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The Incubus System Chapter 261: Your Place and Mine Are The Same

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The Incubus System Chapter 261. Your Place and Mine Are The Same

05.36 PM

Celia and Foxy's laughter echoed in the kitchen. Their tears were visible in the corner of their eyes. Celia's hands were busy washing the dirty dishes and the cutting board. While Foxy cleaned the counter with a kitchen towel. Only a bowl of grated parmesan cheese and a block of cream cheese was left on the kitchen counter. While a pot of chicken pasta was on the stove.

I ,who was standing with my back to the counter frowned at them in an annoyed expression. My arms were folded in front of my chest.

"She's really annoying, you know You shouldn't laugh at me," I said in displeasure. I just told them about how Mrs Clea chased Elenna away. I thought they would worry about me or something like that, yet they laughed at me. I started to wonder if Mrs Clea's previous laughter was a genuine one since I thought she was just faking it before.

It took a while before their laughter stopped.

"I'm sorry, but it's so funny. How could she think you're a demon hunter." Celia placed the last plate on the dish rack and turned to me with a teasing smile after she dried her hands with a kitchen towel.

"I mean--- look at you. If you didn't say that you had turned into a demon or beat Bern in front of me, I wouldn't believe you could fight." Her giggle was still clear in between her voice. Her eyes were fixed on my body.

"To think a demon Prince like you gets into trouble because of this kind of thing," Foxy added before she continued her giggle.

My gaze shifted to Foxy.

"Right... Now you remind me of my status but you don't stop laughing," I said in the same tone. Then I turned to Celia.

"And must I remind you about what happened last night You complained about my body yet you enjoyed it," I said with a slightly red face. I couldn't deny I enjoyed it too and I feel calmer after I said about our origin last night. It was as if my burden had lessened a bit. At least I didn't feel lonely anymore.

Our eyes met and Celia's face also turned red. But just for a moment, she turned to the pot and examined it awkwardly. I knew she was embarrassed because she was the one who invited me to do it last night.

"Anyway, you're much stronger now. Why hasn't your body changed" Celia tried to divert our conversation. Her hand opened the pot lid. Hot steam accompanied by a fragrant smell rose from there. Quickly, she put in the rest of the ingredients before stirring it.

"I told you this is not my original form anymore, so my human appearance won't change." Yeah, I was aware of this. Even if my level increased. My power and strength increased. And even if I defeated hundreds of demons, my body shape wouldn't change because my Demonic Form was my original appearance. On the other hand, as my level increased, my original appearance and body shape also didn't change much since Demonic Power wasn't much different from Magic Power. That's why despite Lord Damon having massive Demonic Power, his body shape wasn't much different from mine. But judging from the heavy atmosphere around him, I was pretty sure he could beat me in seconds.

"Is that the reason why you changed to your original form last night" This time Celia's voice sounded a little gloomy.

I took one deep breath before answering.


Celia turned off the stove and turned to me.

"You said I'm also a Nephilim. Do I also have another form like you"

"If the seal inside you breaks. Maybe," I replied. But that wasn't easy since it required a massive Magic Power. I came to this conclusion, considering that even though my father had received the association's vaccine that possessed the Holy element, his seal didn't break. That's why Lilieth needed her unborn son's power to break my seal and revive me as her child.

"Okay, I understand," Celia said simply. Her hand gave the kitchen towel to Foxy and asked her to clean the dining table. Then Celia took the remaining dishes into the sink and washed them.

Seeing her flat reaction, I unfolded my arms and walked over to her. As my body was behind her, my hands wrapped around her waist.

"What's wrong" I said as I brought my body closer to her back. Although she didn't say anything, from her silence and expression I could tell she was thinking about something.

Her hand stopped and turned off the tap.

"Are you going to the dark dimension one day" she said without looking at me.

"Maybe..." I said. That was what would happen to me if Lord Damon died. Since there was only one Demon Prince, I had no choice but to replace him, ready or not.

"Since you are the Demon Prince, does it mean that you will stay there forever and leave me" she asked again.

I was speechless... at a loss for words to be precise.

'I won't give you to anyone. I won't leave you...' That what I said to her last night, somehow I felt how selfish I was to say something I couldn't keep.

"I have my portal skill, remember I'm sure I still can meet you even if I have to stay there," I cheered her up. Not only her but all my partners. After what we had been through, I couldn't just leave them alone. But taking them to the dark dimension didn't seem like a good choice since based on Foxy's story, the dark dimension was not a beautiful place where humans could live in peace.

She didn't answer me.

I tightened my hug.

"Celia" I called her name.

"If you have no other choice but to stay there, will you take me"

"What" I frowned in disbelief. Even I thought there was something wrong with my ears. Moving to the dark dimension was not as easy as moving out in the human world. That place was much more dangerous with the new rules and environment.

"Celia, it's not that easy," I continued. Although I couldn't imagine what the Dark Dimension looked like, the maid's memories left a bad impression on me.

She released my embrace and turned around. Rather than her gloominess, she smiled sweetly. Her smile soothed me.

"I'm a Nephilim like you, so I should be fine."

"You aren't afraid of it I mean---there will be a lot of strong demons there," I asked in confusion. My gaze showed how serious I was.

She giggled.

"Look who's talking. Have you forgotten how you used to be And how did Bern silence you in just one hit But look at you now. If my seal broke, wouldn't we be the same"

Although I hated to hear it, she was right. I was pathetically weak before even compared to Bern. I remembered he once hit me because I reprimanded him when he brought Celia back past midnight and I fell in just one hit. I didn't even have time to dodge and had a hard time getting back on my feet. In just that one hit, my head felt dizzy, my eyes were blurry and my ears were ringing. I felt so weak and had no strength compared to him. That was what made me look like a loser no matter how hard I tried. I even joined a gym to improve my body and take supplements before my father died, but it didn't work. I guessed it might have something to do with the seal since dad's body wasn't much different from mine when he was around my age.

And I could guess his body changed because of the association's vaccine. In other words, that seal made our bodies weaker than normal humans.

Her body came closer and she hugged me.

"After all, aren't we the Demon Lord's descendants So your place and mine are the same..." she said in a low voice.

"Do you really mind accompanying me to the dark dimension if I have to stay there one day" I clarified. A surge of happiness appeared within me.

"I know you already have new parents. But for me... you're my only brother. I don't want to lose you," she said in a gentle voice.

"Ehem...!" Foxy's voice made us turn to her. She stood near us with folded arms across her chest and a pout.

"I also want a hug," she said in a spoiled tone.

We exchanged glances before opening our arms to her.

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