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The Incubus System Chapter 242: The Weak Demons

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The Incubus System Chapter 242. The Weak Demons

"What do you want to ask, Master" Foxy said. Both of us sat on the bed. She was behind me, her hands moving my towel to dry my hair.

Meanwhile, my attention was on the information boxes of my three generals.

[Servant's name: Luna ]

[Level 57]

[Age: 202 ]

[Race: Demon - Cat Hybrid-beast ]

[HP: 3102/3102 ]

[DP: 457/463 ]

[Skills: Death Claw lv 5, Accelerate lv 4, Devil Space lv 1, Dark Energy lv 1, Hiding lv 3, Deflection lv 2, Mutilation lv 4 ]

[Emotion: In caution]

[Condition: Normal ]

[Weakness: Chest and Ears ]

[Talent: Fast Movement ]

[Demonic Aura - Status: Deactivated ]

[Servant's name: Ivy ]

[Level 61 ]

[Age: 215 ]

[Race: Demon - Succubus ]

[HP: 3003/3003 ]

[DP: 567/572 ]

[Skills: Demonic Whip lv 5, Manipulation lv 3, Devil Space lv 1, Dark Energy lv 1, Shape-shifting lv 3, Charm lv 2, Demonic Energy lv 4, Dark Healing lv 2, Storm Spike lv 4 ]

[Emotion: Full concentration ]

[Condition: Normal ]

[Weakness: Chest, head and tail ]

[Talent: Sex Energy Refill (Regenerate DP through sex) ]

[Demonic Aura - Status: Deactivated ]

[Servant's name: Maria ]

[Level 60 ]

[Age: 209 ]

[Race: Demon - Dark Priestess ]

[HP: 2902/2902 ]

[DP: 582/588 ]

[Skills: Shadow Beam lv 5, Personality Copy lv 4, Devil Space lv 1, Dark Energy lv 1, Shape-shifting lv 3, Shadow Barrier lv 2, Dark Illusion lv 3, Madness Doll lv 4 ]

[Emotion: Slightly annoyed ]

[Condition: Normal ]

[Weakness: Chest and Head ]

[Talent: Pray (Gives dark element buff 30% INT to her friends and her dolls, demon type only) ]

[Demonic Aura - Status: Deactivated ]

I decided to check their status since I hadn't had the chance to do so after I finished their contracts. They were my servants, at least I should know their strengths, their advantages and their disadvantages. So I could maximize their fighting abilities or assign suitable tasks according to their specialities.

"Can you tell me more about the dark dimension" I said without taking my eyes off the information boxes in front of me. Actually, I wanted to ask one of my Generals, but I undo my intention after I contacted them with my Telepathy. Maria was busy with the Demon hunters who were still in Myra's mansion. Ivy was learning a thing or two about Miguel from Camila and Olivia. After all, this incident only made Miguel shocked, not memory loss, so Ivy had to learn a lot about Miguel's habits. As for Luna and Yuffy, they were on patrol since the others were busy.

I had offered my help to help Yuffy and Luna, but they refused and asked me to take a rest. They said the border energy was more stable now and since the big crack just opened there shouldn't be another big crack for tonight. Since they were all busy, I decided to ask Foxy.

"What do you want to know, Master" she asked. Her hand distanced my towel away from my head.

"What does that place look like compared to the human world" I asked again. This bothered me quite a bit since I caught a different thing every time I took a glance into the crack. One time, I saw the dark dimension as a wilderness that had never been touched by civilization at all like what I saw at Cretunt Bridge. Another time, I saw the dark dimension as a dark fantasy world in a medieval setting like in the Cherrias Plaza incident. But the road that I just saw inside the last crack, made me realize that the dark dimension was not what I had imagined.

"Hmm... If you compare it to the human world. The human world is more peaceful and brighter than the dark dimension."

"Brighter" I said with a frown without looking at her since she was combing my hair.

"The dark dimension doesn't have the sun like the human world, Master. We only have a red moon."

'Well, that's explaining why I can only see the night sky every time I look into the crack,' I thought. That sounded like a pain considering I would be the ruler of that place. But imagining the demons sunbathing on the beach was definitely out of their characters.

"Then what about civilization"

"I came from a small village, Master. And I spend most of my time hiding. I don't know any place other than my village and the forest where I played."

"Just tell me what you know."

Her hand stopped combing my hair.

"My village was quieter than this place. There were only a few small wooden houses as bait for other demons who liked to disturb us. Meanwhile, we hid elsewhere. After things were safe we came out of our hiding place to collect food and went into our hiding place before the moon disappeared. If the forest was quieter, we could play in the forest for a while."

"Who do you mean by other demons" Previously I thought the Lust Demons were good demons since they only ate through sex, but after I met another Incubus, I changed my mind. From that incident, I concluded that demons were similar to humans. Aside from their fighting instincts and desire to dominate, they could choose to be good or evil. The difference was that the term of 'good' here was not the same as our term of good, but only to the extent that they did not bother or eat other demons. In other words, good or evil was not based on the demon type but on their decision to behave.

"Usually the Imps, the Hounds or some forest demons. Like Boar demons or the Hyenas. Some of them don't even hesitate to eat us."

"Then what about your family" I asked again. That question crossed my mind since she used the word 'we', so I assumed even though her parents had left her, she was still with her siblings.

But she didn't answer me.

"I mean you've been in the human world for a few days, aren't they worried about you" I clarified my question.

"... I don't know how and where they are, Master," her sadness was evident in her voice.

I turned around and caught Foxy looking down in sorrow.

"Shortly after our parents left us, the Imps destroyed our hideout. All of us were scattered. I got lost and arrived at that small village, then I ended up living with other small demons," she said.

"Then those demons..." I didn't expect her past to be more tragic than I thought.

"They are just like me, the weak demons who are trying to survive. We have to hide from the demons who want to eat us until we are strong enough to fight them."

"Why don't you ask another, stronger demon for help to protect all of you"

Foxy shook her head from side to side.

"No one wanted to protect us. We once begged a noble demon's help. He ordered us to fight each other and took the strongest one among us as his servant and left the others."

I frowned.

"Why didn't he take all of you" I asked.

"Because weak demons like us will only be his burden... We will only drag him down and he has to protect us..."

"Is that so..." I said. So simply, the master needed to protect his weak servants to repay for their service. But again, a noble demon couldn't take too many weak servants because of his limited abilities. Now I understood why she was so happy when I made her my servant and was so afraid of losing me.

My hand moved slowly through her half-wet hair before hugging her gently to remind her that I was with her.

"I'm sorry for making you remember such a bad thing." I decided not to ask her again.

"It's fine, Master. I'm really grateful that I could find such a good master like you and Celia. I'm happy now..."-

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