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The Incubus System Chapter 256: Twin Krakens III (18 )

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The Incubus System Chapter 256. Twin Krakens III

Upon my sudden rough movements, their tentacles went wild. The gentleness of their wiggling and the sucking sensation of their suckers swept all over my body. A burst of desires roused my flesh and mind that was being stimulated over and over.

"Mmph!" Diamond suddenly hugged my head tightly, stuffing her breast into my mouth, silencing me with the softness of her breast. I replied by inserting my third finger. While my tongue moved, playing with her nipple, turning it side to side.

"Ahnnn!" she yelped as my fingers moved roughly, like a fish flapping inside her pussy. But just for a moment, I changed my movement. I moved my fingers back and forth impatiently as if it was my cock that thrust her. And every time I inserted it, my fingertips pressed against her inner wall, pushing it to get loose. Her liquid covered my fingers and my palm even flowed between her tentacles, showing how impatient and hungry her pussy was.

Meanwhile, Pearl was still busy with my cock. Even though I had loosened my hand since I didn't want her to keep choking or run out of breath because of it, she was the one who forced herself to push my big cock into her throat. It was too big for her mouth since I used my Demonic Erection lv 2. Still, she didn't care. She licked it, sucked it, tickled it with her tongue and stuffed it in her mouth greedily as if it was her favourite giant hotdog. And she didn't want to share it with anyone even though it was too big for her.

I released Diamond's breast and placed my head between her supple breasts, feeling how hot it was against my cheeks. My mouth and tongue moved from side to side licking, kissing and sucked them. The sound of her pounding heart sounded clear in my ears.

A few seconds later, after I was satisfied with all their service, I released Diamond and pushed Pearl away from my cock.

"Face the mirror and bend your body. Both of you. I will give you my biggest one," I said in a ragged breath.

Assuming I want to execute them, they did as I tell them to. They pulled their tentacles from my body. Without saying a word, they got off the sofa and bent their knees or rather their tentacles. Their eyes were at the reflection in front of them which showed their flushed faces clearly and their chests that moved up and down impatiently.

I got off the sofa and put my hands behind their necks once I was behind them. Slowly, I pushed their bodies forward and their hands dropped onto the carpet. As if on cue, they opened their tentacles, exposing their holes to me. It was a beautiful sight for every man. Their holes had loosened up, giving me a little glimpse of their pale inner flesh. Their fluids had soaked their entrances and it dripped down between their tentacles. It looked like they begged me to put my cock in immediately. Even with that massive liquid, I was quite sure I could put my normal size cock in one rough push.

A smirk appeared on my lips. My knees dropped on the carpet and caressed Pearl's entrance with my hard cock. I traced the sides of her hole with my glans, moistening it with her liquid. As her tender entrance rubbed against my cock, I could feel her pussy throbbing, as if it was asking me to insert it in immediately. One of my hands caressed her ass and the other on Diamond's ass.

"Should I ** you first" I teased. My eyes were on Pearl's reflection who was looking at me with a pleading look.

My mouth let out a short chuckle as my waist pushed my cock into hers. But I pulled it again after I let her taste the head of my cock for a moment.

"Ethann!" she sulked in a spoiled tone.

And I replied with a teasing smile.

"Not yet Pearl."

Then I approached Diamond, same as before I teased her pussy with my cock. My eyes fell on her reflection in the mirror.

"Please..." she whispered.

I smirked and pushed my cock a bit into hers just like what I did to Pearl. But a bit different from before, I leaned my body forward, placing my head on the side of her face.

"No," I whispered. Then I pulled my body and my cock from her.

- Plak!

Without warning, a spank landed on their ass followed by a yelp from their mouth before I caressed and squeezed them. Then my hands went down to their entrance. Once again, my fingers entered their holes.

"I wonder... Which one will be the first" I said in a teasing voice. My eyes were on the mirror, staring at the reflection of a crazy model student with a pair of slutty Krakens who asked him to ** them immediately.

"Me! Please ** me, Ethan. I can't stand anymore," Diamond said without hesitation in a pleading voice. Her ragged breath came from her voice. Since I was her man, it was a natural thing for her.

"But, I'm the one that made you erect," whined Pearl in objection. Just like Diamond, her heavy breath sounded in her tone.

I chuckled. Somehow I felt so satisfied to see their reaction, but I didn't want to see them fighting over me. I wanted all my partners and servants to live and serve me in harmony.

After pulling my fingers from their pussy, I licked my fingers without taking my eyes off their reflections, letting the sweet taste of nectar fill my mouth. My tongue could taste the different sweetness of each of them.

"What should I do" I teased again. My knees moved forward between both of them. At the same time, I used my Demonic Erection.

'Demonic Erection lv 3.'

I stopped. Their eyes widened in shock when they realized how big my cock was. They looked at the large object that was between them.

"Afraid" I asked in a casual tone. Both of them had experienced this before. Still, seeing it was intimidating them.

Diamond gulped.

"No." Her eyes were on my cock.

Meanwhile, Pearl licked her lips in temptation.

"You know what to do. I will choose who I will ** first from this," I said.

Without further ado, they kissed my cock from both sides. Their tongues moved to lick it with passion. The tingling sensation came back from my lower part. I could feel their breath on my cock. My eyes were on both of them, watching how these twins could share a man to satisfy them in harmony, enjoying a cock that would enter their private hole in turn. Yes, this time, I didn't want to use my mouth to satisfy them. I wanted to cum inside both of them.

I put my hands on the back of their heads and pulled them to bring their faces closer to my cock.

"Uh!" I tilted my head backward slightly and grunted, enjoying every stimulation. Unlike before, this time they moved like a good team, as if there was only one on their minds. Give me satisfaction.

But only for a moment, I took my hands away from their heads. Impatiently, I retreated and pushed my cock into Pearl's in one rough push without a single word. My cock rubbed against her inner wall roughly. This was amazing, she was really narrow and crazily tight, although her lubricant was enough to put mine in her. As my cock in hers, her inner wall clamped my hard cock or rather I was the one who filled her pussy with mine.

"Ohhh----yesss!" A loud erotic voice came out of her mouth as her body jerked in pleasure. Without a pause, I held her waist with my hands and moved my hips without mercy. Her tentacles gripped me, making sure I wouldn't let her go. Her sultry moan changed to a loud erotic moan mixed with ragged breath followed by truncated sentences. She raised her head in enjoyment, her cheeks flushed red and sweat soaked her face and body.

"Yes ... Ah ... - hah - hah - Ethan ... Hah-ah-ah ... harder ... Oh ... Yes ... Harder ..." she moaned loudly as she called my name. Her body shook violently every time I thrust my cock into her so did her hanging breasts.

I smirked.

"Harder" I pulled my cock away without completely releasing it from her and pushed it again in one rough push.

"Oh! Yesss! ----Yesss!" she jolted. Her face was lifted upwards revealing an expression that showed how much she enjoyed it.

"Ahh ... You made a good sound ...- hah-ah-hah -..." An evil smirk on my lips. My waist moved back and forth as my hand pulled her hips in tune. Rammed my waist with her round butt, making sure my cock fully went in deeply.

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