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The Incubus System Chapter 259: Stupid Unrequited Love

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The Incubus System Chapter 259. Stupid Unrequited Love

Ethan's PoV

04.12 PM

My feet moved slowly down Diamond Collage's corridor as my eyes were fixed on my cellphone in my hand. I should have been able to come home with my portal skill by now, but I decided to check out an online shopping app first after I heard some students talking about the great sale that was almost over on that app. My cellphone's screen showed an image of a large king-size bed with a huge 'Best Deal' sign on it. My eyes read the description including the deal before my finger hit the 'add to cart' button along with some of the bedsheets and paid for it.

'Right! Now I just need to wait for it,' I thought. Since it was big furniture, I put a special request about the date and time. I was just about to put on my phone but a message ringtone stopped me.

Tiffany: Good afternoon, Ethan. I have to visit a friend around your house this evening. Can I also pay a visit to you guys

'Did something happen' I knew it was me who invited her to come to my house a few days ago, but from the words 'visit a friend around my house' I guessed that her friend was Mrs Clea. Without hesitation, I replied to her message.

Me: Sure. What time do you want to come

I couldn't possibly let this go since this was my chance to ask her about my mother, maybe... A bit about the demon hunter if she wanted to leak it a bit. And I was pretty sure Celia didn't mind since she also wanted to meet Tiffany after I explained everything a few days ago. Although I still had to be careful, it could be Mrs Clea who sent her to investigate me. Well, that was completely a wild guess, but I preferred to stay alert than off guard.

Tiffany: How about around 06.00 PM

Me: Sounds good. See you later.

After that, I put my cellphone into my bag and pulled my bag zipper. Then I took my umbrella from my locker side and connected myself to my servants to tell them about our night hunting.

[You are connected with all of your servants.]

'Good afternoon, everyone,' I just greeted them, but their excited voices quickly sounded in my head.

'Good afternoon, Master,' said Foxy cheerfully.

'Your Highness, when will you come and play with me You know~ I don't mind with some snacks. I really want to do a lot of naughty things with you~' said Ivy in a seductive voice.

'Uf~ That nice thing in your trousers makes me wonder what it tastes like. Besides, I have to deal with those demon hunters all night. At least you have given a bit of reward, Your Highness,' said Maria in a spoiled tone.

'What about me I also want to be with you. I will be your cute kitty cat, Your Highness,' whined Luna.

'All of you! His Highness only said one sentence, yet all of you stormed him with your requests,' scolded Yuffy.

'But... I really hope Luna and I can move to your place soon, Your Highness,' she added. Yeah... That was another request.

How could I forget After all, Foxy was an innocent demon from a rural area and only concentrated on surviving. While the others were Lord Damon's followers who had been prepared to serve me, it was clear they showed a different attitude.

'I understand your requests. But in this human world, I am an ordinary student so I have to do my usual activities during the day just to avoid the humans' suspicion. I'm also preparing a few things before Luna and Yuffy can move into my house, it should be ready in two days.'

'Awww....' Their disappointed voices sounded like a sad orchestra, except for Foxy of course.

'If your space is too narrow why don't you just stay at my place This place is so big and I'm alone. At least I need you to warm my bed, Your Highness.' Maria tried to seduce me. Since she pretended to be Myra, all of Myra's wealth belonged to her. Also, according to what she said last night, it seemed like Lilieth had already sent all the passwords and information she needed to access Myra's essential things.

'The demon hunter association is still watching you. It's too risky,' I said.

'How about my place I'm sure Camila and Olivia don't mind that,' Ivy said.

'It's the same thing, Ivy. I'm sure the demon hunter is watching you too.'

'Uhhhh....' she whined.

'Be patient, everyone. Tonight we will do the night hunt together. For the location, we will use the Sea Devil Club's VIP room.' I already discussed this with Pearl via Telepathy earlier.

'Night Hunting in a nightclub' asked Luna in confusion.

'Pffttt! Did you forget His Highness is an incubus' teased Ivy.

'Ah! I get it!' Luna quickly caught I was planning to use my Shadow Ritual skill.

'Am I coming too, Master' Foxy asked.

'I'll do it with you at home, Foxy. We also need to secure Ironshade Town,' I replied. Although my Shadow Ritual's range was quite wide, I was not sure it could cover up to my house. So I decided to do it at my house just to make sure the area around it is safe from demons. Besides, that my other servants' levels were too far compared to Foxy and after I checked the skill's description, I found that the skill would divide the EXP equally and it would be determined by the level. Which meant, Foxy would only get a little EXP, nearly zero if she did it together with them.

'I understand, Master,' replied Foxy.

'Okay, I'll pick all of you up tonight. Maybe around 07. 30 PM or 08.00 PM.'

'We understand, Your Highness!' they answered.

'One more thing. Maria, how's the maid'

'I went to the hospital to pick her up this noon, but the doctor asked her to stay longer since she had partial amnesia, so they wanted to make sure she was okay,' answered Maria.

'How was her reaction' I asked. Even though I had erased her memories including the memory when Myra gave her to that Incubus, she could still have a bit of trauma on Myra.

'Not that bad. She recognized me as her boss and wasn't hysterical or scared to see me. She also looks normal, just a little confused. But she trembled when I held her hand.'

That meant she still had some trauma in her.

'Okay, let her stay in the hospital for now.'

'As you wish, Your Highness.'

'Do any of you want to report something to me' I asked before closing this conversation.

'We found a painting similar to Her Highness Lilieth in Miguel's private office last night, Your Highness. Camila said it was the painting of Princess of Euthenia that was lost a hundred years ago. But they don't know why Miguel had it, ' said Ivy.

'About that...' This was seriously ironic even for me to say it.

'Miguel helped Myra not because he loved her. But that's because he fell in love with Lilieth.'

'What!' All my servants shouted, including Foxy. Then they started commenting on their own.

'A human Falling in love with the Queen He should know his place!' said Ivy in displeasure.

'Disgusting!' scorned Maria

'It was an unrequited love. It's impossible,' said Foxy.

'Seriously!' said Luna.

'Girls, let me finish my story,' I said. And they went silent upon my request.

'He had the painting for a long time and was in love with it. Several years ago, he accidentally saw Lilieth come out of the crack. Because of that, he assumed Lilieth was captured by Lord Damon and he planned to release her. That's why he agreed to cooperate with Myra to enslave the demons and Lord Damon,' I explained.

And my words were replied to by mocking laughter from my servants.

'That's the funniest thing I've ever heard!' said Yuffy.

'That's definitely beyond pathetic!' said Luna.

I couldn't say anything since... Yeah--- it was beyond stupid.

'Right! So--- is there anything else you want to ask' I closed our conversation. Even though I was walking as slow as a snail, I was almost at the empty toilet near the yard now.

'Nothing, Your Highness,' they answered.

'Then see you tonight.'

After those words, I disconnected myself and went into the toilet to open my portal.

Reminder: Tiffany is Ethan's step sis.

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