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The Incubus System Chapter 245: Siblings III

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The Incubus System Chapter 245. Siblings III

She was wet enough now, but since I didn't want to use my finger to loosen her pussy, I decided to give more lubrication to my cock.

Her eyes looked at my cock for a while. The size was intimidating her, but I knew she couldn't refuse it remembering how she enjoyed it last time. Without answering me, she licked the tip of my cock. Her eyes were fixed on me.

That pleasant stimulation hit my pleasure point, spurred my mating urge even higher.

"Uff..." I closed my eyes and groaned.

Just for a moment, I slowly opened my eyes and looked at Celia.

"Give me more, Celia..." I whispered between my hunting breath. My flushed face and expression clearly showed how much I enjoyed this.

After that, she opened her mouth and swallowed my cock. She sucked it, hard, as if she were sucking her favourite bubble tea. Her tongue moved to lick its sides and swirled it.

Once again I closed my eyes.

"Ufff..." My expression and my groan showed how each movement made the pleasure in my body even higher. I let the excitement and lust fill my body, let all of this sink my mind into pleasure. The tickling sensation travelled from my lower part to my whole body. I could feel my cock getting bigger and throbbing inside her mouth.

As her saliva covered my hard flesh and I felt my cock was slippery enough, I pulled my cock from her mouth and opened my eyes.

Impatiently, I crawled down and placed my cock in front of her entrance. My waist moved, rubbing my hard cock on her wet pussy to warn it. I wanted the first thing that went deep inside her hole was my cock.

My hands pinned her on the sides of her head. My eyes were at her face like a beast ready to devour its prey. I didn't want to miss any chance of expression from her face, considering this was her first experience.

"It's gonna hurt. But there's no turning back," I warned.

Then without further ado, I pushed my cock into her slowly.

"Ohh--- Ohhhh---Aaaa---Aaggghhhh...!" she jolted. Her wide open mouth let out a loud cry. Her muscles tensed. Her body lifted slightly. Her hand gripped mine tightly. I could feel her resistance when my cock kept sliding into it. She was crazily tight, warm and irresistibly delicious. Her tightness made me sink into an undeniable pleasure.

"Aaahhh--- Ohhhh..." I groaned in pleasure.

"Brother---Brother...it's so big---ah-hah-ah-- Your cock is so big..." she yelped between her pain and pleasure as she widened her legs so her hole could swallow my cock better.

My gentle kiss landed on her lips

"Just hold a little more..." I whispered, pushing my cock deeper and deeper, penetrating her resistance, feeling the narrowness of her inner wall. My mating urge shot up to my head.

Both of us panted as I managed to insert my whole cock into hers. Her soft and warm inner wall clamped my cock tightly.

"Celia..." I called her name once again. I couldn't believe what I did... She was mine now... She was officially mine now...

A kiss landed on her lips once again. It was a gentle one but also passionate at the same time. Just like my duality... A Nephilim... A human and a Demon Lord's son.

My lips and tongue moved along with hers, either to soothe her or myself. I knew it was a simple thing, but I felt loved just by it. Every time I kissed my partners, it reminded me that I was not doing this for my lust or filling my DP.

I began to move my waist back and forth slowly. But instead of looking at her face like I usually do, I pressed my torso on her breast and placed my head on her side. My eyes were closed and my lips were at the side of her ear as if we were one.

"Ahhh... Hahhh... Hahh... hah... ahh..." Moans came out of our mouths as we called out each other's names. Her body shook with mine every time I thrust my cock deeper. Both of us climbed in pleasure. Our heavy breathing sounds filled the room. As minutes passed by, my waist movements were getting faster and rougher.

"Ohhh---Ohhh---Brother..." She called me.

Her moans and the pleasure made me shiver in excitement, but also made me realize something important... That my true form wasn't this human form but that demon. In the middle of that high enjoyment, I activated my Demonic Form.

[You have activated your Demonic Form.]

[Fly has been activated.]

[All skills effectiveness 30%.]

"Celia..." I whispered in a gentle voice and distanced myself, so she could see me better. Yes, I wanted her to see me as me. I wanted her to accept me as my true self. My eyes looked at her deeply, clearly showing my hope. Still, my waist's movements didn't stop.

She gasped in surprise. Her eyes widened as she looked at all of my demon features. My red eyes, my horns, my wings that waved slowly in excitement and my tail that danced like a cobra. Her body jolted in reflex since this made her feel like being **ed by someone else. I thought she would push me away in fear, yet she called me again.


Between my pleasure and enjoyment, a melancholic feeling and happiness embraced my heart and body.

"Thank you..." I said with a happy smile. My eyes locked at her face that was getting redder every time I thrust my cock into her.

After a few minutes, she tightened her grip as we were on our limits.

"Ahhh... Ahh... --- Annn!" Loud screams from our mouths filled the room as I shot my semen inside hers. It was a lot more than when I did it with Foxy. A great satisfaction filled my body and my mind.


[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[You have gained EXP! ]

My lips fell on her once again. Slowly, I returned to my human form. This was my first time changing myself into my Demonic Form just for sex. Stupid indeed, but I wanted her to see me as me...

I pulled my cock and dropped myself onto her side, letting her virgin blood wet her bed sheet. My hands hugged her tightly, feeling the sweat on her body. Both of us were silent, calming our breath and feeling the warmth from each other's embrace. It was weird since I felt calmer now.

As my drowsiness began to overtook me, she spoke.

"Are you feeling better"

"Um-hum..." I answered her with a short humming sound. My eyes closed in comfort.

"Celia... I want to confess something to you. But promise me, you won't hate me..." I decided to tell her the truth.

"About what"

"About our true identity and dad's."

She distanced herself and looked at me with a frown.

"What do you mean"

I opened my eyes, looking at her confused face.

"We aren't human, Celia... You, me and dad aren't humans." My words confused her even more.

"We are Nephilim... The Demon Lord's brother's descendants. But he sealed our powers before he died a thousand years ago, that's why we can only live as humans. That's why dad became the best demon hunter... And that's why ... The Demon Lord turned me as his son," I said the last sentence in a calmer and a bit melancholic tone.

"W-What You're the Demon Lord's son now" she said in a stammering voice either in confusion or shock.

"Yeah... He needs a son to replace him one day. But his son died before he was born. So he used his son's remaining power to revive me..."

She was speechless. Who would have thought I turned into something more than just a demon.

I put my hand on the side of her face and caressed it slowly. My eyes looked at her in gentleness.

"I know you must be shocked by this. I planned to tell you later. But... I can't help myself to say everything... I want you to know--- how special you are to me. Because, maybe, you are the only Nephilim beside me." And this was the reason why I wanted to have her for myself...

"Brother..." she whispered.

My gaze was getting dimmer.

"I won't give you to anyone. I won't leave you..." My voice was getting weaker as I couldn't hold my sleepiness. My eyes were getting heavy.

"I'm so tired... Good night... Celia," I whispered. Then I fell asleep.

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