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The Incubus System Chapter 240: The Incubus Relaxing Bath II (18 )

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The Incubus System Chapter 240. The Incubus Relaxing Bath II

Foxy gave me a naughty smile since she quickly caught what I meant. She approached me obediently, stuck her tongue and licked my cock's tip as if she was enjoying a tasty ice cream. Her hand went under my cock. Her two fingers moved alternately to tickle my balls which ended with a nice rub under my cock. Since she only used her index finger's tip, it was quite subtle yet pleasant.

A slight hissing sound escaped my mouth and a seductive smirk formed on my lips. That tickle alarmed my cock for what would happen next and made it even tenser.

I held both sides of her head and moved my waist. The tip of my cock traced her face from her forehead down to her cheek and her lips. She stuck her tongue, trying to lick it but I pulled my cock away from it. She tilted her head slightly and opened her mouth, trying to catch it. But I moved my cock to the other side and rubbed it against her other cheek. She tilted her head to the other side to chase it, again, I moved my cock to the other side.

"Ahh--ahhh... Hahh---Master--- I want it." Her plea sounded more like a moan. Her face reddened. Meanwhile, I kept moving my waist, rubbing my cock all over her face. My hand tickled and played with her soft ear.

I chuckled again. Although I really enjoyed her cute plea and her blushing face, I decided not to tease her anymore. I stopped, my cock in front of her mouth.

"Now enjoy your meal."

Looking at my cock in front of her, without hesitation, she buried her face between my thighs. Her mouth was busy licking, swallowing, sucking my hard cock although it was too big for her mouth. Her hand gripped my waist tightly. Occasionally, she released my cock and rubbed it on her face. She really enjoyed it and so did I. My body trembled in pleasure. My eyes looked at everything that she had done to my cock and it made my lust go crazy. My breath was getting heavier as my load was getting full.

She moved her head back and forth. Her tongue swirled on the sides of my cock.

"Uhhh--- Yeah." A moan escaped my mouth when the tip of my cock touched her throat.

She released it for a while and gave me a cheeky smile before burying her head between my thighs and swallowing my cock in excitement once again, making my cock her sweet tasty lollipop.

I moved my waist in unison with her, banging the tip of my cock to the end of her throat even harder. But I always pulled it when she started to cough. My face turned redder as I held the pleasure that flowed from my lower part, as I enjoyed her movement, and enjoyed watching her playing with my cock.

"Uhh--- Ah-hah-hah... Do you--ahh... like it" I said in a ragged breath with a smirk.

She sucked hard as she pulled her head backwards before she ended with some naughty licks on the tip.

"Your dick is so tasty, Master~" she purred and licked her lips. Her eyes were fixed on my cock in excitement.

I put my hand on her chin and tilted her head to face me.

"Shall I feed you now" I said with a seductive smirk. My patience disappeared, I could not hold it anymore.

And she responded to me with a happy smile.


[ A person is in your control ]

I used my Telekinesis to pull her body from the water. Drops of water from her body dripped into the bathtub, leaving pleasant dripping sounds.

"Ma-Master..." she said in a stammering voice in surprise and confusion since this was the first time I used a skill when I had sex. The bathtub was kinda slippery and slipping while having sex was definitely a turn off for me. So I decided to use this skill to do it properly.

"Don't be afraid." I put my hands on her thighs and gently stroked her to her knees. Then I separated it widely, exposing her pussy. A drop of water flowed from there to her thigh, as if her pussy was impatient for her meal. At the same time, her body flew towards me, placing her entrance right in front of my cock. My waist moved, rubbing my cock against her entrance for a while before I used my Telekinesis to lower her body, sliding my cock into her delicate hole slowly.

"Ahhh!" A loud moan came out from her as I penetrated her delicate and tight hole even though I had done enough foreplay with her.

I could feel her tight and warm inner wall covering my cock perfectly, making me sink into pleasure. As my cock had entered deep into her, I shifted my hands on her buttocks. I started by moving my waist slowly before I accelerated my pace speed little by little. And every time I thrust my cock, I always pulled her body to me with my Telekinesis, swaying her body with my movements.

"Get ready," I said in a ragged breath.

'Demonic Erection lv 1'

[Demonic Erection has been activated.]

My cock enlarged and extended inside her. I could feel her inner wall getting tighter.

"Ohhh~" she moaned. Her mouth formed a big 'O' and from the expression, I knew she liked it. Without a pause, I kept moving, rubbing my cock against her delicious inner wall.

"M-More... Ah-hah-hah... Feed me--ah-- more, Master. Give me --ah-hah--ah---the biggest one~" she pleaded even before her hole got used to this size.

"Fine," I said with a smirk. Still, I wasn't going to do it right away. I waited for her to get used to it before I used my skill again.

'Demonic Erection lv 3'

Again, my cock was enlarged and extended inside her. Since I jumped from lv 1 to lv 3, I could feel her hole was crazily tight right now. I even needed to stop my movement since I couldn't hold the pleasure.

"Ohhh---Ohh... Ah-hah-hah ---- You're so fricking tight!" I groaned in a ragged breath.

Meanwhile, Foxy jolted in pleasure. Her eyes turned upside down. Her body tensed and shivered.

"Uwaahhhh... Ahhh... Ahhh!" she screamed loudly.

Although her scream made me want to move my waist harder, I held my lust and my instinct. After she got used to it, I moved again. The frictions between my cock and her inner wall were getting rough every second. My eyes continued to look at every change in Foxy's expression, as she flinched holding my thrust, as her face reddened, as she sank into pleasure together with me. Her inner wall tightness bit my cock and made me sink into addiction. Addicted to her delicate body. Addicted to the pleasure from her. I moved my finger, using my Telekinesis to pull her upper body against mine, bumping my lips onto mine and kissed her in a dirty way. Our tongues twisted each other once again, sucking each other's tongues passionately. Our loud moan echoed throughout the room as we immersed in pleasure.

A few minutes later, I could feel she was already at her limit and so was I. I accelerated my pace and broke my kiss.

"Ahhh --- hahhh… Master ---- ohhh--- Ohhh... Hahh...--- Agghhh!" Loud moans from our mouths mingled with harsh, ragged breaths filled the room as I shot my hot load inside her.


[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[Your Servant's Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[Your Servant has levelled up! ]

[Foxy - Level 14]

We looked at each other. A satisfied smile on our lips as we had got our fill.

"Thank you for the tasty meal, Master," she said with a giggle.

"I also want to say thank you for your nice service. You have gotten naughty lately ---" I approached her ear.

"And I like it," I whispered with a smirk. Then I descended to the bathtub without letting go of her and cancelled my Telekinesis after I sat down in it. As she took control of her body again, she released my cock from her and hugged me tightly, placing her head right on my chest. While I leaned my back on the bathtub, my hand moved to stroke her hair gently.

We were silent for a moment, enjoying the rest of pleasure that was still lingering in our bodies and the relaxing bathtub. Every now and then, I took a deep breath to enjoy the Lavender scent. After a few minutes passed, Foxy's voice broke the silence between us.

"Master, may I ask you something" she said in a soft voice.

"What is it" I asked.

"I can feel you are much stronger than before. What happened"

My hand's movement stopped. I didn't expect her to be able to detect it.

"Foxy... Do you remember you once said that I was a Demon General"

"I remember."

"I just met Lord Damon and Lilieth. They said I'm not a General," I said in a calm tone.

Foxy distanced herself from me in surprise.

"You've met the king"

I nodded.

"And they've told me everything."

"About what" asked Foxy in confusion.

"That I'm their son."-

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