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The Incubus System Chapter 249: Pool of Blood

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20 minutes had passed since I parted from Ruby, I was already at Aeros Gold Bank and sitting in front of the customer service desk.

"But my mom and dad have been divorced since a few years ago, she shouldn't be able to use my house as collateral," I said my complaint to the customer service in front of me. The vacate letter was on the desk along with my parents' divorce letter.

The customer service hand moved over the keyboard. While his other hand holding the mouse clicked something. His eyes were fixed on the computer screen in front of him. After a while, he turned to me.

"I'm sorry, sir. Mrs Karla has fulfilled the terms and conditions for the loan application since she has the procuration letter from your father." He tilted his computer monitor towards me to show me the scanned documents, including the procuration letter signed by my father.

My eyes moved to read the contents of those letters. All data was filled correctly, except my father's phone number. And I immediately recognized the number, it was my stepfather's number. Unconsciously, I clenched my hands as I held back my anger.

'So he's also involved in this...' My father's cellphone was broken in the accident, so even though the bank caught that number was registered under another name, my mother could tell them that my father's cellphone had just been stolen. And the reason why she used my stepfather's number was that she needed a male voice to pretend to be my father.

The customer service scrolled down the screen so I could read other letters. As I read them, my anger and disappointment rose. To get the bank approval, my mother gave them some fake medical reports saying that my father had terminal stadium cancer and was dying in the hospital when she applied for the loan. Plus she faked my father's signature on the letter. Although his signature was a little different, I could guess the bank let it slide considering my father was sick.

I pointed to the date on the procuration letter.

"My father died three days before this letter was signed. So this letter is invalid. Besides that, the cause of death was not cancer but a car accident. My father had no cancer disease."

"Do you have any documents that can prove your statement"

"Wait a sec." I took my father's death certificate and my father's last medical record, from my bag even though the cause of death written there was fake since it was made by order of the association. Unfortunately, that loan was approved the day before the government issued my father's death certificate, so the bank couldn't detect it.

I put the letter on the desk and the customer service checked it. His brows furrowed. I could see his shock and panic on his face as his eyes moved to check the documents. Then his hand returned to the keyboard to type something before calling his higher up.

Soon a middle-aged man in a neat suit approached our desk.

"Good morning sir. How can I help you" he greeted politely.

But the customer service was the one who answered it.

"We have a problem with this loan, sir," the customer service said as he showed him my father's death certificate. His other hand pointed at the monitor in front of him.

The higher up was silent for a moment, his eyes shifted from the document to the screen.

"Oh my God, this is a fraud," he muttered.

"Can you do something about this, sir" I asked.

"Of course," he said. The higher up took over the customer service's seat. His hand handed all the documents to the customer service.

"Make 2 copies from all of it," he said without taking his eyes off the screen. And the customer service did his order.

The man's fingers moved quickly on the keyboard.

"Are you still in contact with Mrs Karla, sir"

"The last time I saw her was at my father's funeral."

He stopped his hands and turned to me.

"Has she ever called or texted you after that"

I was silent for a moment, deep in thought. Since Mrs Clea used my mother's number to call and texted me, they may find it on their investigation.

"Never." I finally decided to say that since I was sure Mrs Clea had erased her tracks. Moreover, I believed the association had more advanced technology than the bank or the police.

"Okay..." His hands moved over the keyboard again.

"Do you mind if we take this case to the police" he asked.

"I don't mind..." I said in a gloomy tone. Although I didn't like dealing with the police, this crime was too obvious.

He handed me a form and I filled it out before he returned my father's documents and the letters.

"I've made a report to investigate this case. We will let you know if there are any developments in this case," he said.

"What about the deadline" I said as I put all the documents in my bag.

"Just ignore it. Since this is a fraud the vacate letter becomes invalid until the investigation is completed."

"Then can you give me some information about my mom" I asked again. That was all that matters to me, I wanted to know where she was and why she was doing this to me and Celia... to her own children. I remembered she used to love us back then, but she acted colder as we were getting older. That's why we were closer to father than she was.

"Anything is fine," I added.

Seeing me desperately trying to find her, he typed something on his keyboard and tilted the monitor at me once more.

"That's all we know, sir," he said apologetically.

My gaze was fixed on the screen which only had a little data about my mother. The only useful information there was the office where my mother applied for that loan, Aeros Gold Bank Barnsley district, Lightglen City. The rest... Even the address on the ID was the address of her old apartment in Ironshade Town.

"Thank you..." I said in a disappointed tone. I thought I could get more information than this.

He fixed the monitor position.

"Is there anything else I can help you with, sir"

"Nothing. Thanks for your help."

"Thank you for your trust in our company," he said with a slight nod.

I nodded slightly and stood up from my seat. As my feet moved towards the front door, the sound of a nearby public TV made me turn to it.

"- still remains a mystery."

My steps stopped and I stiffened when I saw a familiar short building on the TV screen. A police line stretched out in front of it. I quickly recognized the building since that was where the rat demons killed me.

"The police and the demon hunter association believe this massacre as the demons' attack, yet they found no sign of their presence around the place. Apart from the six bodies in the storage room, the police also found an unknown person's blood in another room. From the massive amount of blood, the association estimates that the demons have also managed to kill another victim whose whereabouts are unknown."

My heart beat fast. Why didn't it occur to me before It wasn't an old building and it was too neat to be called an empty building, of course, there were people who worked in the building before the demons took over their duties. When I fled from there, I didn't realize that there were other victims in the building since I was too panicked, other than that all I could smell was the smell of my own blood.

"The police have sent the blood sample to the laboratory to identify the victim."

My heart beat even faster when I heard it. They would have been able to identify that I was the last victim with my blood sample and since I was still alive, they would have guessed that I was the demon that took over Ethan Strongheart's body.

"From the unique DNA sample, the police currently estimate the victim is an unknown Hybrid-beast."

That last information made me relieved since it meant they couldn't detect my identity from my blood. Although I was a little confused, I guessed the dark power had changed my blood. My demon blood had populated my blood that had been dripping before so the blood sample was not matched with my human blood sample, but matched my current blood sample. In other words, once they got a sample of my current blood, then my identity would be exposed.

'Thank goodness Foxy washed my suit before I threw it away,' I thought as I grabbed my umbrella and walked out of the place. I remembered my blood almost covered my dad's suit from the battle with the Imps on the rooftop last week and if the police or the demon hunter association found that suit, then my normal life would be over.

My hands opened my umbrella and I walked on the wet sidewalk.

'I have to be more careful...'

Note: You can read DLS chapter 88 to understand what happens better.


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