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The Incubus System Chapter 265: I Want Your Loyalty

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The Incubus System Chapter 265. I Want Your Loyalty

I just finished picking up my servants and sat down on the sofa to ask them a few things, when they quickly sat beside me. I also had asked Pearl to join us, but she decided to accompany Mia since Mia decided to contact her kingdom tonight. She realized she couldn't keep running away since that would only get Pearl into her troubles.

"Are you sure you don't want to stay with me, Your Highness You can use your portal and I'm sure that the demon hunters won't find out," Myra said in a spoiled tone. She pressed her body against my side, clamping my arm with her breasts. It felt strange to hear the voice of a woman who had screamed and hated me yesterday turning gentle like this. Her eyes looked at me in a pleading look. A second later, the dark force covered her body, returning to her original form, a Dark Priestess.

"Please..." Maria's voice returned to the original. Her original voice was much cuter than Myra's, making her more suitable as a seductress than a priestess.

I turned to her.

"I don't want to take the risk, Maria. If the demon hunters find out my identity, it won't only endanger me. But also my partners, sister and all my friends. After all, with my current strength, I'm not strong enough to go back to the dark dimension as your Prince," I gave her another explanation. Although this spoiled request made her image far from a future demon general's, I could understand her. Their environment changed drastically after yesterday's incident and out of all my demon generals, Maria held the most important role. She had to deal with the demon hunters, not to mention she had to face it alone and adjust herself to the human world which was different from the demon world alone. Plus, the demon hunters didn't like Myra from the start, so she had to be extra careful. Of course, my presence by her side would have calmed her down, unfortunately, I couldn't.

And she pouted in response.

Upon her reaction, I tucked my hand around her waist, pressing my palm on her side of her waist bare skin.

"I promise I'll spend every night with you, how's that" I tried to soothe her with a reassuring smile.

After staring into my eyes for a while, Maria drew herself closer to me and nested comfortably by my side.

"Fine..." Her reluctancy was still clear in her voice. But I knew she had no other choice since what I said was true.

Then Ivy hugged my other arm, placed it in the middle of her breasts and leaned her face to me, but her eyes were on Maria. Unlike Maria, Ivy took that simple hug further by placing the back of my hand on her crotch, right in front of her entrance. Even though it was still covered in her underwear, it was a thin one and I could feel her warm soft flesh clearly.

"Trying to take over His Highness' attention only for you, hm" Ivy said in displeasure.

"You think you alone can serve His Highness well" she continued.

"Luna also wants to be with His Highness every night," said Luna who was sitting on the table, facing me. She leaned over to me and pouted. I could see her cleavage from her neckline gap. Her tail swayed slowly like a model walking on a catwalk stage.

"All of you. Mind your manners." As usual, it was Yuffy who stopped her friends. But... Her act told me something else. She slipped herself behind me and wrapped her arms around my neck, placing the back of my head on her breasts as if it was my head pillow. Obviously, she also wanted to be with me.

"Look who's talking" They complained to Yuffy. Which was answered with a pout.

"Girls. We can spend every single night together. This isn't a big deal," I reminded them. Unlike my partners, they already knew how far I could do this from the beginning.

"But we also want your attention," said Ivy in a spoiled tone. Then a naughty smile appeared on her lips.

"Especially--" She lifted her hips slightly, put her entrance on two of my fingers and pushed it. I could feel her warm and soft flesh against my skin clearly. At the same time, she brought her lips closer to my ear.

"This..." she whispered.

I glanced at her and smirked.

"What is this A challenge" My fingers moved, stroking her thin underwear that separated me from her flesh. Ivy was a succubus so I could understand her boldness.

"I'm hungry, Your Highness~" she purred. I knew she was far from hungry since her DP was more than half.

"Ivy, stop it," Luna said. While Yuffy tightened her embrace.

Ivy pulled her face away.

"Since all of you have no experience, I just want to demonstrate a little example," she said in a nonchalant tone.

I turned to Ivy in reflex.

"No experience" I repeated with a frown.

"Yes. They've never had sex before," Ivy replied.

I couldn't hide the surprise from my face.

"So this is their first time" I said in disbelief. They were demons, Lord Damon's elite soldiers so I thought they'd done it before. At least since Lilieth said Lord Damon had trained them, I assumed it included 'that' training.

"Yes. I'm the only one who has done it. Since I'm a succubus, it's my only way to eat," Ivy explained. This explained that even if they lived in the dark dimension, an Incubus and Succubus would eat through sex.

"I'm sure His Highness alone can take the lead and teach it to us," said Maria.

"Did you forget the King's order He ordered us to serve him, not him to serve us," Ivy reminded. Her status as a Succubus made her experience far above the rest.

And the others looked unhappy since what she said was true.

I was happy that they wanted to serve me well. Not to mention it was my obligation to feed them. But I didn't want them to just see me as their master or The Demon Prince, but I wanted them to see me as me, myself. Just like Foxy who saw me and Celia as her new family. In other words, I didn't want sex was the only one that tied us.

"It's fine. I'll teach you how to do it." My hands pulled them closer to me.

"But the most important thing… I don't want our relationship only limited as master and servant nor a leader and his subordinates." My eyes swept over them.

"What do you mean, Your Highness" said Luna in confusion.

"What I want is not empty relationships." I pulled one of my hands and pointed it at Luna's chest in front of me.

"What I want is loyalty that comes from your heart. Whenever you have sex or fight together with me." My eyes looking at her showed my seriousness.

They were silent like statues with flushed faces. Well, the law that applied to the Dark Dimension was the law of the jungle, so maybe this kind of thing was too sentimental for them.

'I wonder if this sounds weird to them' I thought. Lord Damon had them prepared from the start for me and I didn't know he forced them or not. But since they had become my servants, I preferred them to serve me from their hearts, not just based on their obligations or Lord Damon's orders.

But a second later, things turned into a mess, a happy smile graced their faces as their movements went wild.

"I never thought I would hear such sweet words from a royal demon like you, Your Highness," whispered Ivy in a ragged breath. Without hesitation, she slipped my hand into her underwear to touch her bare entrance. Her breath was clear in my ear and I could feel her heartbeat.

"I will give you all my loyalty, Your Highness. All of it~" Maria whispered seductively with the same ragged breath. Then her lips went down to kiss my neck and licked my earlobe. Her hand travelled to my crotch and rubbed my cock which was still covered in my trousers.

While Luna drew herself closer to me from the front.

"Your Highness... I think I've gone crazy over you." Her hands moved swiftly to unbutton my suit and shirt before showering them with wild kisses and licks.

"How could I refuse your request, Your Highness" Yuffy whispered in my other ear. Then I could feel something soft touching the back of my head and this time that soft mounds weren't covered by clothes. Her heartbeat was clear in the back of my head.

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