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The Incubus System Chapter 247: Morning Rain II

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The Incubus System Chapter 247. Morning Rain II

8:35 AM

"How much longer will this rain last" I grumbled to myself. Like yesterday, after we finished our breakfast, I opened my portal skill for Celia and Foxy. Then I changed Celia's bed sheet and took a shower.

My hands moved to put on my usual clothes, a t-shirt, sweater and jeans. I couldn't use my Demon's Clothes skill since my clothes would disappear after I took them off. And since Diamond didn't know my identity yet, she would freak out by it. My eyes were fixed on my bedroom window, looking at the gloomy sky with dark clouds and the rain was still falling even though it wasn't as heavy as before. Well, this rain didn't have much effect on me if I went straight to college, but since I still had to go to the Bank I had never been to before, I could only open my portal to the closest place to it. So I still had to walk.

'I have no other choice but to bring an umbrella,' I thought with a huff.

My feet stepped towards the window and my hand reached for the curtain to close it. But as I looked out, my attention caught a figure who was standing near my house. Even though an umbrella covered her, I could still tell who she was from the status above her head.

'It's her again...' I remembered her saying that she would never come to my house again, yet she still did it and I could guess it was due to yesterday's dinner.

'Well, it's her choice.' I just decided to ignore her and went with my portal skill, leaving her waiting for me there. Besides, sooner or later, she would leave once she got bored. My hand was about to close the curtain when I saw her turn her head to my front door and catch her gloomy face. Her overcoat was half wet, signifying she had been there for quite a while. Traces of how yesterday's events hit her and broke her heart were still clear on her face, it reminded me of Myra when she found her lover betrayed her after all the crazy things and struggles she had done for him. It gave me a melancholic feeling when I saw Ruby. What if she did something crazy like Myra because of me Even after she saw Emma and her status changed to Larry's 'girlfriend', she still didn't give up.

Rather than Emma, Myra was more like Ruby. Emma indeed fell in love with me and I love her too, but she never did anything as crazy as this. Despite the fact she was the first to accept that I was a demon, she had refused me to have sex with her again since she felt it was too much for her. Although... I only said it just to tease her. Which meant she still had her sense. But Ruby... She already beat up Franz and Bern just because they threatened me. She had followed me around, sneaked into my house, almost stole my underwear and now she was waiting for me in front of my house in the rain. We just met and she didn't know much about me yet she had done a lot of crazy things for me, crazier than what my partners ever did to me. I couldn't deny it, it was disturbing me but I didn't want her to go crazy and take the wrong path like Myra. On the other hand, I was not sure she could accept my true identity and the fact that I had many partners.

I let out a sigh of surrender.

"I hate myself..." I muttered. My hand pulled the curtain to close the window before I grabbed my bag and left my room. I decided to see her, at least I didn't want her standing in the rain like that.

Reluctantly, I put on my shoes, took the umbrella and stepped outside. The cold wind and splashes of rain that flowed from the roof welcomed my back happily when I locked my front door. Something I shouldn't have to go through yet I was doing this for my stalker. Then I opened my umbrella, walked straight to her and stopped in front of her.

Instantly, her face brightened when she saw me. A smile grew on her face even though I greeted her with my annoyed face.

"Et---" She was about to call me, but I quickly interrupted her.

"You have promised me not to follow me anymore," I said straight to the point.

Her smile faded.

"I was waiting for you to explain yesterday's misunderstanding."

"In the middle of the rain Do you think sacrificing your health like this is a good thing" I asked with a frown. I was sure she had checked Myra's Mansion till late last night, if she stood here for too long she would catch a cold.

She looked down in guilt, but her eyes were still peeking at me.

"But I'm afraid you'll be angry if I come to your house," she said in a grim tone.

"Then you shouldn't come. Just text me, won't that be enough"

And she answered me with a 'no' head shake. Indeed, if I knew nothing about what happened, I would need more than text to explain yesterday's mess. Still, I had to be careful with her since she had given me her warning before, even though she probably said it out of anger. Besides, since she was about to come at me, I wanted to know what she could do to me.

"Or you can text me to meet you elsewhere," I said again.

"I was afraid you didn't want to see me again." Although she seemed to realize that I already knew about Larry's bluff, I guessed she was afraid I would be mad at her once I found out what she did to Larry. Either it was because she beat him or because she 'broke up' with him. Well, that second guess was just my prediction, but that was the most likely thing Larry would tell me. That's why she was waiting for me in this place because she wanted to give her explanation before Larry gave his.

A breath escaped my mouth before I tilted my head slightly to the front, asking her to follow me.

"C'mon. I'll take you to the cafe." As I remembered, there was an Aeros Gold Bank office a few blocks away from that place.

Happily, she followed me.

We walked accompanied by the sound of footsteps on the wet sidewalk and the sound of the rain that was getting smaller.

"Um... I'm glad you're okay," she started our conversation. Her voice sounded awkward.

"Yeah, I'm also glad you're all okay. Thank goodness that the demon hunters came on time." I quickly caught what she meant was yesterday's demon attack.

She turned to me.

"Did you find it out from Larry" she said with a bit of panic.

"It was Emma who told me," I said in a relaxed tone. I bet she was afraid Larry had told me before she did.

She breathed a sigh of relief, but then her face turned gloomy since I mentioned Emma.

I smirked.

"Are you relieved You can explain to me now," I said in a nonchalant tone without turning my eyes to her. Her goal was to give her an explanation, so as long as her goal had not been achieved yet, she would do everything she could to see me.

And she didn't want to waste this opportunity.

"I assume you already realised what happened yesterday. Larry and I don't have any relationship. We're just friends and I don't have any feelings for him either. I agreed to help him because he said his mom asked him to get a girlfriend and he doesn't want to lose to his best friend. But I didn't know you were his best friend."

"If you already know I'm already aware of this, why do you still insist on seeing me" I said in the same nonchalant tone.

"I want to give you a proper explanation."

"Then thank you for your explanation."

Upon my flat reaction, she spoke again.

"Not only that, but I also want to explain what I said."

"That you warned me because you were mad at Larry" I said straight to the point.

"Yeah, I know that." I turned to her and gave her a serious gaze.

"But I'm not joking around with my warning. If you try to hurt Emma, you have to face me. And about Larry... You don't have to worry. I know he went too far yesterday and I assume you've got your revenge on him. As long as you don't go too far, I will turn a blind eye."-

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