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The Incubus System Chapter 263: Embarrassment

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The Incubus System Chapter 263. Embarrassment

After pausing for a moment out of shock and hearing a bit of my explanation, she took the letter out of curiosity and opened it. Although her embarrassment was evident on her face, as her eyes moved side to side, her previous weird expression was replaced by a tense expression.

"Has Celia known it" she said in a serious tone as soon as she finished reading it and returned the letter to me.

I shook my head from side to side.

"She still has her exam till the end of this week. I don't want bothered her by this." And I'd said a lot of things to Celia that were enough to stress her out, so I didn't want to add more of it, including the fact about my father's death. I even lost my calm after knowing it.

"Have you reported this to the Bank"

"I have. I decided to take this to court. I just want to ask, do you have any information regarding mom's whereabouts"

This time it was her turn to shake her head side to side.

"Unfortunately, no," she said in disappointment.

"Anything" I asked again.

She took out her cellphone and showed me a contact.

"This is all I know." I took my cellphone and put the contact in my cellphone.

"After they left Aeros, I don't know where they are, as if they were swallowed by the earth. And when I tried to contact them a few months ago, this number was blocked. But maybe the police can find out their last location from this," she suggested. I knew she didn't lie to me. Besides, there was no benefit to doing it either.

"They never contacted you again" I asked. I thought my mom and my step dad loved her, but in the end, she also ended up like me and Celia even though it was her choice.

She sighed either in annoyance or disappointment or sadness.

"It was me who didn't want to take their call. We had a big fight before I decided to leave them. So what do you expect If it weren't for my birth certificate, I probably wouldn't call them again." Her mixed feeling was clear in her tone of voice, though I didn't know what it was. Obviously, she was disappointed.

"Why do you need your birth certificate" We had ID after we turned 18 and it was enough to register anything, either for a bank registration or job application.

"Just to secure it. Who knows what they can do with it" From that, I could tell she didn't trust them anymore.

I sighed in disappointment since I couldn't get any information. My only clue was that phone number.

"To think she could go this far..." Her mutter returned my gaze to her.

"Well she could do this to my mom, of course, she could do it to you guys and her late ex-husband," she added. As she shifted her gaze to me, she noticed my gloomy expression.

"Don't worry, I'll definitely tell you what I know if they call me."

"Thank you," I said with a faint smile. Although I was a bit pessimistic they would contact her again, I was quite happy she was willing to help me.

Then I realized her face was turning red again and her nervousness was starting to show on her face. After a breath to calm herself, she smiled awkwardly.

"Is there anything else you want to talk to me about" Slowly, she turned her gaze the other way and lowered her head slightly.

"You are too close," she muttered under her breath. It was barely audible but somehow I could hear it just fine. Indeed we were kinda close, but I didn't invade her intimate space. So it kinda confused me, why did she feel embarrassed about this.

Actually, I didn't have any other questions, since that was all I wanted to ask. But her previous nervousness and reaction made me want to tease her.

"Then may I ask you about your previous reaction" Instead of a serious tone like before, I asked this in a casual tone.

"About what" she pretended. A trace of panic was evident in her tone.

"Why do you remind me of our relationship" I pointed out what I mean.

Now, her face was getting redder and turned into panic.

"Well... Since you said you wanted to show something private and important, so..." Her words stopped and she pressed her lips since she couldn't say anything else. After a breath that escaped her mouth, she turned to me.

"Just let it slide. It was just my bad thought."

I chuckled.

"Let me guess. Did you think I'll show you my 'Dong' Do you think I'm that crazy" I said straight to the point before I continued my laughter. I didn't know what Ruby had said to her to make her think that way.

And her face was getting redder in embarrassment and I could guess I guessed it right.

"Of course not!" she retorted.

"Really Then why are you panicking Why were you suddenly bringing up our relationship" I teased her.

Again, she pressed her lips and turned her face away.

"Y-You don't have to say it out loud, you know" she said in a low voice.

I couldn't stop my chuckle after I heard it. Seriously Even though our misunderstanding was cleared at our last meeting, did she think I would be so desperate to show her my d*ck at our next meeting Indeed, I was an Incubus but I was not that pathetic.

"Ethan, stop it," she said in a huff.

But I couldn't stop my laughter.

In annoyance, she grabbed my collar and pulled it towards her ferociously, as if she was challenging me to fight her.

"I said stop it." Her eyes were staring at me intently as if she was staring at her enemy, but her flushed cheeks were still evident. It managed to stop my laughter and replace it with a seductive smirk since it brought me closer to her.

"Is this your trick to bring me closer" I whispered. Our lips were almost touching each other and we could feel our breath on each other's faces.

Her face was getting redder in embarrassment upon my words. Her hands released my collar and covered her red face as she pulled herself away from me.

"T-The night is getting late. I-I think I should go home now," she stammered.

Even without looking at the clock, I knew the night was still young, but I didn't want to tease her too much.

"Fine. I will escort you to the front door." I turned towards the exit and she followed me. As my hand touched the door handle, I turned my head to her.

"Tiffany, if you feel lonely you can come again. Just text me before you come." Then I turned around and opened the door.

After that we went down the stairs without saying anything else, she only said goodbye to Celia and followed me to the front door. But before she came out, she spoke again.

"Ethan... Thank you for your invitation. I'm glad you and Celia are willing to accept me."

A smile appeared on my lips.

"Don't mention it." I had felt the same loneliness as her so I understood. I opened the door for her. In an instant, my smile turned into an awkward smile as soon as I saw the two statuses behind my fence. Ruby and Mrs Clea.

'What are they doing here...' Although I wasn't sure, I guessed Mrs Clea tried to pull Ruby but she didn't want to go. And now they had no other choice but to hide. Looking at the positive side, Ruby still didn't give up even though she already knew about my partners so everything depended on how she could accept my real identity or not.

"Thank you for the dinner, Ethan. Good night." Tiffany's voice broke my thoughts.

"Good night, Tiffany. Also, be careful on your way home. Some stalkers have been following me lately. One of them might think we have a special relationship." I didn't know if Ruby knew what was going on in my room or not. But since it happened by the window, I decided to say this to protect Tiffany from Ruby.

"Thanks for your warning," she said with a smile, yet her eyes moved side to side to search for Ruby in anxiety. Without saying anything else, she left and I returned to my house.

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