of them."

"Very well," I smirked seductively. Then without further ado, I got up and sat on the edge of the bathtub with my legs wide open, showing my wet fully awake cock to Foxy clearly.

"You know what to do."-

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