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The Incubus System Chapter 255: Twin Krakens II (18 )

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The Incubus System Chapter 255. Twin Krakens II

As my feet moved, I took off my clothes one by one, exposing my naked body and plopped myself on the sofa with my back facing them. I pressed my back to the sofa and tilted my head slightly towards them. My hand went up and I waved my index finger, asking them to come closer. A seductive smirk on my lips.

From the reflection in front of me, I could see they approached me slowly, closing the distance between us. Their hands took off their clothes, one by one their pieces of clothes fell, creating traces on the floor. Their eyes were full of excitement with the smirk on their lips and their legs slowly turned into tentacles.

As they arrived behind me, their tentacles descended on me from behind the sofa like a swarm of snakes slithering to attack me. Their tentacles clung to my body, touching my skin as their bodies slid from behind to the sofa, placing me in the middle of them. While I opened my arms and hugged their bare waists.

They put their heads on my shoulder intimately. Their hands travelled across my face, my neck and the top of my chest. Their soft breasts pressed against my sides, giving me warmth from both sides. I could feel their breaths tickling my neck, their racing hearts in anticipation like mine and their giggles ringing in my ears.

"You have no idea how long we've been waiting for this," Pearl whispered and ended it with a cheeky kiss on my cheek.

While Diamond licked the other side of my neck before biting my earlobe and whispering.

"You're the naughtiest student I ever have~"

I replied with a chuckle.

"And both of you are the craziest twins I've ever met."

Pearl moved her head away from me and looked me in the eyes.

"Crazy" Her finger travelled between my eyes and my cheek, tracing my face and her gaze following it.

"But we haven't started yet," she said in a spoiled tone.

"Then shall we make this lucky man feel good, sis" said Diamond with a naughty smirk.

"With pleasure~" After that answer, their tentacles wiggled, its suckers sucked my skin and moved quickly, filling all parts of my body like a swarm of hungry snakes. The strange tickling feeling stimulated my skin, giving me a pleasant yet slippery sensation and left faint red marks on my body, bathing me with its liquid.

"Uff..." A slight groan escaped my mouth and I could feel all the muscles in my body getting tense as their tentacles slithered to my groin and cock. The extraordinarily delicious tingling sensation spurred my mating urge.

I looked down, watching how their tentacles played with their favourite toy, watching at how its suckers kissed my whole cock lustfully, watching at how it wet my cock with its liquid and shook it, watching at how it tickled my balls. Their wiggles were so wild yet gentle. The tip gently touched it and swirled around, massaging my cock which always ended with a kiss from its sucker and they did it alternately to all over my cock, including my balls.

"Oh!" I jolted as I raised my head slightly when one of the tentacles was wiggling right on my glans before ending it by tickling the tip with its slimy tip. I could feel how its tip tickled my urethral opening as if it was a tiny tongue licking it. In just a few seconds my cock hardened and was fully awake.

Again, they ended it with a kiss from its sucker. But unlike the rest of my body, this time it sucked hard as if forcing my unready load to come out. I gritted my teeth and jolted again.


'Shit! This is so good...' In just a moment my breath got heavier. My lust demanded me to execute them immediately yet my body demanded more. I wanted more pleasure, more touch, more all of this.

Their giggles came from both sides of me.

"Do you really enjoy it" Diamond seduced me.

"Ah!" They yelped as I shifted my hands to their shoulders and squeezed their chest impatiently, feeling the suppleness and softness in my palms. Then my kiss landed on their faces.

"Give me more," I demanded in a hunting breath.

"As you wish," Pearl whispered.

This time their tentacles' movements changed again. It slithered slowly below my cock and rubbed it from my balls to the tip. Meanwhile, another tentacle continued to stimulate my glans.

"Yes... That's it..." My waist started to move in tune with their movements.

The tentacles drive me crazy. My body shivered because of their touch that kept raining down on me. A wave of pleasure began to sweep through my senses, my mind and my body. I could feel my cock grow tense and my load was getting full as I enjoyed their tentacles' movements.

Without a warning, suddenly Diamond tilted my head to her, bumping my lips to hers. Her tongue began to enter my mouth and twisted with my tongue. Her hands hugged my body tighter and pulled her body closer to mine, pressing her breasts to me.

"Mmpph --- Mmpph ..." We tilted our heads and deepened our kisses. I sucked her tongue, hard, as our kisses were getting dirtier by every second.

Meanwhile, Pearl tickled my ear with her tongue before her lips fell on my neck down to my shoulder. After that I could feel a bite accompanied by suction from it, leaving a red mark on my shoulder.

As they worked together, my fingers moved to tip their breasts and quickly recognized something hard there. My index finger and thumb pinched their hardened tips gently and rotated them.

"Ah!" Their yelping sounded like a nice orchestra to me. Their faces turned red and their breathing grew heavier. Their tentacle movements were getting wilder. It overwhelmed me like a giant mess cable ball. Two of them wiggled in front of my face. Without hesitation, I licked and sucked them. The tips of the tentacles wriggled in my mouth and danced with my tongue. Meanwhile, they stuck their tongue to my cheeks and licked it. Their hands travelled to the rest of my body between their tentacles.

My mating urge was getting higher and higher. But my body kept demanding more. My hands released their breasts and pulled their tentacles from my mouth.

"Suck me. Make me feel good," I said in a ragged breath.

Hearing my orders, Pearl immediately descended. While I spread my legs. She lowered her body between it and released her tentacles including Diamond's tentacles. With lust, she put my hot flesh deep into her mouth and sucked it. Her hand tickled my balls and her other hand hugged my leg.

"Pearl, it should be my turn," said Diamond. Her annoyance was evident in her voice.

"Yeah, it's your turn now," I said with a smirk. Then I pulled Diamond to me, once again my lips caught hers and my tongue went into it. My other hand slipped between her tentacles towards her entrance. My thumb rubbed on it, stimulating her clitoris and I could feel how wet she was. Even though I only touched the outside, her liquid began to flow out, soaking my fingers. Her pussy was twitching as if inviting my fingers to enter to explore it.

I released my kiss and chuckled as all the stimulation brought my lust to the top of my head. Then without warning, I used my skill.

'Demonic Erection lv2.'

[Demonic Erection has been activated.]

My cock enlarged and extended inside Pearl's mouth. At the same time, I pushed my cock deep into her throat and shifted my hand that wrapped around Diamond's neck to the back of Pearl's head, making her unable to escape from me. She coughed but her voice was swallowed by Diamond's yelp.

"Anghh...!" A loud erotic voice came out of Diamond's mouth as her body jerked in surprise when my two fingers entered her pussy and moved wildly and roughly, pushing against her inner wall, preparing her for the biggest of mine.

"Ugh!" While a groan also came out of my mouth as the pleasure in my body was getting higher.

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