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The Incubus System Chapter 264: Lets Fill The Room with Some Girls

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The Incubus System Chapter 264. Let's Fill The Room with Some Girls

"Who do you mean by a stalker" Celia's voice came from behind me.

I turned around.

"Ruby, who else" I replied in a relaxed tone. To be honest, I was more worried about Elenna than her, since I knew Ruby did it because she was in love with me. Also since she still did it although she knew I had many partners that meant... she already accepted half of my identity. Still, she was a demon hunter so I couldn't let my guard down. Meanwhile Elenna, she stalked me because she wanted to investigate me. To make it worse, she was a TV network's owner. But since Mrs Clea already had her eyes set on Elenna, I guessed Elenna would be busy with the demon hunter association for a while.

"Are you going to leave Ruby be" she asked again.

"It depends on her. It seems she has accepted the fact that I have many partners. So it's down to whether she can accept me as a demon or not." And it was the hardest thing. As for her stalking habit, at least she was not as bold as before. So I just needed to wait for what she did next. Would she change for the better Or worse Could she fix her attitude And control her jealousy

"Are you going to make her your partner"

Since that sounded like a girl's trick question to her boyfriend, I observed her expression for a while. But I couldn't find any trace of sadness, anger or jealousy on her face. That question was simply a question.

"If I say yes, will you be jealous"

She shook her head from side to side.

"I know your relationship, our relationship is not normal and you, us ... Also not normal. You need women to live, to give you power not to mention the responsibility you have to take over. As long as she and you don't mind that, I have nothing to object to."

"Thank you for understanding me." Those words were enough to explain what my plan was.

"By the way, I need to go for my night hunt," I added.

"Are you coming home late tonight Do you want supper"

"No. Besides, it shouldn't take long. Just stay with Foxy for a while, okay" I was only planning to perform my Shadow Ritual with my servants and test that strange skill effectiveness.

After she answered me with a nod, I snapped my fingers. My dark aura covered my body, changing my clothes into my suit complete with a nice pair of shoes. At the same time, I also activated my Incubus Form.

"Lock the door and tell me if anything happens," I reminded her before I opened my portal to Ledred.


It was 07.18 PM when I walked down the street in Ledred towards the Sea Devil Club. As always, even with the recent demon attacks, the district was still filled with people. Some gigolos stood in front of the club to greet guests or simply give their business cards to women who passed by. The street light and the neons illuminated all the hustle and bustle. As I moved my feet, some people turned to me, I could even hear several women gossiping about me. Their eyes followed my every step. My ears could catch the name Prince of Ledred coming out of their mouth accompanied by giggling sounds.

"Look. It's the Prince of Ledred."

"He's crazily handsome. He should be a model, instead of a lowly prostitute."

"Why does he need to work when he can have a whole district just by sleeping with a woman"

"Ah, you're right. Talk about a real sleep your way to the top."

"Well. If I have that much money, I don't mind spending it on him either." Which was closed by their sassy giggle.

I ignored them and kept walking. This was a normal thing considering the news already mentioned me so the rumours and gossip would spread faster. Besides, they were right, at least half of it. Since I did get my money from my women before. But I didn't need it anymore since I already had my father's compensation money. Still, they sent it to me, especially those two krakens girls. As for status, although all of them had a higher status than me before, after yesterday's incident, everything turned upside down. I also noticed some of the people around me trying to take a photo of me with their cellphone, but I always managed to avoid or look the other way. And thanks to Pearl's famous name, none of them dared to approach me directly.

Two security guards opened the glass door in front of me.

"Welcome to Sea Devil Club, Mr Damian," said both of them as soon as I entered the Club. The faint sound of music came from the dance hall.

"We have prepared the usual room, sir. Do we need to escort you" said the security.

"It's fine. I know the way." Then without further ado, my feet moved forward. The music was getting louder and louder. My attention was diverted to the dance hall which was filled with a lot of guests. On the main stage, some well-built men who only wore their trousers danced to the beat with a seductive smile on their faces.

Occasionally, they teased the guests by pretending to take off their trousers or they put their hands in it and pretended to be holding their hot flesh with a horny expression followed by the guests' screams. I turned towards the bar. The bartenders were busy serving and making drinks for the guests, not forgetting a smile on their faces. One of them was Josh who had just lost his friend.

Although many people underestimate them, including me before, what I had gone through, changed my view on those jobs. Those were indeed not the best jobs, but they put their best, talent and put aside their sadness just to entertain the guests. It wasn't something that everyone could do. Not to mention a strong mind for the bad rumours and bad judgments of others.

Despite the dance, I could feel some women's attention turned to me. They started whispering to each other with naughty smiles followed by their sassy giggles. Before I arrived at the end of the Hall, a female elf in a luxurious dress blocked my path.

"Damian, am I right" From her face, her age should be around 30, but I could say she had a nice body for her age.

"Do you need something, miss" I said politely with a smile. I couldn't act rude to the guest.

She leaned closer to me and smiled mischievously. Without hesitation, her hand touched the side of my face. Her eyes were fixed on me.

"I need you to accompany me tonight," she said in a sweet voice.

I was about to turn her down but she pressed her index finger to my lips.

"And I don't accept any refusals," she said in an emphatic tone.

'Ho... Interesting.' Everyone in Ledred knew I belonged to Pearl, even though it was all different behind the closed doors. The fact that this woman dared to stand in my way and seduce me meant that she also had the same or more wealth or status than Pearl's.

"May I know who you are" I asked as I used my observation on her. I didn't find anything special about her except her profession as the owner of a large international company. This company was a banking and virtual accounts company just like Nightbough. corp. And one more thing, from her emotional status, she didn't want me to accompany her or have fun with her. Since she was from Camila's rival company, I could only guess she was trying to find out about Camila's affair. Besides that, I also noticed that several men were watching me, so I could only conclude this was a trap. Or in other words, she did it to bring down Nightbough. corp.

She extended her hand.

"I'm Stella, owner of Greenking. corp. Have you heard of it'' She introduced herself.

I took her hand and looked into her eyes.

"Nice to meet you, Miss Stella." At the same time, I used my skill.

'Mind Corruption.'

Stella's gaze turned blank.

[The target has been in your Mind Corruption. What do you want to do with her memory]

[Read / Erase / Alter]


[Please insert what you want to alter from the target memory.]

'She decided to let me go out of boredom.'

[Memory Alteration is complete!]

After that announcement, Stella's gaze returned to normal and let go of her hand. The glint of excitement in her eyes disappeared.

"Okay, nice to meet you, Damian. Good night." After that, without a reply from me, she turned and left.

'Super effective,' I thought with a smirk. My feet moved again towards the VIP room.

A waiter was already waiting for me in front of the room.

"Good evening, Mr Damian, do you want to order or need something A drink maybe" he offered.

"I don't need anything, thank you," I replied before I entered the room and locked it.

My eyes swept into the quiet room for a while, the room where Pearl used to wait for me. But tonight, there was no one there. A smirk appeared on my lips.

'Let's fill this room with some girls.'

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