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The Incubus System Chapter 254: Twin Krakens I

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The Incubus System Chapter 254. Twin Krakens I

Despite I peeled off her disguise easily, the mischievous smirk on Pearl's face didn't change. Even though she was wearing Diamond clothes and glasses, also drawing a fake beauty mark under her eye, I could recognize her from the status above her head. And since Pearl already knew my identity, I was pretty sure this wasn't her idea.

She leaned her body forward, put her elbow on the desk and her chin on the back of her hand as if she was challenging me and showing she already expected my reaction.

"I'm waiting for you. What else" she purred like a tame cat. Her eyes travelled from the top of my head down to my body. Even though she had seen my human form last night, our situation did not allow her to observe my appearance. After all, she rarely saw me in this form.

For a moment, I was quite confused, why she was here. Didn't she say she wanted to take a rest today But my confusion only lasted a moment as Diamond's words crossed my mind.

'Because I have a dream ... To share you with my sister. Unfortunately, she already has another man.'

My smirk widened since I didn't expect this surprise and of course I couldn't wait to try it.

'She just discovered my true identity yesterday, yet she can't hold herself.' My heart even started pounding as my mind started to run wild.

I glanced to my side and realized someone was hiding behind the sofa. Unfortunately, with my Vision skill, her status was visible above her head. A breath came out of my mouth.

"Diamond, I know you're hiding behind the sofa," I said in a casual tone without looking at her.

Hearing her name being called, Diamond came out with an annoyed face.

"How could you possibly know that" she said with a pout.

But rather than me, Pearl was the one who answered.

"I told you, it won't work on him," she said with a nonchalant shrug.

Diamond walked over to us and stopped near me. Meanwhile, my hand placed my bag on the chair beside me casually before turning to her. Since Pearl was wearing Diamond's clothes, she was wearing Pearl's sexy black dress. That dress showed her body curve clearly including her cleavage, expelling the Chairwoman image from her.

"But how is that possible" Diamond complained to Pearl. Then she turned to me.

"Haven't you only seen my sister once"

"I just know it wasn't you," I said without giving her a clear reason. A confident smirk on my lips.

And she just replied with a pout since her trap failed.

I returned my gaze to Pearl.

"So--- Why are you here Hm Miss Pearl," I said in a teasing tone even though I could already guess the reason. My eyes fell on Pearl full of temptation as if I stripped her with it.

A fake tired breath came out of Pearl's mouth as she leaned her back on the chair nonchalantly. This time, she placed her elbow on the chair handle and her fingers played with her hair. She tilted her head slightly and smiled shyly, trying to act cutely at me.

"Um... I'm bored and my man is busy right now. So I decided to visit my beloved sister and play with you." From her spoiled tone, I could understand how she enjoyed her act since Diamond didn't know my identity yet.

I chuckled.

"You want to play with me Are you sure your man isn't mad at you for this" I teased her. There was nothing I could do but follow her game.

"I don't think he will mind this," she said in a teasing tone.

Assuming I was the one who objected to this, Diamond held my hand. I turned to her and could see her pleading look.

"I know the contract didn't say anything about this. But... My sister said she wants to know you better---" Then I could see her hesitation on her face.

"---from the 'inside' and the 'outside'. Do you mind if my sister joins us today I promise we will do it gently." From her voice, it was clear she was expecting my approval. Well, it was their dream to serve the same man and suddenly Pearl agreed to it.

"Which inside do you mean" I teased her.

But instead of Diamond, my question was answered by a tickling movement on my crotch. I turned in the direction of the movement. My eyes caught a tentacle that stretched from under the desk to me or rather in front of my cock. That tentacle wriggled slowly, trying to wake my cock, like a cat stroking its head on its master's body.

"This one~" Pearl said in a sweet voice.

"Pearl, stop it!" Diamond scolded me with a frown since what Pearl did was disrespectful to someone she just met, especially since my current status was her sister's man.

I smirked. My eyes fell on Pearl.

"My... Your sister is so bold. Touching a man's 'precious' without permission."

But Pearl replied to me with a pleading look and pouted cutely.

"Um~ Pardon me, I can't help myself. It looks so tasty from here~" Pearl said with the same smirk. Slowly her tentacle moved away from me.

Meanwhile, Diamond's face looked panicked. She was afraid that Pearl's boldness would destroy everything.

"Please forgive her. She's just too excited to see you," she said as she glared at Pearl. And Pearl responded with another nonchalant shrug and shifted her gaze to the other side, showing she didn't feel sorry about it.

"Um..." Seeing her sister's reaction, Diamond muttered as her eyes swept around her as if she was trying to find a way to ease the 'tension' between the two of us. Her hand quickly took a report on her desk and gave it to me.

"Yesterday you wanted a report about the student's development, right I already made it for you."

Without a word, I took the report casually and she guided me to sit down. My eyes fixed on the report moved side to side. I could say the result was quite good since all the students had given their answers, either they chose to stay in that college or transfer to another college. But either way, I hoped it all went well for them.

As I read that report, I could feel some tentacles' movement from beside me. The tentacles clung to my arms and sneaked into my clothes.

"You won't mind if my sister comes along with us, right" A spoiled voice came from Diamond who was sitting on the chair beside me. I turned to her and could see her eyes looking at me pleadingly. Then she continued her words in hesitation.

"I mean... Two Kraken might be a bit..." Her words stopped. I bet she thought I might not be able to handle them.

I brought my face closer to Diamond and smirked. My hand grabbed her chin, making sure she couldn't turn away from me.

"Do you think I can't handle both of you" I whispered.

"So... you agree" said Diamond as her eyes locked on me.

"With one condition." My naughty smile started to appear.

"What is it"

"I'm gonna play rough today. "

Again, a tentacle's movement in front of my cock answered me. And I could already guess whose it was.

"I don't mind~" Pearl purred. Again, her tentacle moved like a spoiled cat in front of my cock.

"Your sister seems to be unable to hold herself to eat me. So what's your answer" I whispered. With their tentacles all over my body, I wasn't sure I could hold myself back.

"I don't mind either," replied Diamond.

"Good." I extended my hand to Pearl, giving the report to her. And her tentacle took it.

"Do you want to do it here or do you have another place"

"How about in front of the mirror like last time I really enjoyed it." Her eyes pointed to where she was referring to.

I glanced at the place she pointed. A large sofa was in front of the large mirror on the side of the room. And a carpet with soft fur was in front of the sofa. It reminded me of what I did to her the other day.

"You are really naughty, aren't you"

After that, I stood up from my chair and walked to the sofa.

"C'mon, I will feed both of you till you are satisfied."

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