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The Incubus System Chapter 257: Twin Krakens IV (18 )

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The Incubus System Chapter 257. Twin Krakens IV

Meanwhile, Diamond bit her lower lip as her eyes locked at us. I could catch her envy since I did it with Pearl first, so she had to be patient waiting for her turn. I turned to her, pointed my index finger and moved it towards me repeatedly without stopping my waist movement.

"Do you want to join us" I asked between my ragged breath.

"Yes," Diamond said and she followed my request, shifting her body next to Pearl. Her tentacles were still wide open, showing me her hole and her face still facing the mirror.

My fingers rubbed Diamond's entrance and pressed it due to my waist movements. Then I plunged my three fingers into her sweet spot and slid deeper.

"Ahn....!" jolted Diamond. She gasped for breath as my fingers wiggled, tickling inside her. Meanwhile, I also used my body movement to move my fingers in and out of it.

Their ragged breath mixed with their moans filled the room. As the seconds passed, they moved their waists to make my cock and fingers go deeper. I chuckled in satisfaction upon their reaction and also their expression...

"Anghhh --- ahhh! Ethan --- I'm coming ---" Pearl screamed. I accelerated my pace and put my concentration on Pearl.

"Anghhh --- ahhh! ... Aghhh!" Pearl's body raised slightly as I fired my semen inside her.


[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[You have gained EXP! ]

After I finished shooting all my loads, Pearl's body dropped to the carpet weakly, releasing my cock from her pussy, as if her hands and tentacles couldn't hold her body anymore. Her breath was panting, but a satisfied smile graced her face, indicating that she had reached her climax. My white liquid came out of her pussy. That liquid also covered my limp cock.

I noticed Diamond's envious gaze at Pearl since Pearl had already got her climax while she had to start from foreplay again. She had never seen me do it with other women before, so she didn't know this was not a problem for me.

When her attention was still on Pearl, I used my skill.

'Demonic Erection lv 3.'

[Demonic Erection has been activated.]

My cock enlarged and extended again. As she was still off guard, without warning, I grabbed her waist and pushed my cock into her pussy.

"Aghhhh!" she jolted and yelped in shock. Her body and head bent backwards slightly. Her face turned red. Her hands gripped the carpet tightly as my cock forced its way deeper. When all of my cock was in, I leaned my body forward, pressing my torso on her back and putting my head beside her head.

"Don't turn your eyes from me, Diamond," I whispered in a seductive voice. My eyes looked at her reflection and a smirk on my lips.

Meanwhile, a weak chuckle came from Pearl's mouth who lay exhausted beside us. She already knew my identity, and also knew this wasn't a problem for me since I could get an erection whenever I wanted.

Once again, I started moving my waist back and forth wildly. She had enough of foreplay and her pussy had loosened due to my fingers so I wouldn't start all over again. Our ragged breath and moans filled the room. In just a few minutes, she tightened her grips. It was faster than Pearl but I could understand, considering all the stimulation she received.

I sped up my pace. It was natural for Incubus like me to predict when I could cum together with my woman.

"Ahhh... Ahh... I'm cum--- Annn." Loud screams from her mouth filled the room as we shot our hot load inside hers. A great satisfaction filled my body and my mind.


[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[You have gained EXP! ]

I could feel her body weaken, but before she collapsed I landed a kiss on her lips. And did the same on Pearl after I removed my cock from Diamond.

Plopping myself to the carpet, my eyes stared at the twins lying weakly breathlessly in front of me. Their tentacles turned into a pair of legs that were wide open facing me. My gaze shifted from side to side, looking at my cum that was still dripping on their pussy. As I stared at my white liquid that was still there, a surge of pride rose in my heart.

'To think I could do something this crazy in a short time.' I remembered I was still a poor virgin two weeks ago. But now... I was already slept with some women including my crush, did some kinky sex games, had an orgy and not to mention I had slept with my own sister and my demonic mother.

My hand brushed my hair backwards. My gaze shifted to my reflection in the mirror, staring at the naked skinny man with a limp cock staring at me. A body that shouldn't be strong enough to withstand two Kraken's tentacle gripping forces. Something that should have made me scream in pain and beg for mercy yet I did it without a sweat.

"You are crazy, Ethan..." I muttered in a low voice.


I leaned my back into the sofa casually as I shifted my hands on Pearl and Diamond waists who were sitting beside me. Their heads rested on my shoulders intimately.

"Feel better" I said with a casual tone as I shifted my gaze from side to side. Just like me, they were already wearing their clothes and since I used Demonic Erection lv 3, their faces looked brighter and they looked more energetic.

"Um-hum," they answered me in a spoiled mumble. Pearl's hand slipped into my t-shirt and her fingers traced my chest. While Diamond's hand rubbed my cock, even though I was already wearing my jeans. A mischievous smile on their lips.

"You know---I really enjoyed it, Ethan. It's much better than yesterday," said Diamond in a spoiled tone.

"Because you did it together with your sister" I guessed. Well, yesterday we only did a quickie, I was not satisfied with that either.

"We've always wanted to do this for a long time. Of course, we really enjoyed it," Pearl replied and ended it with a light kiss on my cheek. Her expression showed her enjoyment clearly. She even looked a lot happier than when we did it together with Mia.

"Pearl, your man won't be mad at you because of this, right" asked Diamond. I caught her concern in her tone.

"I mean even though your man has allowed it, but what we did was kinda crazy," she explained her point.

Pearl and I looked at each other. I knew she wanted to tell her sister that Ethan and Damian were the same person and so was I. But how Admitting I was a demon without good preparation wasn't a good idea. Even if Pearl was with me, Diamond could have thought I had tricked her or brainwashed her like what Myra had accused me of. I was quite lucky yesterday since I was able to show my sincerity by fighting those demons and protecting them so I could prove that I was different from other demons. But now... How could I prove this to her I was not sure I could prove it just by letting her examine me with her tentacles just like Pearl did yesterday.

"Pearl..." Diamond called her name with a frown since she didn't answer.

"I'm sure he will be fine with this." Pearl finally answered.

"Are you sure You're not going to fight over this, are you" Diamond made sure.

"Of course not." Pearl glanced at me as if asking what we should do. Teasing Diamond was really fun but if we wanted to do this more often, we had to find a way to tell Diamond my identity. And we couldn't do it carelessly.

"Then" asked Diamond.

I sighed and decided to tell her. If she couldn't accept it the only thing I could do was alter or erase her memory about my confession, even though it was very risky for me.

I just opened my mouth, but Pearl covered my lips with hers. As she broke her kiss, I could see the clear request in her eyes asking me to delay my confession.

[You have connected to Pearl .]

'Please give me time to convince her, Damian.' Her voice sounded in my head.


[You are disconnected with Pearl. ]

Pearl turned to Diamond who was quite surprised to see her boldness even though she was a bit dismissive of me on our first meeting.

"Like I said before. My man is a little busy right now so I'm kinda lonely and decided to play with ---" She returned her gaze to me and smirked.

" --- your naughty model student." Her finger's back brushed the side of my face.

"Besides this is common in Ledred and my man already knows about this," she added with a smile. Her eyes were on Diamond.

Finally, Diamond gave up.

"Fine. I just don't want what we did to destroy your relationship with your lover," she reminded.

Pearl's eyes glanced at me.

"Relax. I can't possibly betray my beloved man," she said with a sweet smile.

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