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The Incubus System Chapter 253: Friend or Foe

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The Incubus System Chapter 253. Friend or Foe

After they left, we finished our lunch accompanied by some small chat. Mostly about next week's exam. Occasionally, we talked about the recent demon attacks. But this time I didn't ask about his 'online game guild' since I wanted to avoid his suspicions. Although... I was quite curious about the association's plan after discovering what happened yesterday.

"Do you remember the mysterious person I told you about" said Larry out of blue as his ass landed on the seat after he put the tray back on the counter.

I put down my cup of tea.

"Yeah, I remember it," I said. I quickly caught who he meant was me or rather my Demonic Form. I didn't expect he would bring this up even though I didn't ask him, but as a demon hunter, I guessed he actually had his own difficulties. Maybe he wanted to tell me many things, just to let out his thoughts and burdens, yet he couldn't say it including to his family. So since he assumed I thought this was all just an online game, he took the opportunity to say what was on his mind.

"I met him yesterday." His tone of voice and face turned serious.

"That's good. What do you think about him" Although I hated to admit it and felt no different from what Larry did before, I couldn't deny I wanted to know how he saw me as a demon. Did he see me as an enemy despite what I do Or a comrade

He shook his head side to side slowly. From his expression, it was clear he was deep in thought.

"I don't know. It's just... A little complicated for me." A clear confusion was evident on his face.

"I can't pinpoint whether he is a friend or foe. No one in our guild dares to take any conclusion either. He is a wild card for us... No one can predict what he will do nor where and when he will appear."

"Can't you judge him by what he's done" I couldn't say I was a 'good' demon since I did have my own agenda, but at least from what I did, they could tell my intentions. After all, I had said many times that I was not their enemy.

Again, he gave me a 'no' head shake.

"Maybe he helps us now, but he can turn to us next time. Besides--" I could catch a bit of worry and fear in his eyes.

"---his power. He's too strong and has incredible strength... I've never found someone as strong as him, even the strongest monster I've ever defeated wasn't as strong as him."

"So your guild is afraid of him just because he's strong and you guys don't know him" I tried to conclude.

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown. Have you ever heard that quote" Sometimes he could turn wise out of nowhere.

"I have," I said with a sigh. I couldn't deny humans were afraid of everything they didn't know. Moreover, I was a demon.

"My guild can't draw any conclusions because of that, because we don't know who he is, where he comes from, what his main intentions are and why he helps us." A short pause followed.

"And... The fact that he was strong only made it even worse," he explained in a serious tone.

I couldn't help but remain silent since I would probably experience the same fear if I were in their position.

"So you won't ask him to teach you, won't you" I asked.

A long breath escaped his mouth.

"It's impossible. He won't teach me. He can't... Because we are too different." His disappointment was evident in his tone of voice.

"Well, you can learn from your other guild members. I'm sure your guild has a lot of other strong members, right" I tried to cheer him up. Even though Larry looked like a mess, seeing how he fought against the demons and how his attitude changed after he put on the demon hunter uniform, I could tell he had a high responsibility for this profession.

But my encouragement instead got different results. His face turned pale again as if I reminded him of something bad.

"I-I think I will pass. Instead of a mentor, I think I'd rather find a sparring partner," he stammered.

And I could guess I kind of reminded him of Ruby.

"Um, yeah. A sparring partner seems like a good idea." I didn't know what Ruby had done to him and was actually quite curious about it. Unfortunately, I was sure he wouldn't tell me.

"By the way, what was the strongest monster you've ever defeated looks like" I decided to ask something else. I was also quite curious about this.

"Hmmm... It's hard to explain. But their shape is not much different from the demon that attacked you in the hospital," he explained.

My awkward smile almost appeared on my lips but I desperately held it.

"Is that so..." I said simply. No, the problem wasn't because his strongest opponent was the Imps, but the fact that he forgot that the one who saw the demon form at the hospital a few days ago was 'the heroic demon hunter' not 'Larry'. So he shouldn't know that demon looked like.

He frowned at me after he noticed my strange expression.

"Why---" He paused and his face turned into panic. It seemed that he had realized his previous sentence was a mistake.

We exchanged gazes. An awkward grin began to appear on our faces. From our gaze, we agreed to let this slide and say nothing more about this.

I glanced at the clock and realized it was 02.46 PM now.

"I have to go now." I drank the rest of my tea which was almost cold.

"Are you going to see Miss Diamond again" he guessed.

"Yeah, the project requires careful planning." Although I didn't mind, I couldn't tell him about my relationship with Diamond since it was about the college's good name and reputation.

"I wonder why you are so popular now." I caught a bit of his envy from his tone of voice.

"Popular" I asked.

"Yeah... Especially among women."

I never considered myself popular. Well... Maybe unless I was in my Incubus Form. Damian had a handsome face and a good body so it was a natural thing. But after seeing another Incubus, I was sure as lust demon, all Incubus had attractive faces and bodies for the opposite sex. The same went for Succubus.

"Is it because of Emma and Olivia" I asked.

"It's not just them." He glanced left and right before leaning over to me.

"I think Miss Diamond likes you," he whispered. Then he pulled his face away and gave me an 'I'm sure of it' look.

'Wait... Since when did he become this sensitive,' I thought in panic.

"I don't think so. She treats me like other students and there is nothing special about our relationship," I said as calmly as possible.

"Really" he said in disbelief.

"Yeah." I stood up from my seat and took my bag.

"I really need to go now. See you tomorrow." I couldn't expose my relationship with Diamond for this college sake.

"See ya." After that answer, I threw my cup in a nearby trash can and walked to the exit.

My legs moved through the corridor to the office. As usual, I knocked on the door before I entered her office and made sure the CCTVs were off. Diamond already said she wasn't as busy as yesterday, so I was sure we would be spending more time today. As my eyes fell on Diamond, I quickly noticed something unusual about her, but I only let out a sigh with her little play. My hand locked the door and I walked over to the Kraken lady, who was waiting for me behind her desk. Her hands took off her glasses. A naughty smile on her lips.

As I stopped in front of her desk, I smirked.

"Miss Pearl, what are you doing here" I said in a relaxed tone.

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